Humko Tumse Ho Gaya Hai Pyaar 5th July 2016 Written Episode Update


Humko Tumse Ho Gaya Hai Pyaar 5th July 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with mom scolding gautam as to why he bought the washing machine and she needs an answer. There anokhi is in a cab and is angry and frustrated and says her day has been the worst today and I told dadu tushar sir loves me but seems he actually loves me. Anokhi tells cab driver to increase the ac power, he says its full. Anokhi shouts him and then says sorry as she is frustrated today.
There tushar is confused and he says to dadi that even anokhi expressed her love for me today and she loves me too. Dadi tells yes and says that everything will be fine soon and don’t worry. Tushar says hope its fine. His mom comes and tells that anokhi is not the right woman for you. Tushar is sad. In the room jassi says to luv to have milk. Luv says no and says is tushar chachu

going to marry? Jassi scolds him. Guttu says why are u scolding him and its not his mistake. Jassi says yes but hope this doesn’t happen and I don’t want anokhi in this house. Guttu says it wont happen.
There anokhi is reaching home. Mom is shouting gautam that why did he buy the washing machine and she told him and they lied to her. Dad tries to pacify the situation but mom says that now gautam has become a husband by being a son and he listens to his wife but not me. Anokhi listens all this and says that now this all has started here and I am already frustrated. Anokhi goes in and tells mom stop it and then she pulls the washing machine out and says if u don’t want it then I will return it. Mom says no its okay I want it. Anokhi says then what happens if whoever bought it just use it. She goes in her room.
There tushar thinks that anokhi today expressed her love and is thinking all about what happened and mom told him she is not of their class. There jassi tells mom and dadi that anokhi is cunning and we shouldn’t let her in our house.
Anokhi takes oil in a bowl andmom comes and mom tells wait I will put It on your hair. Mom comes and starts putting it on anokhis hair. Mom says you look frustrated today. Anokhi says yes. Anokhi tells her everything that happened that day and tushar loves her. Mom is happy and you are lucky she says.
Tushar calls anokhi and tells he wants to meet her right now. Anokhi tells mom its tushar. Mom says then say yes and anokhi says I have oil on hair. Mom says okay say yes. Ankhi says yes. Tushar says come down quick. Anokhi keeps phone and tells mom she had lied about her house and she has to go there now. Anokhi gets ready and goes.
There tushar is in car and gear box is stuck and he tells kunal and calls him and says he is stuck and he has to go to meet anokhi. Tushar suddenly sees anokhi coming from another house and he tells kunal he is keeping phone. Tushar goes and calls anokhi and tells this is your house? Anokhi is caught and she says yes. Tushar says you know I hate liars and you lied to me and I cant withstand lies.

Precap: anokhi tells tushar he is a rich man and he is standing in chandni chowk and she is not so rich and lives in that house which is the size of his house kitchen and he wont even step in there. Tushar goes towards ankhis house. Anokhi tries to call him back.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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