Humko Tumse Ho Gaya Hai Pyaar 9th August 2016 Written Episode Update


Humko Tumse Ho Gaya Hai Pyaar 9th August 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Anokhi rushes to the room and sees her dad in very poor condition n his pulse dropping, doctor says u people are lucky he isn’t gone into coma, I request u to arrange money as soon as possible, Vrinda asks Anokhi did u get money, Anokhi says no ma, Ur papa n me fight a lot but ur papa never hurts me n I love him a lot plz do something save ur papa, Anokhi says ma plz calm down papa will be fine,he won’t like to see u like this so plz for sake of papa don’t loose hope be strong.

Nurse and doctor speaking abt some donation, Anokhi hears that n says Sashi stay with ma I will come soon walks to them n says I can do it, u just tell me how much I will be paid. Tushar asks Dadu for money, Dadu says yes yes here’s 5 lakhs cheque, Tushar says Dadu and Thanks a

lot, Dadu says stop don’t thank me, this isn’t free u have to repay for it, Tushar asks what u mean,what u want I will do anything u say, bcoz I have to be quick, I’m running out of time , I promise I will do anything, dadu says ok I will tell u abt it before wedding,Tushar stops, Dadu asks what happened u don’t need money,Tushar says no no I do, I promise I will do as u say.

Dadu hands Tushar cheque, Tushar hugs Dadu n thanks him n rushes to hospital, Priyanka asks Anokhi are u sure u wanna do this, Anokhi holds her fathers hand n says papa I love u n can do anything for u, nurse asks for blood, Gautam says I have AB+ n leaves with nurse. Anokhi dressed as clown, entertains kids in hospital, Vrinda breaks down seeing Anokhi do that, Anokhi has her bday with her papa on her mind while entertaining kids, Anokhi hides her tears atleast she looses her control n weeps badly.

Gautam says Priyanka u can’t donate blood ur pregnant, Priyanka says I will talk to doctor, Gautam says no that’s not possible,Vrinda walks in n asks Priyanka u gave blood, Gautam says she won’t, Vrinda asks why,bcoz he isn’t ur dad, Gautam says no ma listen she can’t, Vrinda slaps Gautam n says u shameless person, I know this Priyanka has put these words in ur mouth, how dare u, doctor says plz stop it, Priyanka has low blood n she is, Gautam says no plz Priyanka says ma, Vrinda says go away.

Dadi says nikita we need to go hospital,nikita says Amma u stay here it’s wedding house I will go now, u come later, parikshit shows nikita some papers n she nods yes n walks to parikshit. Parikshit hands paper n says all the best, nikita says she will never forget this day.

Sashi says now I know money is so imp, my sister would have to do what she is n papa wouldn’t be struggling with life, Gautam says Sashi papa will be fine, I will try my best papa will be fine, Sashi sees Tushar, Sashi says jiju plz save my papa he has just 15 min left, Tushar says don’t I have cheque he will be fine, deposit this cheque,nikita says stop Tushar, I will look after formalities u go look after Anokhi n her family. Anokhi gets money, Tushar asks where’s Anokhi, Sashi points at clown, tushars eyes Anokhi crying in clown dress n walks to her n holds her hand n takes her along with him.

Tushar takes Anokhi to washroom, anokhi says I needed money n so acted to be a clown for kids, Tushar cleans anokhis face, Anokhi breaks down n starts crying, Tushar in tears too, Tushar says Anokhi look at me, u are the strongest women I know, u have always been strong n today also u will be string n this time I’m with u n always be with u n so all will be fine I promise u, Anokhi looks into tushars eyes.

Precap: nikita asks Anokhi to sign marriage contract n says u got only 5 minutes to decide.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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