Humko Tumse Ho Gaya Hai Pyaar (RagSan) episode-23

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Sanyaan wr talking in school park..ayaan was telling about his mom(rag)..he was telling my mumma was loving me so much she never scolds me..she is my world..etc..sanskar was listening all this nd thinking about ragini but he was sad as he(san) was not a part in their moments…sanskar want to knw what he was thinking about sanskar(as father)..but he was scared how will react but he needs to knw…
Ayaan:ha friend
Sanskar:ur talking about ur mom only…what about ur d..a…d
Ayaan.hearing this his face fell..
Sanskar sensed it nd fells bad..
Ayaan(sadly):i dnt knw anything about my dad..when i asked to my mumma ,she gets sad then laksh uncle told me he was somrwhere else he will come oneday dnt ask anything to ur mumma…i dnt knw y he was staying away frm us..
Sanskar gets tears in his eyes but asap he wiped it..
Sanskar:r u angry on ur dad

Ayaan:ha bahut..bcz of he my mumma sad nd me too..even he didnt come to see me..
Sanskar(controlling his sobs):i think there a reason that make he was staying away..dnt wry he will come soon
Sanskar:ha ..definitely he will come nd he will never go leaving u..
Ayaan happily hugs sanskar..sanskar silently cries….
[email protected] flat
Ayaan wakes up nd sees his room filled with balloons nd he hears her mumma sweet voice who was comimg towards him singing happy b’day song….
Ragini:happy birthday my prince
Ayaan(hugs her happily):thank u mumma

Ragini kissed his forehead nd blessee him as always be happy..ayaan kissed her cheek nd says i love u mumma..ragini replies i love u too ..she gives a dress to ayaan asks him to get ready for school…
Ayaan comes to school asusual sanskar waits for ayaan…
Ayaan gives a chocolate to sanskar nd says today was his bday..sanskar was happy nd asks y he hasnt told me before..ayaan says i forget about it…sanskar kisses his cheek nd wished him….ayaan smi!les after a while ayaan gets inside in school
Ragini knocks sanskar cabin nd asks may i come in sir
Sanskar:no need to ask..u r always welcome
Ragini gives a stren look..
Ragini:i want halfday leave
Ragini(she dnt want tell tdy was ayaan bdy):vo.. I have some imp work
Sanskar:what was that
Ragini:its non of ur business
Sanskar:what is wrong to tell tdsy was ayaan bday so u want to leave..
Ragini(wonders):how do u knw
Sanskar(bites his toungue):vo..i heard when u told this to gia..
Ragini:but i didnt told her
Sanskar:areh u told to her morning ..i heard ..i think u forgot that
Ragini gets thinking when she told to gia..
Snskar:dnt think too much..i heard orelse how got i knw..u should leave home now
Ragini confusingly nodded nd leaves sanskar takes a realif…

[email protected]
Ayaan comes out nd sees sanskar who was holding somany gifts in his hands…
Ayaan:frnd what is these all
Sanskar:gifts for u

Ayaan:for me?but y u bouth somany gifts
Sanskar:i want to give to my sweet friend
Ayaan:but i cant take
Ayaan:what will i tel to mumma about these gifts..
Sanskar gets upset
Ayaan(sees him):k dnt wry ..u keep these in ur home ..i will come oneday nd play with all..
Sanskar nodded

Ayaan:friend my mumma told me to invite all of my friend for my bday party..i want u also wil come
Sanskar:but how can i cme.. ur mumma doesnt knw about us na
Sanskar:k i will come nd meet u without knowledge ur mumma ..k
Sanskar:k i will met u after.bye
@ragini flat
It was beautifully decorated by was going on…swalak also cme ,some of ayaan friends came…ayaan cuts d cake nd feeds ragini ..ragini too feeds him they had small cute moment..this is all seen by sanskar who was hiding at some corner..he was happy as well as sad bcz he was not part of their happiness..ayaan was playing with his friends….swalak wr talking to ragini..laksh asks to think once about sanskar..ayaan needs father..ragini says plz laksh dnt talk about this matter..swalak wr helpless…
Party got over…guest r left…sanskar comes to ayyan room through d balcony..
Ayaan:friend im waiting for u only

Sanskar smiles
Ayaan gets cake piece which he hided for sanskar nd feeds him..sanskar was happy he also feeds him…
Sanskar asks about his party..ayaan happily explain what he did in party…they talked sometime..while talking ayaan sleeps in sanskar lap..sanskar caressed his hai nd makes him lie on bed nd kisses his forehead nd thought to leave but he wants to see ragini he comes to ragini room nd peeped inside nd sees ragini was crying holding was their fanily photo where ragsan with their family..she waa missing suji&ram..sanakar felt bad as he was d reason..he wants to lightn her mood so he gets inside..
Ragini was schocked..she kept that photo there nd wiped her tears..
Ragini:what r u doing here

Sanskar:tdy my son bday i came to meet him
Ragini:what..did u met ayaan
Sanskar:dnt wry he hasnt seen me..he slept
Ragini:i told stay away frm ayaan
Sanskar:i also told i cant..
Ragini about to speak
Sanskar:i knw now what u will speak..jst go frm here(he imitated like ragini)
Ragini glares at him
Sanskar:no need to tell i will go but i want something
Ragini(remembered san kiss at mall):no
Sanskar:what no..i didnt ask anything u expecting something he winks at her telling whatever u will ask my ans is no..
Sanskar:i didnt ask..i will take.

Ragini widened her eyes
Sanskar coming towards ragini..ragini steps back nd hitted wall..sanskar smiles nd moves close to her ragini closed her eyes..he takes ayaan photo which was on table besides ragini…ragini opens her eyes nd sees sanskar holds ayaan pic…ragini asks him to keep this photo there itself..he ignored..he kissed her forehead nd says goodnight im leaving bye.. Ragini looks on…

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