Humko Tumse Ho Gaya Hai Pyaar 6th July 2016 Written Episode Update


Humko Tumse Ho Gaya Hai Pyaar 6th July 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Tushar says Anokhi I hate liars, I can’t stand it, u shdnt have lied,Anokhi walking away, Tushar says why do u run away, Anokhi say an what abt u, even u lied n so u are guilty too n even that Kunal lied, Tushar says stop let me talk shhh,relax, I get ur point n I’m sorry for it but I was scared that when u will know that I’m Tushar u wouldn’t have interacted with me the way u did, but the truth is I love u, Anokhi sees insect n jumps n hugs Tushar, Tushar says relax Anokhi, Anokhi says mr Malik look around I are in Chandani Chowk,n nikita mam was right abt my standard this is how I live n that is my house,it’s the size of ur kitchen n so I may don’t even enter or let’s say look at it.

Tushar starts walking towards anokhis home, Anokhi

follows, Vrinda opens door n sees Tushar standing in front of her with anokhi n says hello.

Dadi tries talking to Dadu, n says I know u are very upset with what happened and hurt but we shd consider Tushars feelings as well, n I know how to cheer u, here’s kulfi for u, Dadu says no I don’t want , dadi says I made it common plzzz, Dadu has it, nikita says this Tushar spilt everything, Pulkit says ma relax, Dadu has so many friends n so we will manage n u don’t worry, parikshit walks in n says Jassi here is ur medicine money Dadu gave, nikita says what’s wrong for marrying for a deal,but Tushar is such a fool if I knew abt it I would have asked Parul for Pulkit,but we are lucky to have Jassi.

Dadi says Tushar wasn’t lying he does love Anokhi,Dadu says no he is making reasons he doesn’t love her, dadi says listen to me he really likes Anokhi I have seen it in his eyes, n so calm down n talk to him.

Vrinda says Anokhi m I dreaming, Tushar Malik in our house, Sashi n papa walk in, Anokhi introduces them to Tushar, Sashi says ur clothes are too expensive, Vrinda says shut up, papa says how come u here, Tushar says miss Anokhi , I mean she thinks I can’t come to her house so I’m here, house is made of love n not location n anyways uncle Chandani Chowk is heart of Delhi,Vrinda says wow well said, I will get u something to eat,Kunal calls Anokhi n asks is Tushar with u, Anokhi says turn around ur standing right in front of me , other details Tushar sir will share.

Vrinda decides to serve Tushar in her expensive crockery. Kalpana makes a call n says yes the marriage is broken, Jassi puts in the light n says so this is ur truth , u gossip queen, if I tell Dadu u know, now go make tea for everyone, n how dare u gossip n who it was, Kalpana gets nervous n leaves.

Anokhi welcomes Kunal home to, Vrinda doesn’t entertain him, Anokhi says ma why expensive crockery,Vrinda says he is special guest so, Kunal asks for water, Vrinda serves in regular crockery, Kunal says its late we shall leave just gift Anokhi, Vrinda asks what, Tushar gives a gift to Anokhi, Anokhi opens it n says oh this watch I have it ma found in detergent pack, Kunal says Anokhi says no he bought it , Anokhi remembers seeing his remark in guest feedback n then thanks Tushar.

Sashi sees the watch n says same watch free with detergent surprising, Vrinda says it’s very pretty, Tushar says u can exchange if u, Kunal says no it’s special see its engraved,Vrinda says oh thanku, Tushar says ok I shall leave, Vrinda says go walk him back, Anokhi Kunal n Tushar leave,Vrinda says thank god.

Kunal says take care Anokhi bye, Anokhi says bye fake Tushar, kunal walks away, Anokhi says Tushar says thanku, Tushar says thanku n so this watch for saving me n also for that tent n most important for saving me form Parul,so thanku, and one thing I said I love u, then why did u say in front of all that u are my girl friend.

Pre cap : Dadu to dadi says ask nikita to call Anokhi n her parents home.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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  1. I don’t think Tushar’s shirt is sooooo expensive…. Cause he always be Normal.

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