Humko Tumse Ho Gaya Hai Pyaar 5th September 2016 Written Episode Update

Humko Tumse Ho Gaya Hai Pyaar 5th September 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

A shadow walks in room n takes jassiz pot n exchanges it n leaves, the shadow walks to nikitas room n changes the Basuri, nikita Wakes up due to noise but shadow hides, nikita checks the pot n sees Basuri in pot n says let me give this back to Anokhi, then she will not doubt on me for replacing the gold Basuri, the shadow is kidnappers man n he informs that plan is executated n says I have exchanged iron pot from Jassi n kept in nikitas room n also Basuri in her room,kidnapper says now nikita will know what’s a blast.

Nikita says Anokhi here is pot, I wanted to see Basuri n I have so here u have,Anokhi says ok n says she is so weird anyways now mataji won’t scold me n goes to her room n says tuhsar sir look at my pot,see do u like it,I’m thinking I shd colour

it, n gets paint n says my pot shd look colourful like me, Tushar says Anokhi u are just unbelievable,anokhi says thanku,n today’s gift by u, I loved it n see I wall mounted it did u like,Anokhi turns n sees Tushar is asleep,Anokhi says oh poor thing he is asleep.

Tushar thinking abt the recording saying anokhi doesn’t love him,Anokhi sleeps beside Tushar n she is thinking abt how big hearted Tushar is for forgiving her,n tushar is best choice in her life n she is happy to have him, Tushar thinking Anokhi for first time I heard what my heart said n married u, why did u do this to me.

Anokhi next day gets ready n says oh Tushar sir u Wakeup so early everyday, anyways good morning, Tushar ignores Anokhi,Anokhi says are u angry,Tushar goes in bathroom,Anokhi says oh I guess he got angry bcoz of this wet towel on bed,n removes clothes for Tushar, Anokhi says tuhsar sir listen to me, water this kurta for Janmashtami how fun,u know when we were kids me Gautam Bhai n Sashi use to fight a lot, once I lied n poor Sashi had to go through all scoldings, Tushar says u always lie,anokhi says what anyways get ready bye.

Everyone gathers in hall for Janmashtami celebrations,mataji narrates story of Lord Krishna, Tushar in anger tears kurta given by Anokhi n wears other n walks to hall, Anokhi asks why did u wear this,Tushar says that kurta was torn,anokhi says I would fix it,Tushar says u can’t fix everything n leaves in anger, mataji sees tension between Tushar n Anokhi. Kidnapper asks his man to give envy single details from Malik house.

Jassi says Pulkit gold Basuri is ours,pulkit says undoubtedly,nikita thinks gold Basuri is with me so let anyone win the game. Landlord goes to tilaks house n asks them to vacant the house quickly,Gautam requests him for some time,landlord says u have just a week after that I won’t forcefully vacant the house. Mataji says first we will have some dance n fun n then the competition,Pulkit teases Jassi,nikita says Pulkit don’t make fun of her disability.

Mataji calls Tushar, Tushar says I’m fine here,mataji says I make decisions not u, come here n stand next to Anokhi,ur dadi doesn’t gies a word against me, n so won’t u,right gaumti,Dadu says I’m not well,dadi wispers to Dadu,come lets have fun, why making excuses,Dadu says keep quite.

Nikita Anokhi dances ,Jassi joins them on wheel chair, Tushar still not interested,parikshit joins nikita n Pulkit n Jassi dance together, Anokhi goes to tuhsar n tries to cheer him up whole dancing,mataji n gaumti sing song.

Pre cap : mataji looks at Basuri n says this isn’t gold one, it’s fake.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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  1. When are jassi, dadu and nikita going to be exposed? Is this serial ending? Anokhi should tell tushar the truth, she thinks he knows everything.

    1. This show will end in the month of october ..Drashti Dhami’s shw ill replace it

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