Humko Tumse Ho Gaya Hai Pyaar (RagSan) episode-21

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Sanskar wakes up frm his sleep with a jerk feeling wet on his face..he openes his eyes nd looks at ragini who was stands infront of him holding water mug…
Sanskar:what r u doing in his room nd why u throws water on me..
Ragini:i think still u didnt get sense ..wait i will get another mug water
Sanskar looks around nd finds it was not his place nd he recalled howmuch he drank last night…
Ragini:jst go frm here

Sanskar:can u please tell where we i came here…
Ragini:vo…vo..this is my flat..
Sanskar(understands last night she took him here ..he gets happy):how i came here(to tease her)
Ragini:leave it plz go
Sanskar:im asking how i cme here
Ragini:last night u got over drunk

Sanskar:so u took me here not leaving me like that bcz u still cares me
Ragini:no its not like that..
Sanskar(moving towards ragini):then..

Sanskar (neared her nd pins her to d wall):tell me…if u hates me u should have left me like that y u took me here..nd plz dnt tell humanity nd bla bla..tell truely
Ragini(closed her eyes by his closeness):please go
Sanskar:first tell me
Ragini:ha i took u bcz u r d son of suji mami who loves me alot..for ur parents sake i took u bcz they needs u…

Ragini:no i didnt lie..its d true get out frm my hom
Sanskar:k..i head was paining..can u get me lemon juice.
Ragini glares at sanskar nd shouts go…
Sanskar:im going but i can understands u still cares for me..u loves me..saying he leaves while ragini shouts no…

Ragini comes frm office..
Ragini:ayaan get ready..we r going out for dinner with swara aunty nd laksh uncle..

Ragini:muchhi..go nd get ready fast..ayaan nodded..after a while
Ragyaan ,swalak went to restaurant..laksh asks them to sit he was going to take his mbl which he forget in car..ayaan says he will also come with him..lakyann returning after collecting mbl..syddenly laksh mbl rings..laksh lifts but he noticed poor signal there so he went aside while saying ayaan to wait here i will come in 5min..laksh asks him not to go anywhere..ayaan nodded..5min passed laksh didnt come..ayaan goes to search but he didnt find laksh..ayaan gets tensed nd he noticed he was alone outside no one was there….laksh came to that place where he told to ayaan to stay..laksh also tensed as he didnt find him he thought he must went inside so he gets inside …here ayaan was crying calling mumma man who was jst coming to restaurant sees him..he was sanakar only…he coms towards ayaan..

Sanskar:y r u crying beta
Ayaan: mumma(while crying)
Sanskar:u stop crying ..where is ur mumma..did u cme with her..
Ayaan:i cme with my mumma ndmy uncle&aunty
Sanskar:k we will search..u dnt cry
Ayaan nodded..

Laksh came inside…
Swara:where is ayaan laksh
Laksh:is he not come here
Swara:no..he was with u na
Laksh:he told what had happend..btw where is ragini
Swara:she went to restroom

Swalak gets tensed…sanyaan comes inside ayyan sees swalak nd points towards d table..swalak turns to go for search ayaan they got shocked to see ayaan with sanskar who was coming towards them..sanskar was surprised to see swalak there…
Ayaan(to san):he is my uncle(poniting tiwards lak)
Sanskar:laksh he related to u..actually he told how he gt ayaan..
But laksh was thinking what if ragini sees this..
Sanskar:laksh..where wr u..

Ayaan:swara aunty where is mumma..
Ayaan sees ragini who was coming towards them(ragini doesnt see sanskar as his back was facing)..
Ayaan runs to her while calling mumma..swalaksan turns at ragyaan…sanskar shocked nd mumbles mumma?..ragini sees sanskar there nd she was utter shocked..before sanskar could gasp anything, ragini drags ayaan with her followed by swara…laksh placed his hand on sanskar shoulder..
Sanskar(stumbles to talk):he..he..he was
Laksh:ur son

Sanskar:my son!!
Laksh:ha..laksh told to sanskar what had happend nd her pregnent news nd raginiTakes promise frm laksh that not to tell anyone nd all….laksh says im sry for hiding this saying he leaves….
Sanskar was dumbstruck…he has a son thinking his face glowing but bcz of his stupid action these 7years he has to stay far away frm his son..he cursed himself…

@ragini flat

Ragini makes ayaan sleep..but ayaan keeps asking mumma y did u took me like that…ragini says nothing nd she managed..after a while ayyan sleeps ragini caresses ayaan hair nd thinking about sanskar nd she was scared now what he will do…jst then she hears door bell…ragini covers ayaan with blanket nd goes to open….she was shocked to see sanskar there…she about to shut d door sanskar stops nd gets inside..

Ragini:y did u came..go frm here
Sanskar:how could u do this to me..
Ragini:what i did
Sanskar:how could u hide this big thing frm me ha…u hided my son frm me..
Ragini:he is not ur son..he is my son..u have no right on u knw howmuch i felt happy knwing im pregnet..i came to u with somuch of excitement nd happness but what u did…u named me as a characterless u knw howmuch i suffer these 7years! being a single mother..she cries..

Sanskar too cries nd higged ragini tightly nd says im really sry ragini..plz let me meet ayaan…ragini brks d hug nd wipes her tears nd says no..nd asks him to leave..
Sanskar:plz let me meet him once
Ragini drags sanskar outside nd says get out frm my house nd my lives also..plz leave us like this..we r happy now..jst go
Sanskar:i will never leave u nd ayan…i will wait for ur forgiveness till my last breath…

Ragini shuts d door nd cries..sanskar stands hellessly…

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  2. Mind blowing yar…finally sanskar get to know the truth…

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  14. Awesome… so finally sanskar came to know everything. It was an emotional part. Waiting for next part eagerly.

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    awesome dear….finally Sanky know about his son…..eagerly waiting for nxt one….tkcr dear….

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