Humko Tumse Ho Gaya Hai Pyaar 6th September 2016 Written Episode Update


Humko Tumse Ho Gaya Hai Pyaar 6th September 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Jassi looks at Tushar n says tuhsar looks upset with Anokhi, dadi says mataji I know today Anokhi n Tushar will win,parikshit says Pulkit u start, Pulkit says yes yes n aims at the pot,luv cheers Pulkit,pulkits pot breaks,Jassi thinks how did this happen n looks at Pulkit in anger,Pulkit thinks even iron breaks,parikshit aims at pot,the pot dies t break,nikita says wow,Jassi gets very angry,Tushar has anokhis words going on an on in his mind, he aims at the pot,Anokhi praying plz don’t break,the pot breaks,Anokhi gets dishearten n says Tushar sir u shd have been soft,Tushar says I don’t cheat, Anokhi says I was, Tushar says u shd have done the pot properly n leaves, Anokhi says God he is us let on this now,the kidnappers man keeping an eye in everyone.


announces nikita n parikshit winner,parikshit abt to take gold Basuri,mataji stops them n says it’s not for u,Anokhi n Tushar come here,parikshit give them,let them keep in gods feet n then u take it,nikita hands Basuri to Tushar,mataji says Tushar hold anokhis hand,dadi says do as mataji says,Tushar holds anokhis hand n walks , both holding Basuri,Anokhi says it’s so beautiful n costly right,Tushar says only cost matters to u right,Anokhi doesn’t get Tushar,mataji stops Tushar n says this Basuri it’s not the gold one,where is the gold Basuri Anokhi.everyone is surprised to hear mataji,mataji says Anokhi I asked u to take care of gold Basuri where it is,parikshit wispers nikita what all is this.

Mataji says Anokhi tell me did u replace the gold Basuri,answer me,Anokhi says mataji I don’t know,God promise I know nothing abt it,mataji says then tell me how did this happen,Anokhi says I didn’t even touch the Basuri,mataji says tell me the truth or else I won’t spare u, I’m very strict abt all this,answer me,Dadu says she is liar,always lies,she is the only one who must have replaced the gold Basuri,punish her or else I will throw her out n holds anokhis hand,mataji shouts dharam step back,I’m here I will take the decision,dadi says Anokhi will never steal,this must be some mistake,Dadu says wow what kind of mistake is this,I’m sure this girl is the thief,n I’m going to check ur room, n will prove she is the thief n walks to anokhis room, everyone follow him except Anokhi n Tushar.

Vrinda says now Anokhi is married now u think abt our new house n Ho will we manage money,Tilak says I know but I don’t know I’m worried for Anokhi n even u look so tensed what’s the matter, Vrinda says no I’m just worried abt house,Tilak says abt house me n Gautam will manage tell me what is it,Vrinda says I was abt to tell u,Tilak says u can never stay away from Anokhi, I know that,u miss her a lot,Sashi went to visit Anokhi,Anokhi will be very happy to see him,Don’t worry all will be fine.

Everyone starts looking for Basuri in anokhis room,Anokhi panics n is in tears,Dadu says mataji this girl has always made us a loss from the day she is joined my company, I always new she is a danger for us,she has hidden the Basuri,Anokhi says Dadu I have self respect,have will I steal in my own house,mataji says I never said Anokhi stole the Basuri, I said I gave her matki n she lost Basuri n not that she stole it,so don’t blame her,Dadu says but,mataji says dharam I don’t want any one to question,Dadu says I’m looking for it n will find it here only.

Anokhi looks at nikita, she shows her eyes n says quite,Jassi sees them n thinks this is very suspicious.dadi requests mataji to stop everyone,Anokhi says Tushar sir even u think I’m the thief,Jassi says he is ur husband off course he will take ur side,Pulkit abt to check cupboard,Tushar says bro plz stop, no one will open this cupboard,I will check this cupboard, everyone is surprised on tushars reaction.

Pre cap: Anokhi says Tushar sir even u think I’m the thief or the irresponsible one.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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  1. Sad to see Tushar angry and sad abt the contract….

    Pls clear the misunderstanding fast 🙁

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