Humko Tumse Ho Gaya Hai Pyaar (RagSan) episode-2


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Episode 1

Ragini came out frm washroom after got fresh,she dries her wet hair infront of morror….suddenly she sees sanskar through d mirror…he was standing at her back with smiling face ,she turnd with shock nd asks aap yaha…sanskar comes towards her without
uttering a word…ragini heart beats fastly ,he moves close to her nd said ur looking beautiful ,ragini blushed…sanskar moves even more
close to her ,ragini shivers by his closeness…sanskar leaned to her lips…ragini closed her eyes nd she parts her lips as let him kiss…after a while she opend her eyes nd sees around ,she realized it was her dream…she
hitted her head with her hand while smiling…..she got ready nd she goes to house temple nd doing puja while singing devotional

song…all family mem r present there except sanskar who was sleeping…sanskar wakes up with a jerk hearing her song as he feels distrunance…he comes out frm room nd sees ragini who was singing ,he makes a disgusting face nd goes inside while muttering this behanji spoiled my sleep….puja got over ragini gives aarthi ,prasad to all….
After got ready sanskar comes to dining where all r present…sumi served the breakfast,sanskar tastes it nd said wow mami(sumi) bf was superb ,it was very tasty…sumi smiled nd said ragini prepared it….sanskar (casually) said oh…ragini felt happy as he likes d food…sanskar completes his bf nd says to suji..
Sanskar:mom im going out..
Sanskar:im going to my fav place in this village
Suji:k take ragini with u
Sanskar:no maa i will go alone
Dadi:areh sanskar take her na,dnt feel shy
All smiles(as they thought he felt shy)
Sankar(irritated but doesnt showed):but mom
Suji:no buts nd vuts ,take her
Sanskar nodded helplessly…ragini was very happy…

Ragsan wr walking…sanskar was bsy with his mbl while ragini was bsy in staring sanskar…ragini hits stone nd her leg slips as her concentration on only sanskar not on road…she about to fall sanskar holds her by her waist…they have small eyelock..brked by sanskar ,he makes her stand nd said cant u see nd walk properly…she smiled as she felt he cared for her..sanskar asks did i crack a joke ,y r u smiling…ragini stops smiling…they continued their walk …she touched her waist where sanskar toched …she smiles while blushing…
They reached that place…it was a lake surrounded by beautifully planted sunflwers nd rocks…(sanskar likes this place ,he always used to spend most of the time there when he came to this village)…sanskar stands on a rock nd adimiring that place while ragini admiring him…sanskar noticed ragini but he ignored her…after some time they return back to home …nd finds no one in home…sanskar takes his mbl nd calls sujatha….after cutting d call sanskar looks at ragini who was worriedly looks at him…ragini asks kya hua where wr they…sanskar said dadi had a sudden heart attack..hearing this ragini shocked nd started crying…sanskar said dnt cry they wr going to hospital ,she will be fine…ragini asks (while crying)to take her to hospital..sanskar nodded nd they leaves…
Ragsan reached hospital…ragini goes to shekhar nd hugs him…sanskar goes to suji nd asks how was dadi now…suji replied doc was treating her…after a while doc came nd said it was jst stroke i injected her she was fine now but takecare of her saying doc leaves..

Allgoes inside after dadi gets conscious…dadi calls ragsan to come near her they moves to her nd sits beside her…dadi looks at them nd smiles weakly nd said i dnt knw howmany days still i have ,i want to see u both became one before i die…sanskar shocked…shekhar says y r u talking like that maa…doc told now u r fine dnt think like that…dadi said na shekhar i was scaring that i left without seeing my laado ‘s marriage..shekhar said k now u take rest we will talk about it later…dadi said no ,i want to ragsan get married soon…shekhar said but maa still they r studying ,how can we make them married at this age…dadi said i dnt knw about all these it is my last wish..suji says maa told correct bhai we will get them married ,after marriage ragini can continue her studies in mumbai…after small discussion all r decided to do ragsan marriage…sanskar was still in shock he doesnt understands whats they r talking…sanskar drags sujatha to aside fowlled by ram…

Sujatha:kya hua sanskar
Sanskar:whats going on mom…this is about my life ,without asking me how can u decide my marriage with her…
Sujatha:we r ur parents we have a right to take decision about my son..
Sanskar:ha mom but i dont agree for this marriage
Sujatha:y sanskar
Sanskar:i dont like ragini maa..she was not perfect for me ,.how can i marry that began ji
Suji &ram:stop it sanskar
Ram:dnt dare to talk like that about ragini
Suji:u will feel lucky to have ragini ur life..
Sanskar:mom plz understand only i will told this to dadi..
Suji(stops him):u have to marry her ,its meri kasam..if u dnt then i will not talk to u..
Sanskar:mim plz
Sujatha emotionally blackmailed him ,sanskar agress unwillingly…this is all seen by ragini who came to call ram…she was heartbroken knowing her love doesnt likes her..but she cant do anything as she promiced dadi she fullfil her last wish….she cries….
Dadi gets discharged..they fixed date for ragsan marriage after2days….2days passed ,sanskar hardly tried to convice his mom nd dad but no use…ragini too tried to talk with dadi but no use…

@marriage day
Suji makes ragini ready…nd she noticed ragini was upset…sujatha asks what happend princess…ragini hugs sujatha tightly nd cries…sujatha asks kya hua while caressing her back….ragini brk d hug nd said nothing maa i was jst scaring about marriage…sujatha wipes her tears nd kissed her forehead dnt wry all will be fine ragini smiled weakly…

Sanskar sits in mandap with pale face…pandit ji calls bride…sujatha brings ragini nd make her sit beside sanskar…marriage completed with all rituals…ragsan take blessing frm elders..all r happy except our couple..

Sanskar was roaming in balcony…ragini was in room thinking about sanskar nd he said be doesnt like ragini all that ,she cries nd she takes bedsheet nd pillow,arranged bed on floor nd sleeps there…after sometime sanskar came inside nd looks at ragini who was sleeping on floor…he take a realiaf as she was not on bed…he sleeps on bed…

Precap:sanskar rude behaviour towards ragini

Cover pic credit:ganga(lovely)

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