Humko Tumse Ho Gaya Hai Pyaar 8th June 2016 Written Episode Update


Humko Tumse Ho Gaya Hai Pyaar 8th June 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Nikita yells on Anokhi saying I don’t have non veg, Tushar finds money on his bed n says this must be dadi. Anokhi says oh my bro n bestie looking so good together, ma asks Anokhi did u impress nikita, Anokhi says ma she doesn’t have non veg n anyways her son is here to give something,ma says really lets go see him, Anokhi mistake the guy to be Tushar, n says come in have food, he says no I’m busy, ma says she is my daughter Anokhi,he gets a call, ma wispers talk to him, Anokhi says nice phone,even I wanted to buy for ma, papa calls Virnda n both leave, ma says Anokhi he is so handsome.

Tushar says dadi this money, dadi says I don’t know abt it,Tushar says dadi Kunal will never have so much money, dadi says ok yes it’s me n look at ur phone u need

a new one, Tushar says dadi I will manage n thanku n u know dadu doesn’t like it n no cheating n leaves.

Anokhi says for rituals my first turn, Priyanka says if u win ur wedding will be next, Anokhi says yes I do, Tushar abt to keep money back in dadus locker, dadu comes from behind n stops him. Anokhi looks at nikita n thinks god she must be living so luxuries life,ma prays I wish my Anokhi gets married in a rich family. Dadu mistakes that Tushar is stealing money n slaps him. Anokhi wins it, n starts dancing, nikita looks at her n finds it very cheep.

Dadu starts throwing on Tushar n says u thief take it all n go away,this is all is my hard works money n u want to steal it, Tushar says dadu I came to keep it back,dadu says oh really now wait n watch n calls police, dadi disconnects the call n says have you lost it, he isn’t lying I gave him this money,n what would happen if he uses any of ur money, poor child n hugs Tushar.

Tushar says dadu I didn’t do anything wrong n picks all the bundle on notes n says u didn’t give me a chance to speak, I always want to be like u n save for my future n so I don’t want new phone,but u think I’m a thief n keeps money in locker.tushar keeps keys back n says sorry if I did something wrong n leaves.

Priyanka in tears while Bidai, Sashi n Anokhi try cheer her up,Bhai says Priyanka stop crying, Priyanka says it’s my Bidai, Bhai says Anokhi go call mummy papa,Anokhi says how desperate. Tushar upset walking, dadi comes from behind, Tushar hugs her n starts crying,both are at selfie corner, dadi says wipe away ur tears.

Virnda says Rajni arrangements where so low, Rajni says I made best I can do, plz adjust,papa says Vrinda we will adjust,Vrinda says why shd I, she committed me automatic machine but now giving semi automatic how embarrassing, all try convince Vrinda,Vrinda gets upset, papa says lets finish with Bidai first, Vrinda says I’m not moving till I get machine,papa asks Anokhi to do something.

Anokhi sees police van n wispers papa an idea, papa leaves, Anokhi says ma look patrolling,quite now or else we will be jailed for dowry now let’s do Bidai,Vrinda says u are right Rajni come lets go.

Dadi n Tushar share ice cream,dadi says with great difficulty I got money n see what u did,Tushar says no dadi,why doesn’t dadu never trust me,dadi says u are week in maths but dadu thinks u do this for money, but he will know the truth someday,but u keep trying hard.tushar says dadi I know but dadu called me thief,dadi says I know u are hurt but ur dadu u know him, he is just upset all will be fine n what abt ur marriage lets start finding u a bride,Tushar says u know I won’t till I find someone who loves me as well as my family, dadi says yes yes but envy thing has it time,n now it’s selfie time, so let’s have a selfie.

After wedding ceremony taking place at home,virnda upset abt the machine, door bell rings, it’s police, ma says God did Rajni complain, Anokhi says oh no, Bhai asks sir how may I help u, ma says I did nothing, Rajni is my friend,police says I’m here for wedding Shagun, I mean bhaisabh u left ur Adhar card at wedding menu n helped us with food too n so we are here to wish the bride n groom, ma gets to know it was all to stop her from that machine drama.

Pre cap : Vrinda says to papa, I wasn’t going to world tour on washing machine n when Rajni promised me why didn’t she get one.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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