Humko Tumse Ho Gaya Hai Pyaar 5th August 2016 Written Episode Update


Humko Tumse Ho Gaya Hai Pyaar 5th August 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode begins with nikita asking anokhi that she took the keys of the tent and made its duplicate to blackmail me and then she says yes and the truth machine shows green then the third question that she loved Kunal thinking him as Tushar and then anokhi gets afraid and dreams that Tushar getting angry and forcing her to answer but In real Tushar says that l am always with u in ur truth by the time daddu comes in and announces that Tushar and anokhi will have a samohik wedding and then nikita starts question rounds again with first question that whether she wanted to become the daughter in law of this house she says yes and then the truth machine shows green the next question that whether she thinks that Tushar is a good person she says yes and then and the green signal from

the machine and then she asks daddi to get up thinking that there would be a hard question but nikita stops her by saying that it’s my challenge so u should answer the third question and she asks anokhi that she loves Tushar or no and anokhi decides to tell the truth and she says no and the machine shows red and all starts dancing but anokhi and nikita both in shock about the answer from the machine and daddi says that she is Indian lady how she’d tell the truth in front of so many people. Tushar comes and asks her why did she tell that she don’t love him but Priyanka and Kunal handles it by saying that u can talk this in future and let’s dance now . There anokhis father tells her mother that bank has not sanctioned there loan and becomes tensed but anokhi comes from behind and hugs her mother and sees them tensed and asks the reason but they tell the false reason that they forget the sweets boxes and then her mother tells her father to go and bring boxes and come in taxi and anokhi makes taunt by saying that u r tensed because of me your money for taxi is being wasted and she gets angry nd says u both father and daughter stop taunting me and go do your work. There daddu’s reason for samuhik marriage that he wants to marry Rupal and Tushar and calls Arora and says that whether he got the lehenga. Tushar asking Kunal why did she tell false. And there anokhi asking Priyanka how machine showed red light and Priyanka telling her that she really loved him. Then Shashi takes a family photo.

Gautam, Priyanka and anokhi seeing that how haldis colour changed from yellow to black but by the time anokhis mom speaking to her father screams and faints.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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  1. Yaar Dadu had kar di apne… Samohik Vivah to marry Tushar & Rupal…
    Tushar is no doubt son of Kalpana and their may be some memories or asthiyan in that tent or whatever….
    Please yaar wahi sautans wala story repeat mat karo…

  2. Tushar is no doubt Kalpana’s son but his father is not Parikshit. Looks like kuch flashback ki kahaani hei. It was looking so obvious from beginning. But dadu ki acting bakwaas hei. Such a good actor being wasted here. Director needs some acting classes first.

  3. Is it ? Some connection of Kalpana is surely there with Malik family, but sauten?

  4. Story is going in a different direction now. The promos showed all formulas of Anokhi, slowly, it is fading out. Hence show is loosing charm. I am still with it though.

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