Humko Tumse Ho Gaya Hai Pyaar (RagSan) episode-24

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It was sunday…ayaan asks to ragini he wants go his friend home…
Ragini:which friend
Ragini:no U will not going anywhere
Ayaan:plz mumma i will be back soon
Ragini:no ayyan how can i sent u
Ayaan requsted her
Ragini:k..come i will drop u
Ayaan:no mumma ,he was waiting for me infront of our aparrment..i will go
Ragini:k..takecare..return soon
Ayaan:k mumma
He kissed her cheek nd leaves…
Ayaan comes to sanskar who was waiting for him…ayaan gets into car…
Sanskar tooks him to his place where sanskar was living…sanyaan enjoyed alot together….

Its evening ,ayaan came home…
Ragini:ayaan u came..did u enjoyed with ur friend
Ragini:ha..kya hua ayaan
Ayaan:i want to ask something u promice me that u will agree
Ragini:first tell me what was that
Ayaan:first promice me
Ragini:k promice..tell
Ayaan:vo..mumma i have one special friend he was staying alone in home as his parents went somewhere..he was feeling i told him to come nd stay with us..can u have any pblm..
Ragini:no..y should him..he should stay till his parents cme..(she thought someone who r at ayaan she said yes)
Ayaan:can i call him
Ragini nodded
Ayaan goes outside nd comes with him..seeing him ragini got utter was sanskar..
Ayaan:mumma he is d one
Sanskar stands like innocent soul..
Ragini doesnt understand anything..
Ayaan:mumma kya hua
Ragini(glares at sanskar):is he ur friend
Ragini:u told me that u r going to meet sanjay..did u lied mumma…i met him when i returned frm sanjay hme..
Ragini:u never told about ur friendship with him..when u both becme friends.
Ayaan:i forgt mumma…he helped me in restaurant na then only we bcme friends..
Ragini(getting angry on sanskar):ayaan i will not agree to stay
Ayaan:y ,u promiced me na…
Ragini:ayaan u dont knw anything…
Ayaan:plz mumma..plz i promiced him..plz…plz
Ragini finally agrees bcz of ayaan stubbornness….
Ayaan:thank u mumma..k i will take him to my room…
Ragini nodded helplessly…
Sanyaan comes to ayaan room…ayaan closed d door….
Ayyan( hugs sanskar):tday i was so happy papa
Sanskar:me too
They both smiles

Sanskar was preparing pasta for ayaan in kitchen….ayaan was playing in room…he then noticed sanskar wallet which was on floor being opened….ayaan takes it nd shocked to see ragini photo in that waleet…
Ayaan:mumma..y mumma photo was in his wallet..he gets thinking he recalling how ragini drags him when she saw sanskar in restaurant nd all..he started to search all things..he jst found ragsan wedding photo under pillow on bed…ayaan was speechless….he heard sanskar foot steps he kept photo on bed..
Sanakar:here is ur pasta..have it
Ayaan:r u married
Sanskar(shocked by his sudden question):ha
Ayaan:where is ur wife
Sanskar(felt strang in his voice):kya hua ayaan
Ayaan:ans my question
Sanskar:she was not with me
Sanskar:she was angry on me
Ayaan:y mumma. Was angry on u
Sanskar(shocked nd looks at ayaan
Ayaan:y mumma was angry on u..y u r staying away frm us..
Sanskar noticed photo on bed he understood but kept silent
Ayaan:tell me
Sanskar:im only d reason..i misunderstood ur mumma nd i askd her to leave him…that is my biggest mistake…but i loves ur mumma alot…

Sanskar hugs ayaan nd cries like a kid nd says i regret what i have done…when i got to knw my mistake i searched ur mumma but i failed to find these 7years i jst lived like lifeless…i cme here for sme meeting nd i saw her..nd askd forgiveness but she was not ready to forgive me…when i got to knw about u..i cant express how much i felt happy..i want u both…i really loves ur mumma i cant live without u both..but ur mumma was not ready to forgive me..but i will wait…
Ayaan(first gets angry but melts seeing sanskar state):papa
Sanskar(hearing this he was cloud9):ayaan
Ayaan wipes his tears nd asks dnt cry..
Sanskar:u r not angry on me na
Ayaan nodded no
Ayaan( nodded):mumma will also forgive u soon..but promice me u will never leave us
Sanskar:promice..i will never leave u both…
They hugs nd planned something
Fb ends

Sanyaan brks d hug
Sanskar:now ur mumma was damm angry on me..i dnt knw what i will do
Ayaan:im he na dnt wry papa
Sanskar smiles….
Ragini knocks d door…sanskar opens..
Ragini:ayaan go nd get fresh
Ayaan:k mumma
Saying he goes to washroom…ragini drags sanskar outside..
Ragini:what is this all
Ragini:dnt act..
Sanskar:k ..i already told i cant live u both..nd i cant stay away frm my son..
Ragini:jst stop it all these..go frm here
Sanskar:plz ragini try to did mistakes..plz forgive me..
Ragini:how can i…u doubted on my character….u didnt think once before u doubted me…laksh told u the truth so that u believed that i didnt do anything..what if he doesnt say d truth…still u w thought im a charecterless right…if there is no trust ,there is no place for love…what if u will get doubt on me once again seeing with someoneelse..
Sanskar:i will never do that
Ragini:i cant believe u
Sanskar:i will make u believe..nd i will make u realize u still loves me..nd one more thing i will not go frm this house..i will stay with u both…saying he goes to ayaan room…ragini looks on

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