Humko Tumse Ho Gaya Hai Pyaar 7th October 2016 Written Episode Update

Humko Tumse Ho Gaya Hai Pyaar 7th October 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Anokhi says Tushar sir,ur father did nothing, agreed there were proofs but they were wrong, u all call me fraud n cheat but u gave me one chance but Tushar sirs father why didn’t anyone hear his side, but Tushar sir I can understand them people here, mataji says anokhi tell us what u mean,Anokhi says someone took advantage of the sibling rivalry, see this file Dadu, I went to see ma,n ma told papa used to stay out in small house without facilities, if he had all the money he would have enjoyed luxury but he went away without even seeing his family and Dadu the papers u said he made u sign then what are these papers,Dadu says this is property file,Anokhi says I checked these in old accounts n see the signatures on this.

Dadu looks at parikshit in anger n says u did this,Anokhi

says yes Dadu, Tushar sirs parents did nothing but nikita mam n parikshit sir are behind all this,Kalpana abt to faint, Tushar n Anokhi hold her, Dadu walks to parikshit no ays how dare u n slaps him,mataji says don’t stop dharam keep slapping this cheat but will this get our Prithvi back,nikita says plz listen to us papa,dadi slaps nikita n says u deserve this bcoz of u my son was held as fraud n he had to die in pain, why all this,Pulkit says papa u are a fraud, u cheated ur own family why, parikshit falls in dadus feet n says plz forgive me,Dadu says I was dying everyday after Prithvi left,parikshit says I thought u will hand all property to Prithvi but he didn’t want any n so in greed I made u sign the papers, but plz forgive me,nikita says we are sorry papa.

Dadu says u shameless people, my Prithvi died n u are behind it n God will never forgive me, parikshit leave this house get out, I’m dead for u people,anokhi says Dadu why do the same mistake again, don’t throw them out, mataji says ays what u want us to forgive them,Anokhi says mataji my papa always taught me never fall for greed but today I realise its importance after marrying Tushar sir,n since they have realised their mistake plz forgive them n it takes a lot to make relations but can break in seconds,nikita says papa I’m really sorry,I have cheated every single person in this house but today when I saw Pulkit I realised my mistake.

Anokhi says Dadu plz give them a chance,mataji says Anokhi u have proved ur self today just like Kalpana,dharam n Tushar have their decisions but for me u are a winner Anokhi,n no one can ever replace that place n looks at Parul in anger,dharam so what’s ur decision,Dadu faints,Anokhi searches web n asks Tushar to do what it says to get Dadu back to normal, Parul says see Anokhi ran away,Tushar says Parul shutup plz,Parul says how will we save Dadu now,Anokhi says I will n walks in with oxygen cylinder n says u Parul just step out,Parul says where’s the mask,anokhi says u shutup n Jassi get some dough.

Anokhi makes mask of it n places over dadus nose, Dadu starts breathing better n opens his eyes,anokhi says Dadu are u fine,Dadu says get out ,Anokhi feels bad, Parul starts smiling,Anokhi leaves. Tushar says Dadu u take says I didn’t ask Anokhi to leave but Parul,Tushar says very correct Parul I request u plz leave, Jassi says leave or else I will push u out,Pulkit says why push kick her out,Parul leaves.

Dadu says Anokhi is behind the bound back in family,Tushar doesn’t find Anokhi anywhere n says I know ever u are, Anokhi at selfie Chowk remembering all her good memories with Tushar, she looks at her ring n smiles,but remembers Tushar asking her to leave his life n starts crying n even remembers Dadu asking her to leave the house,Anokhi stands on the stone n abt to jump,Tushar pulls her both fall down,Tushar says are u and what were u doing,Anokhi says wow ur old look,Tushar says what were u doing,anokhi says I wasn’t jumping,I was just thinking,n u know I want to tell u something,money is important but not as important as love,u know what I found see our engagement ring.

Anokhi says Tushar sir,I’m so happy today, n u know, Dadu says what is going on he, all starring at them, mataji says really Tushar in front of everyone,dadus ays forget it n Anokhi I asked Parul to leave,Kalpana says I will get water,Jassi says Chachi they need privacy,dadi says talk properly ok,mataji says like this sleeping,dadi says yes yes come now,anokhis family also arrive there n asks what are u doing down there,Tushar n Anokhi get up,Anokhi says he thought I’m jumping,Tushar says we were just talking,Sashi says it’s time for some cheese,and all click pictures together.

end of show

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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  1. Nice happy end to this serial.


