Humko Tumse Ho Gaya Hai Pyaar (RagSan) episode-11

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Ragini is standing infront of laksh who was kneel down infront of her…
Laksh:i love u ragini
Ragini:i love u too laksh

They both hug each other..sanskar shouts nooooo frm his sleep…he wakesup sweating nd looks at sofa nd sees ragini was sleeping..he takes a sigh realief..he says to himself it was dream…but mom said morning dreams will come true..he gets tensed.. no no..i was thinking too much…i knw about ragini…she gave herself to me..she loves me that much…but y did i got that type of dream..worst dream ever…he brushed out of his thoughts nd goes to washroom…..after a while he came nd sees ragini was still sleeping…sanskar “y she is still sleeping..she always used to awake early”…he moves towards ragini nd wakes her up as its getting time for clg…he calls her but she doesnt respond…he patted her cheeks then he sensed heat on her body…he checked her temperature nd worried as she got high fever…quickly he lifts her nd makes her lie on bed..nd calls sujatha…nd he dails his family doc nd calls him urgently..

Sujatha:kya hua sanskar..y r u shouting
Sanskar(worried):mom..ragini had a fever..she was not opening her eyes also..i called doc ..he will be in 15min
Sujatha:k..u dnt wry…

Sujatha sits beside ragini nd she placed wet cloth on ragini forehead…doc came…after treated her…doc came to sanskar who was tensed..nd says it was jst fever u no need to worry she will get fine by evening ..saying doc leaves giving some medicine…sujatha went to make soup for ragini..san standing besides d bed nd stares at ragini….after a while Ragini opens her eyes nd getting up dlowly…sanskar neared her nd asks concerned r u k……ragini jst gave blank look to him…she turns to get down frm bed but sanskar stops her nd says where u going u have a anything u need tell me…ragini about to speak but stops seeing sujatha who was coming holding soup bowl…
Ragini: fine jst feeling weak

Sujatha:k..u get fresh nd drink this soup..sanskar help ragini to go washroom..
Ragini:its k mami ..i can go..saying she stands but stumbles as she was weak….
Sujatha:ragini u stop..sanskar helps her…
Sanskar takes her to go washroom by placing one hand around her waist nd another hand on her shoulder..ragini removes his hand frm her waist.sanskar gave annoyed look…after she gt fresh she opened washroom door nd sees sanskar was standing near door…sanskar holds her..ragini about to jerk but stops seeing sujatha… sanskar helps her..he makes her sit nd takes d soup bowl frm table nd turns to feed her…ragini says she will have by herself… Sujatha says areh let him feed na ragini…ragini nodded helplessly…sanskar was feeding her…ragini was avoiding eye contact wih him…sujatha leaves as ram called her..ragini grabs d bowl frm sanskar hand nd says mami was not here now no need to act,i dnt want ur fake concern(she thought he was acting infront of sujatha)…sanskar was numb as he was really cares for her but she thought like that..before sanskar could speak to ragini.. ram came nd asks sanskar go nd have breakfast as its getting time for college..nd he asks ragini take rest…ragini nodded..

Sanskar was coming to his cls while thinking about ragini..he remembers how she removed his hand frm her waist nd her ignorance…he in mind what she does think of herself..she was ignoring me…i knw i did a mistake but her fault also in it na..y she didnt stop that time…she was behaving like im only responsible this…k..leave i really concerned for her but she thought i was could she thought like that…but y im reacted like this..she was angry on me..let her na..y should i hurt…y should i feel…i dnt care about her..i will not think about her again…he closed his eyes nd takes a deep breath…someone came nd patted his back..
Rohan:ha..what r u doing here with closing ur eyes..

Sanskar:nothing.. Come we will go class
Rohan: u go i will come later
Sanskar:y..r u waiting for someone
Sanskar:who..kavitha r vinay

Rohan:ha she hasnt come yet
Sanskar:she had fever
Rohan(shocked):how came u knw

Sanskar:vo..i guessed…i thought she had fever thats y she didnt came..
Rohan(sadly):may be u r right..get well soon my ragu..
Saying rohan walks to clsroom..sanskar stands there remembering what he said…my ragu..what d hell..he is saying his ragu..i want to kill him..he was crossing his limits..i need to do something…but i decided not think about her..ha..i will not think..y do i care about this stupid idiot monkey donkey rohan …i dnt care i dont care i dont care he walks to his cls while murmuring like this…….

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