Humko Tumse Ho Gaya Hai Pyaar 6th October 2016 Written Episode Update

Humko Tumse Ho Gaya Hai Pyaar 6th October 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Mataji stops nikita and keeps her hand on pulkits head, n says swear on Pulkit n now speak the truth,nikita looks at Pulkit n says I swear on Pulkit n says no I can’t, fine the truth is I asked Anokhi to sign the contract papers,mataji slaps nikita, n says I knew Anokhi won’t lie,bcoz u are expert in cheating,Tushar says mom why did u do this, plz look at me,Anokhi says yes she did, she asked me to do so to save my dad and so I signed n Tushar sir I’m very sorry, I wasn’t signing papers but papa his health , plz trust me,Tushar says my own mother, how many people lie to me, does any one love me in this house, Anokhi doesn’t love me, my mother makes deal on me, mom I always felt u never love me u wear to swear on me, why didn’t u think abt me n my

feelings, u blackmailed her n for what all this,my own mother doesn’t care abt me,plz tell me mom, why u did this,m I not ur son, is Pulkit ur only son n not me.

Anokhi says yes,sorry but I have to tell this truth, nikita mam can do all this bcoz she isn’t ur mother,Tushar says what,Anokhi says yes ur mother is the one u call by her name, she always stands by u takes care of u, but could never express her feelings,n the whole house takes her as a maid,Anokhi walks to Kalpana n says tushar sir she is ur mother,tushar says mom is this the truth,dadi tell me u never lie is this the truth,dadi says yes Kalpana is ur mother,Tushar walks to Kalpana n says are u my mother,u know Abt all this, why didn’t u tell me, what is still hidden n I don’t know, will anyone in this house speak the truth,Anokhi says I will tell u the truth.

Anokhi says Tushar sir the biggest truth is Kalpana is ur mother n she loves u a lot, u know she sent that man so that we can marry,Tushar asks where is my papa,Dadu says I will tell u where is ur papa,my biggest punishment was to send him away from me,ur father is my youngest son,I never want to speak abt him but I have to today, ur father Prithvi is parikshits younger brother,dadi says he was so like u when he was young, always cared abt everyone, I never can believe that my Prithvi would do that,Dadu says he did but,parikshit n Prithvi use to argue a lot in business, dadi says Prithvi n parikshit had very good bounding, they married on same day n both soon became fathers but use to fight a lot but one day,dadus ays he cheated, he made me sign on papers,I trusted him but u all scold me for all the savings n trust matter n the reason is ur father, my own son fooled me, fraud man cheated n ran away my own son ran away.

Dadu says I was so worried abt u Tushar n to avoid u follow his steps. Anokhi holds tushars hand n says it’s ok,dadi says when it was all open n we got to Prithvi was behind it, mataji says no one could ever believe Prithvi would do this but proofs where against him but he kept saying he isn’t behind all this but once it was proved dharam threw him out but Tushar n Kalpana weren’t at fault n so dharam allowed them on one condition that Tushar doesn’t learn abt his father.dadi says n so Tushar was handed to nikita n parikshit,Dadu says enough of Prithvi I can never forgive him,bcoz if me I have turned to be so worst n so I never loved u too Tushar bcoz I see him in u, dadi says Tushar u aren’t at fault,Prithvi was unwell, Kalpana says n he died no one was with him, dadi came to see him but he left this world before she could see him,Tushar says he died,parikshit says Tushar u are my son, I’m ur papa.

Tushar says why this truth, I don’t belong here,I’m a cheaters son,Kalpana n Anokhi try to console Tushar,Anokhi says I told this so that ur happiness are back,tushar says I’m not worth anyone’s trust, I always felt left out expect my dadi no one loved me,Dadu was right I’m useless n nothing , i don’t deserve to be Malik, my life wasn’t mine, it was a big lie,anokhi says this is bcoz u know just the Half truth, Tushar says not anymore,anokhi says papa did no fraud.

Pre cap : Dadu says Anokhi leave this house. Anokhi at selfie Chowk in tears.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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  1. I think it’s last episode tomorrow. Nearly all lies are exposed. Just hope anokhi can prove tushar s dad wasn’t a fraud.

  2. Is tomo ending dis show…. How can dey finish everything in 1 day… Hope der will b a proper ending….Nikita had 1 more son right where did he go

  3. Even i dont know the language but i used watch this and kuch rang piyaar aise bhi this is one of my favorite serial this serial should not end

  4. Last episode tomorrow…oh god…we are at the end of show..felling very sad…

  5. Yes, chandra nandni starts on Monday at 8.30pm.


    Last episode tomorrow but so much is to come out…
    I will miss this show as it was nice but its presentation was in wrong way thats why it lost in trp race.. its ending within 5 months only started on 6 june and ending on 10 oct..
    But I hate this dadu more and more.. as i know he thinks he was cheated by his younger son but after knowing truth he is still same even in today’s and tomorrow’s episode.. actually he should jump in well where anokhi will be shown stnding…

    1. Lol Shradhha,I also hate Dadu & Parul.
      Worst characters….

      Wish the man in blanket comes out to be Tushar’s father & he is proved innocent…

      Let dadu be thrown out of their home 😉 🙂

      And what’s in that water tank….


        I hope same so kanchan… but i think his father is dead and blanket person might be his frnd

  7. Yes lancham, i too wish to know what z there on the tank?? Donno why the tank not opened??, Nikita don’t even tried to get duplicate keys. Itz out side of the house. No protection. But they created hype for that tank by showing Nikita agreeing r for the marriage for the sake of keys. The serial concept is good. One should value relations than material things. But it is not presented correctly in the screen play. N ways itz last episode today. Let us see.

    1. Yes kanchan * typo

  8. Last episode should be just related to anokhi tushar…no more family drama plz…

  9. yes i agree this show is having nice concept but not the proper way of presentation..thats why it is not liked by audience that much…but i love this jodi…i will miss them badly…they are married few days back and now they are ending the show…i mean there was much scope in their story..but dont know why



    Unable to comment on 7 oct plz fix it

  12. Feelings no leliye is serial k liye. Eysi hi khatam kardiye feelings mere by the ending of show. Bcoz I am die hearted fan of this show and tushar and anokhi. Pl zzzzzz director g plzz plz don’t end.

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