Humko Tumse Ho Gaya Hai Pyaar 8th August 2016 Written Episode Update


Humko Tumse Ho Gaya Hai Pyaar 8th August 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Kunal says to Tushar, u spoke to Anokhi right then why so tensed yet n calls Anokhi n says talk to Bhai he is very scared, Anokhi says what happened, Tushar says ignore him he is just kidding, Anokhi says don’t worry even I’m nervous, Tushar says yes me too having butterflies anyways lets see u in temple bye.

Pandit tells Dadu that samuhik Vivah isn’t possible today, Dadu says I want no reasons this has to take place today. Kalpana with Tushar, nikita sees n gets angry, Kalpana says sorry, Kunal says look at Tushar Bhai he is so blushing. Vrinda calls papa, papa says I’m in market the house needs to be vacant after wedding and loan couldn’t be passed,Vrinda says plz don’t stress n walk safe, papa says yes yes, Anokhi says papa come soon, papa

in tears, Sashi says look at haldi it’s blackened.

Dadi applies Tushar haldi, Pulkit says Jassi look Tushar is all well what abt that powder u mixed in haldi, Jassi says it was for anokhis haldi not Tushar, Pulkit says smart girl. Papa asks what happened Vrinda, Vrinda says all fine don’t worry u come soon, papa gets hot by a truck, Vrinda says hello speak something, Vrinda panics n drops phone n starts crying. Papa is taken to hospital, everyone rushes to hospital, all are shocked to see papa in critical state, Kunal says Tushar lets talk to Anokhi, Tushar says she must be busy don’t bother her, Priyanka pics call, Kunal says Anokhi bhabhi send ur photos Bhai is waiting to see u, Priyanka says actually , Priyanka leaves phone n goes to see Vrinda as she faints, Davis ays Tushar keep the phone n concentrate here sit down.

Doctor says we need to operate him fast, nurse says u need to deposit 5 lakhs, Vrinda says from where will we get such huge amount, Anokhi says ma calm down we will find some way, Vrinda says how we will we already are in so many debts, Gautam says Sashi u feel form I will go try some options, Sashi tries calling friends for help, Anokhi tries requesting to begin the operation, doctor says plz we can’t it against our rules,anokhi says my father is dying u care abt rules what kind of doctor are u plz help us, Vrinda begs doctor too, doctor says I can’t I’m sorry, for time being I will do needful dressing n shift in general ward, n u have an hour or else it will be really bad.

Anokhi says to Vrinda I will get money u don’t worry plz, Vrinda says how will u, Anokhi says u relax u know I will manage some how after all it’s my father ma, I will come soon. Tushar says Kunal I’m feeling nervous something is bad Anokhi isn’t picking call, Kunal says she must be busy, Tushar says no give me keys, dadi says u two come out its fun out n have food too, Tushar says no dadi I’m not feeling like. Dadi says for last time have food from ur dadis hand.

Anokhi tries every friend of her dads but no one agrees to sue to Vrindas bad behaviour n old records, Sashi n Gautam gather little money from friends, Sashi n Gautam manage just 70000, Vrinda says where’s Anokhi, Anokhi sees an salon offering money in exchange of hair n goes to the salon n says I want to sell my hair.

Anokhi abt to shave her head, gets call from Tushar picks up, Tushar says all fine, Anokhi starts crying n says papa met with an accident what do I do now, Tushar says tell me clearly n calm down, Anokhi shares the whole problem, Tushar says Anokhi see papa will be fine, u be there I will come soon, n rushes to Anokhi, anokhi says plz cut my hair, he says lunch time come later m closes the door.

Vrinda gets call from Jassi, Vrinda says plz help us I beg u, ur uncle needs help for operation, plz give me ur fathers number, I beg u plz plz Jassi help us, Jassi says Chachi don’t worry I will talk to papa but u don’t bcoz u knew our differences I will try calm down.

Anokhi reaches hospital n asks nurse where’s my father, nurse says he actually, Anokhi panics n rushes to room n shouts papa.

Precap : Dadu offers Tushar money n says in return u have give me something.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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  1. O God so much of negatively around the love birds,Dadu,jassi,her husband, Nikita…
    Was expecting some Beautiful moments between Anokhi and Tushar and here comes the con

  2. O God so much of negatively around the love birds,Dadu,jassi,her husband, Nikita…
    Was expecting some Beautiful moments between Anokhi and Tushar and here comes the concontract marriage 🙁 🙁

    1. Loved the show initially becoz of promo. I am leaving it now forever.

    2. It has become boring. I am leaving it.

  3. This Dadu is really too much !!!

  4. I am sure now dadu gonna ask tushar to take the money but in return hurt Anokhi, make her hate him, leave her and marry the girl he chose!

    Da’am these people! :@ i started to love their chemistry and these vamps are :@

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