Humko Tumse Ho Gaya Hai Pyaar 5th October 2016 Written Episode Update

Humko Tumse Ho Gaya Hai Pyaar 5th October 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Anokhi says I know Tushar is ur son,kalapan starts crying, Anokhi says plz don’t cry plz tell me the truth behind all this, why doesn’t even Tushar sir doesn’t know abt u,Kalpana says I was married to Maliks younger son, but my husband who respected his parents so much made a huge mistake n nikita brought his mistake to notice n told everyone that my husband is fraud n is cheating in business n so Dadu when he learnt abt it, he punished my husband n threw him out of house, but dadi saved me from his anger,Dadu agreed on one condition n that is as a maid I can stay in this house n Tushar shd be given to nikita,but I’m happy that my Tushar is raised so well n so I’m happy.

Anokhi says Kalpana I’m sorry, ma u are right now come lets go home,plz

come it’s time that everyone shd know the truth n we all have happiness back in our lives. Parikshit sees Tushar with bag n asks where are u going, mataji says Tushar, Tushar says don’t worry this is anokhis stuff n she will leave this house, I can’t pretend anymore,dadi say Tushar what’s wrong with u, delivery boy comes with parcel n Anokhi walks in with Kalpana n says u reached before me,Parul says Anokhi u out,Anokhi says shutup,n Tushar sir here are sweets n plz pay this delivery boy I really have no money,Tushar pays, Anokhi says Tushar sir I will express my feelings later but first I have a some news for u n then sees her clothes n asks why are my belongings thrown.

Tushar packs her clothes n holds anokhis hand n says now it’s my time to speak,u anyways don’t bother abt our marriage,Anokhi asks what,nikita gives wicked smile,Parul says good u brought sweet,Anokhi says stay away from me n family Parul,Tushar says Anokhi u too leave me n go away from my house,n pushes Anokhi out of the house,Dadu n nikita smile,Anokhi says what’s wrong with u, what wrong I have done,Tushar says I’m calling for date n cut my calls n sent a message that u are shopping,Anokhi says I didn’t,I don’t have my phone,n looks at Parul n walks to her n says u purposely locked me in car right, Tushar sir she locked me in car n left n she sent all messages.

Tushar says enough Anokhi,just answer me tell me look into my eyes,have u always told me the truth n be loyal in our relationship,Anokhi thinks for a while n looks into tushars eyes n says yes I always have, so I told everything in that letter, Tushar says u liar, u will never anyways in 6 months u are leaving, I know ur secret,Anokhi says what secret,Tushar shows her recorder n puts it on,everyone hears this,nikita says oh my god,Tushar breaks the recorder, n says this anokhis true face, she is the wrong,Anokhi says but this was between su n if u had a problem, but u said u forgive me,I told u in that letter p, Tushar says u said Kunal n mine confusion,Anokhi says no I wrote abt this contract.

Dadu says see mataji I told u she is fraud n useless,mataji says enough dharam,u asked her to sign,I know that,nikita thinks I hope Anokhi doesn’t open her mouth,Dadu says she is lying,Anokhi says Dadu didn’t nikita mam did this,Dadu walks to nikita n asks nikita is this truth,dadi says speak up nikita,Tushar says mom I know this Anokhi is lying,Dadu says nikita tell us,nikita says yes I did what option do I have, this anokhis idea n she asked for money n I thought it’s for her dads operation but later I got to know she is cheating on for money n so as a mother to save ur life I did this,Anokhi was to leave during wedding day but I made this contract n stopped her for ur happiness n so I got Parul back in this home.

Nikita says Parul is right choice, anokhi says she is lying she asked me to do for dads operation,dadi says but nikita when u know Anokhi isn’t right why did u say yes , Dadu was against her then why u said yes,nikita says for Tushar my son,Anokhi opens her bag n gets contract n says here look where I have asked for money in this, I really did this to save my dad,Tushar sir remember lie detector test I said I didn’t love u, but it biped red bcoz I loved u, I wanted to marry u bcoz I wanted comfortable life, I agree I am always behind money n the reason is my last life but in hospital I was helpless n nikita mam recorded this bcoz I shd never tell u,Tushar sir u know me I do anything but never hurt anyone n that too a person like u who loves me n cares for me.

Nikita says Anokhi is lying, Tushar says I can’t trust u, Anokhi u keep lying all the time.mataji says let me help u,nikiat swear on god n tell us the truth,nikiat says I’m telling the truth mataji, Anokhi is behind all this,mataji says ok, now swear on ur son,nikita turn to Tushar n abt to keep hand on his head.

Pre cap : Tushar to nikita, in tears says mom m I not ur son only Pulkit is ur son, tell me mom,anokhi says yes Tushar sir.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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    Story is going tooooooo fast… and nothing is understood by me!!… so much confusion..

    1. Because going off air

  2. Just 2 more tushar will know that kalpana is his real mother and may be nikita’s truth also come out,that’s only thing left in this show to be revealed..after that everything will be fine between anokhi tushar…but it will be not that easy..lets see how they clear their differences

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