Humko Tumse Ho Gaya Hai Pyaar (RagSan) episode-19

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@ragini office
Sanskar entered the same office (he has some work there)..sanskar passing through d ragini cabin ,ragini was bsy in her work…so they didnt see eo…..after a while ragini got a call frm his boss ,he asks her to come with some file..ragini nodded..
Ragini “may i come in sir”…hearing ragini voice ,sanskar who was talking with mr khanna(ragini boss) turned nd sees ragini..ragini sees him with shock…both looking at eo..nd they recalling their happy moments nd sad moments…both eyes r become moisty..they have a painfull eyelock disturbed by mr khanna..
Mr khanna(noticed ragsan):do u knw each other..
Ragini(composed herself):no sir..i dnt knw who is he..first time im seeing
Sanskar hurted by ragini words
Mr khanna:k now u can leave
Ragini nodded nd leaves without looking at sanskar..he felf bad but he was happy finally he found her….
Ragini comes out frm cabin nd runs to washroom nd cries…y god y he came into my life again…this time i cant fall weak i have to be strong she says to herself nd wiped her tears…after completing his meeting with mr khanna, sanskar tried to talk with ragini but he doesnt find ragini nowhere in office…

@ragini flat
Ayaan asks ragini who was came early frm office..
Ayaan:mumma u came early today..
Ragini lost in thoughts
Ragini:ha ayaan
Ayaan:what happend mumma..r u fine..y ur face looking sad..
Ragini hugs ayaan nd wiped her ?ears which r ready to flow…
Ayaan( breaks d hug):kya hua mumma
Ragini(consled herself):kuch nay..i missed u so much so i came early..
Ayaan:i too Missed u..
Ragini(kissed his forehead):k do ur homework i will come after got fresh..
Saying she comes to room nd thinking about sanskar..she was scared what if he cme to knw about ayan nd what if sanskar takes ayaan frm her she hopes she will not meet him again but he seen her what if he will come again..she dont knw what to do..

@nxt day
Ragini comes to office..gia(ragini’s collegue) came to her nd asks boss is calling u..ragini nodded nd goes to his cabin..his back was facing her…
He didnt turn
Ragini(bit loudly):sir
Then he turns revealed to be sanskar not mr khanna..ragini was stunned….Sanskar looks at her with moisty eyes nd hugged her tightly…ragini shocked by his sudden act..ragini didnt hug him back jst tears r rolling down…ragini tries to escape frm his hug but sanskar tighten his grip tightly..nd says i missed u so much where u went leaving me alone …after somuch of struggle ragini pushed sanskar…
Sanskar( looks at her with guilty face):ragini
Ragini:still what is left u cme here
Sanskar:ragini im sorry i did mistake..plz forgive me…can u come into my life again..

Ragini(smiles sarcastically):what does u thinnk of i look look like a toy for u..whenever u want u can use me whenever u dnt want u can throw me out…u brk my heart many times i forgave u..but thistime im not a weak to fell in ur words..
Sanskar:ragini i cant live without u..i love u
Ragini:dint use that(love) word frm ur u knw meaning of d love..if u really loved me u should have trust on me that time but u
Sanskar:if u want to punish ..punish me im ready to do but plz dnt go away frm me..
Ragini:who r u to me give punishment…u r nothing to me..dont try to come into mylife again
Saying ragini leaves angrily..sanskar collapsed on floor…
Ragini comes to her cabin after managed to herself…
Gia:how was our new boss
Ragini:new boss?
Gia:ha…u met him na..he was our new boss
[yesterday sanskar searched raginu but she was nowhere..sanskar collect ragini details frm office nd thought something nd he makes a deal with mr khanna..he also agrred for his benifit…sanskar had only this way to stay near to her nd to conveince he did complete all paper work]
Ragini(shocked):he is d new boss
Gia:ha he was looking cool nd handsome na

Ragini doesnt listen to her she was thinking what to do now..she cant resign this job if she would resign she will pay some money
Which she doesnt have…she cant wrk here with sanskar so she thought to asks laksh help..she called him but it was not connected…
After office got over ragini going to her flat suddenly her scooty got punctured she gets annoyed nd waiting for auto/taxi..
Some of boys who was on road starts to commenting her like beauriful ,hot…..etc..ragini ignored but they came near to her nd surrouned her..
Ragini:plz move
Person1:y r u walking alone beautiful we will come with u
Ragini trying to go but they r not giving way…
Sanskar(who was following ragini sees this nd came):leave her
Person2:lo hero agaya
Sanskar pushes one of d men nd holds ragini hand..
Ragini(angrily):leave my hand
Sanskar:come with me
Ragini(shouts):leave my hand

Seeing this the mens started to laugh at sanskar..sanskar got angry nd started to fight while looking at ragini but ragini stands like she dont care…they runs seeing sanskar angry..sanskar walks towards ragini ..
Sanskar:come with me..i will drop u
Ragin ignored him
Sanskar:im asking to come
Ragini:no..i faced somany issues like this in these 7years i will manage myself no need to ur help..
Sanskar(hurted but comosed):dnt be stubborn..come
Ragini ignored..sanskar lifts her in his arms ,ragini shocked nd asks him to leave her…he makes sit in car..ragini glares at him she feels something wet on her back where sanskar held her she touched it nd sees blood she then looks at sanskar hand which was filled with blood(he got hurt while fighting)..ragini quickly takes firstaid box frm car nd pulls his hand nd started to bandaid..sandisk gets happy nd smiles..
Ragini:no need to get ovetthink..i will do whoever in this place instead of u..this is a humanity..i already told u r a stranger to me..i did to a stranger who was nothing to me…listening this sanskar got angry he takes off bandaid throws it nd drives car..ragini gets worried seeing his hand but sbe didnt showd it up she behaves like she doesnt bothered….ragini asks him to stop as she reached her destination..sanskar stops d car ragini gets down nd leaves without looking at him..sanskar looks at her helplessily..

I knw it was routine dome what boring sry..i will make it interestly

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