    Dhasu ending with anokhi’s jugad which I was missing…
    But this show might have been presented in better way.. it just ended in 5 months, going to miss tushar and anokhi chemistry and anokhi’s jugad…
    And ending was just awsome….
    Going to miss show and hope new season come in better way

  3. Thanks to God ke Yeh Boring Serial Khatam hui

  4. Yeh superb serial hai

  5. Love u tushar and anokhi and all characters in show. Miss u a lot. Feeling emotional. Byeeeeee and watch the show in nxtseason

  6. But Anokhi never got to say I love you to Tushaar.
    Thats sad!!


      She said Sneha, i saw it was in yesterday or day before yesterday episode when tushar was asking Anokhi to leave house and in anger when contract talk was out. She said I love You Tushar sir…

    2. yes ur right poor Tushaar

  7. I love this show

  8. This is how shows should end. Good writing and presentation no twists and leaps. Love it.

  9. Finally it’s end thanks to the writer

  10. One f d best show… I guess because f TRP ratings it’s ended soon… The begging of the show was awesome ….. But ended in a very bad manner… Anokhi mother never revealed she changed the letter.. Nikita one more son dey dint show him at all.. and Kunal ver did he go at the end…. Dey should hav showed atleast few romantic scenes between anokhi n tushar.. which never happened….feeling bad fa it…

  11. I will miss Anokhi and Tushar. It was a nice serial.

  12. Love u tishu and annu

  13. I love this serieal..kabhi nehi socha ki ya khatam ho ce accha toh jana na dil se ye khatam ho jata kamse kam 1 sal toh chalna cahe tha…I miss it badly..I never miss 1 episode…I like anokhi pream kahani..and her jugar was awesome…plz season 2 ke sath upas ana anokhi ur tushar..all the best for future…be happy, stay happy…

  14. I will miss lali and the show.

  15. This is short and sweet serial.

  16. they did not show what was hidden in that tank..for which nikita made agrement with anoki to search keys also..

  17. anyway..this is best show..not like sns and ssk..they r never ending

    1. I agree with u Jassi

  18. Shailaja Banthia

    I am sorry to say ,What is this English I can’t even understand a single word plz while you are updating any episodes written update then check that the sentences should be proper
    Please improve this mistake.If the formation of sentence is not proper than what is the use of seeing written update

  19. Best show tha….but so sad,khatam ho Gaya…tushar ,I gonna miss u a lot….bohot Dino ke Baad,TV pe aya tha….

  20. Just,throw out Jana na dil se door,isqbuzz,suhani si …,mere angne mein,,,,,,,,all this shows,bcz what about their trp?this hthgpkk was the only one ,which making trouble??????????????????

    1. Shailaja Banthia

      All have their own opinion u cant say like this thank God that hthhpkk has ended

  21. After all,I will miss u ,tishu

  22. I love this serial; its so sweet.
    Expected a good love track w Tushar & anokhi & serial ended so soon;

    Yes I agree with all; pls do stop that bakwaas Sath Nibhana Saathiya & all the other dirty serials which are just spoiling people brain out there.

    Yuck Ektha kapoor serials are always disgusting to watch..

  23. Miss u “anoshar”

  24. Nagiina Yasir

    Please don’t end the show it’s just getting interesting… make pritvi come back alive as the kambal guy and so it can go on… please don’t end pleaseeeeeeeee I will miss tushar and anokhi…

  25. Nagiina Yasir

    End sath nibhana sathiya that’s go on for years

  26. I’ll miss u alot varun …………please come up again with a new show…………luv u lali. ……..

  27. Why this serial went off air, it was so nice and hatke……so many hidden hings yet to reveal..the tank n all.
    There are so many other serials thta r so pathetic yet running since years on star plus.
    Atleast the time should have changed……
    I will miss anokhi n tushars chemistry n the whole cast of hthhpkk…hope ull come wid sesaon 2

  28. Why serial was ended I miss this show ……tushar and anokhi are very gud actors really I don’t want get end of this serial

  29. Pta ni kyu khtam kar diya.kitna accha to aaata that.or koi hi khtam kar detay.

  30. Who was that guy in blanket?

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