Humko Tumse Ho Gaya Hai Pyaar (RagSan) episode-22

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Sanskar comes to ayaan school nd sees ayaan waiting for school bus…seeing ayaan he become emotional he thought to take him in his embrace but he stopped as he dnt knw what ayaan will feel..he moves towards her controlling all emotions..
Ayaan looks at sanskar but didnt say anything..
Sanskar:hii dont u remember me
Ayaan kept silent
Sanskar:dont u talk to me
Ayaan nodded as no
Ayaan:mumma told me not talk to strangers(ragini told ayaan dont talk to strangers she indirectly sais not talk with san)
Sanskar:but we r not strangers na
Ayaan looks at him questioningly
Sanskar:we met lastnight na so we both knw eo
Ayaan( smiles):sry uncle ..i dnt knw y mumma took me like that yesterday.. sry i didnt thanked u also for helping me..thank u uncle

Sanskar(hearing uncle word he feels bad):ur welcome..friends? Im sanskae
Sanskar forwarded his hand ..ayaan shakes with his hand with smile..nd says im ayaan..
Sanskar gives chocolate to ayaan.
Ayaan:thanks uncle
Sanskar:ayaan plz dnt call me uncle..
Ayaan:kyun ur friend me friend..
Ayaan:k friend
Sanskar smiles
Ayaan:uncle oops friend y did u came to my school..
Sanskar:vo..i have somework here so i cme..
Ayaan:k..bye friend my bus was coming
Sanskar:ayaan dont tell to ur mumma about our meeting..
Sanskar:vo…vo..what if she doesnt like our friendship
Ayaan:she will not like that..i have mny friends
Sanskar(in mind if she knws this she will never let me meet u):but ayaan..we r not same age na…she will scolds u..u will tell after somedays
Ayaan nodded nd leaves by bidding bye to sanskar..

Ragini sees d chocolate in ayaan’s bag…seeing chocolate she recalling how sanskar feeds chocolate to ragini when they lockedup in library nd their moments there…she gets sad after a while she composes herself.
Ragini:ayaan who gave this chocolate
Ragini:which friend gave this much bigger one..
Ayaan:vo..mumma sa..sanjay..todayhis birthday so he gave
Ragini:k dont eat full at atime u will get cavities
Ayaan:k mumma
Ayaan pov
Sry mumma i lied to u..u told not to talk with anyone..but when sanskar friend came nd asks friends i dnt knw y i didnt resist..i also didnt feel he is a stranger..sry mumma
Pov ends

Ayaan came to school nd sees Sanskar there..
Ayaan:friend u came..tdy also u have wrk here..
Sanskar nodded
Ayaan:im very happy to see u again
Sanskar:i too
Ayaan:can i ask u something
Sanskar:ha ayaan
Ayaan:can i hug u once
Sanskar gets extreme happy he spreads his hands,ayaan hugs him sanskar too hugs him tightly tears r rolling down frm sanskar cheeks..he wiped it before ayaan could noticed..
Ayaan(brks d hug):i fell like hug u once i dnt knw
Sanskar(smiles widely):its k..wenever u want u can hug me..
Ayaan smiles nd getscinside school as its getring time for cls…

Sanskar was coming his face glowing 1000vlt bulb..he was smiling recalling their hug(sanyaan)..ragini sees him nd wonders nd thinks d reasons behind his happiness but she gets happy as after long time she sees him like this…
After a while ragini went to sanskar cabin holding some file nd sees he was still smiling..
Ragini coughs to gets him into sense..
Ragini:this is mehras file.i need ur sign
Sanskar:i need u
Ragini:u will never get that
Sanakar:i will definitely get u
Ragini:in ur dreams
Sanskar:my dreams will come true
Ragini( gives a irritative look):sign on this papers i have to go
Sanskar:y so hurry sit nd explain it what is in this file..
Ragini was explaing but sanskar was stares at her..
Ragini:r u listening
Ragini:what i said
Sanskar: u bacame fat
Sanskar: u r looking moti
Ragini:mein fatty hu?
Saying she leaves.sanskar smiles

Ragini was getting ready as she promiced ayyan to take shopping..she sees herself in mirror again nd again..she says am i looking fat y he said like that but im looking like before only na.Y do i care about his words…saying she got ready nd ayaan too got ready both went to shopping…they comes to mall nd selets dresses for ayaan..ayaan looks at sanskar who was jst came there…sanskar waves his hand as hiii ayaan did same while smiling this is unnoticed by ragini who was bsy in selecting….sanyaan wr talking through d eyes….ragini suddenly looks at sanskar ,sanakar lools aways..ragini gets angry seeing sanskar there..she gives one dress to ayaan nd asks him to go trialroom nd check this..ayaan nodded nd goes…ragini moves to sanskar nd drags him aside…
Ragini:y u came here
Sanskar:y cant i..there is any rule to me not come
Ragini:dnt play games..go frm here..dnt come infront of ayaan
Sanakar:y should i go..i want to see my son
Sanskar:y r u always shots go go..k im leaving but u will never go leavung u nd ayaan..
Saying he turns to go ragini takes a sigh but sanskar steeped back nd says in ragini ears btw u r looking very beautiful in this saree ,he pecks her lips nd leaves ..ragini stands like numb by his sudden act….

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