Humko Tumse Ho Gaya Hai Pyaar 7th June 2016 Written Episode Update


Humko Tumse Ho Gaya Hai Pyaar 7th June 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Episode begins with wedding parties welcoming each other, papa announces that there’s no relative from his side, ma looks for anokhi n finds her dancing along with drums n sashi.
Ma says to brides mom, anokhi looks so pretty we bought her a new lehenga today look she is so glowing.a lady gets off her car with tushar n says this wedding looks so weird.
She walks in n stumbles with anokhi n her ring drops, anokhi picks it up but lady thinkS anokhi is stealing n says dare u it’s mine n walks in.
Anokhi ignoreS her, she walkS to the parking to get rice n lights go off n anokhi by mistake drops it n it falls on her as well as amar, anokhi unaware it’s tushar.
Lights get back, anokhi walks in n tells sashi that she dropped rice.
The brides mom

introduceS the ring lady to ma as nikita a successful business women,anokhi drops drink on her by mistake n says I’m so sorry n irritates her, ma says sorry she is too excited it’s her bro n best friends wedding after all.
Ma says rajni priyanka her makeup is so dull, rajni says my daughter doesn’t need makeup she is pretty I will be back soon.
Dadi asks to get Tushar a new mobile n not inform dadu abt it.
Wedding rituals take place, on of the guests insults Vrinda saying oh old jewellery, anokhi says Aunty n ur dress u wear it every same wedding, Aunty says oh hi n U look so pretty new lehenga, anokhi says it’s from malikh n sons, nikita listens to her n says is this really from malikhs, ma says she has contacts their n offer u discount, nikita says I’m nikita malikh owner of malikh n sons.
Anokhi n ma had actually brought a replica of malikhS dress at 5000, nikita says malikh n sons have richness n it’s original n not such copies n u are so middle class have no class but ur attitude gosh, n here’s my real uncut diamond rong go check it in market it’s a real one n people Like u dont deserve it n walks away.
Papa sees anokhi n ma upset n asks what’s wrong, ma says nothing, papa shows a guy n says for anokhi, ma says keep my daughter away from middle class boys she will marry a rich guy.
Anokhi talking to priyanka, ma says priyanka apply some makeup n anokhi come with me n u know papa is here behind boys but let u tell me I want u to marry a rich boy n I want u to impress nikita malikh she is lookin for a bride for his son, if u don’t wish to live a life like I am killing all ur wishes n amibitions go impress her, anokhi says ok ma n walks to nikita n says Aunty here’s a special dish for u, nikita says u crazy girl I don’t eat nonveg.

Precap: Tushar keeping money in safe, dadu comes n slaps him n says u trying to steal my wealth.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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  1. Anokhi is the worst character shown in the serial. Her character should be potrayed in a good way.

  2. What the? The story is so boring.what the anokhi doing there??

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