Humko Tumse Ho Gaya Hai Pyaar (RagSan) episode-13

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Ragini was sleeping on floor itself in suji room leaning d door….
Ragini slowly opens her eyes ..still tears wr flowing frm her eyes…she doesnt believe what sanskar trying to do…she wants to leave this house but stopped thinking about her parents nd suji ram nd their love towards her..what she will tell to them if they got to knw this..they feels bad about sanskar..most importantantly she loves sanskar alot how can she leave ..she doesnt understand what to do..y sanskar was behaving like this…her thoughts distrubed by sanskar who was d knocking d door…sanskar asks her to open d door…he wants to apologize her nd he wants to confess which he realized last night…ragini was scared to open…sanskar “ragini im really sorry plz open d door ,plz”….Ragini doesnt open…. Ragini hears door bell ring ..she sensed it was suji nd ram as they said they wd come…ragini comes out of d room without looking at sanskar she goes to open d main door.followed by sanskar..

She opens..seeing sujatha ragini runs nd hugs her….sujatha patted her back nd asks what happend..ragini quickly wiped her tears nd says nothing mami i missed u….sujatha broke d hug..she looks at ragsan whose faces r pale &weak due to crying nd lack of sleep…asks y r u both like this..tell me what happend,did sanskar make u cry..sanskar kept quite with guilt …ragini doesnt want to know what had happend so ragini managed situation being normal….

@ragsan room

Ragini came to get fresh…followed by sanskar…Sanskar asks her to listen once..ragini doesnt reply…sanskar holds her wrist..ragini looks at him angrily nd about to speak..sanskar said “I LOVE U”..ragini jst frozen in that place..sanskar continues ha hum ko tum se ho gaya hai pyaar…behad pyaar..i realized my love for u..i really love u ragini…i could nt see u with scared to loss really sorry for yesterday behaviour..plz forgive me…ragini cant believe what he had told…finally he said those magical words which she was craving to listen frm him.she dont know whether she fell happy or not in this situation…but whatever.. she cant forgive him what he had done..sanskar cups her face nd asks will u forgive me…ragini looks at him nd recalling yesterday incident..she pushed him nd goes to washroom…sanskar feels bad…nd says to himsef i will get ur forgiveness so soon…


Sanskar comes to his class room..rohan ,kavya ,vinay surrounded him…
Rohan:what u had told yesterday is it true..
Kavya:sanskar this true what rohan told
Vinay:bolo sanskar
Sanskar:ha…she is my wife
Kavya:what?..when.. how..nd y r u hide this…
Sanskar:she was my mamu’s daughter..we r married..nd we loves each more questions..

Sanskar:no buts nd vuts i said no more questions…nd he looks at rohan who was hell nervous as daily he talked about sanskar’s wife infront of sanskar..he doesnt know how to react..
Sanskar:stop thinking about my ragini…now onwards she is like ur sister..
Rohan nodded like obdeient child…while kavya was burning in anger as she loves sanskar…

@ragini cls

Laksh was eagerly waiting for her ..ragini came nd sits besides him
Laksh:ragini r u k…i was trying to call u since yesterday but it wss not connected…i didnt understand what he(sanskar) told yesterday…plz batao..r u married
Ragini nodded nd she told how they got married…(she ony told about marriage,she doesnt tell about sanskar behavour nd all)
Lakah:y did u hide it
Ragini:he doesnt like to reveal it soon as we r studying he sorry..
Laksh(understands her):its k..he felt jealous seeing us right so he burstout..he loves u na..
Ragini smiles weakly
Laksh:aur tum

Ragini:i started lovs him since im a kid..
Laksh(smiles): im sry bcz of me..he became angry on u..
Ragini:no he understands..he was not angry on me..
Laksh smiles
[Ragini was hiding her pain as she doesnt want sanskar bacame bad
infront of anyone]


Raglak wr having lunch…sanskar came nd sits besides ragini which shocks ragini…
Sanskar(looking at laksh) sanskar..ragini’s husband
Sanskar:im sorry for yesterday my behaviour
Laksh:its k..i can understand
Ragini jst looking at sanskar as she cant expect this frm sanskar….
Suddenly ragini was coughing as sanskar entwirled her fingers with his fingers under table….she drank water nd looks at sanskar who was smiling at her…ragini was amazed to see this naughty side of sanskar nd that too in clg..nd she was nervous nd biting her nails..she tries to free her hand…laksh looks at ragini nd looks at sanskar who was staring at ragini..laksh smiles nd excuses himself..he leaves while saying im going to cls….

Sanskar:stop eating nails..have lunch
Ragini signs him to leave her hand
Sanskar:no.. i want to hold ur hand till my last breath
Ragini looks at him ..they have eyelock..disturbed by kavya who was calling sanskar for cls….sanskar leaves her hand nd said i love u…saying he leaves to cls…ragini thinks when he said i love u my heart juming in joy but my brain thinking about that incident only…

Sry for typos….friends my cousins wr coming to my house on pongal vecation they didnt allow me touch mobile..nd i will busy with pongal shoping nd celebration nd all i couldnt post till 18th jan….i will give a small promo tomorrow nd i will post my next episode on 18th r 19th….

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  1. Amazing

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    1. A12345

      Ragini don’t forgive him so easily….i want more scenes of sanskar naughtiness and ragini being angry…

  3. Asw

    Nice happy pongal to u & ur family

  4. Superb . I loved it soooooo much .Thanks for this episode . Finally we would see romance and naughty side of sans.

  5. aweeee finally he said yayyy

  6. Superb..pongal valuthukal..

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  8. you are awesome too good and plzzz a request post daily if you can…innocent fan is waiting impatiently….sanky is toooo good

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    Really awesome…… Finally sanskar told his love……………. Now We will see naughty sanskar…….. Super ff dr… Waiting for next ff…….

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    Superb, I love it❤❤❤

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    Superb. Loved it.

  14. OK taking to long than plzz give big one on 18 and 19 plzz we gonna miss u so much plzzzz come back on time don’t be late

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    awesome dear…loved it alot…ragini don’t forgive him so easily…bcz I want to see more naughty Sanky….waiting for nxt one….
    iniya pongal nal vazhthugal…..tkcr dear….

  16. Wow that was awesome!!!!!!
    Truly a work of art!!
    I will miss your updates!!!
    Please update as soon as possible!!
    Great job as always!!

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    naughty sanskar but let him wait for some time

  18. Oossmmmmm…..longgg wait but adjustable…………enjoy vd ur cousins….nd make memories………..
    Plz give ragsan’s nok jhok ……happy lohri

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    fab and love ragu’s ignorance for him xx

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