Humko Tumse Ho Gaya Hai Pyaar 4th October 2016 Written Episode Update

Humko Tumse Ho Gaya Hai Pyaar 4th October 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Tushar says to nikita don’t stress mom I will go to meeting,nikita says plz u can’t do anything,n don’t be under this influence that ur makeover will take u to director,this director positions belong to Pulkit n not u , n so u be here in kitchen,Anokhi listens n thinks why does she behave like this.

Anokhi walks to nikita n asks why do u behave with Tushar sir this way,nikita says get lost, what will u do,I don’t care, n if u speak a word ahead u don’t know what I can do with help of contract,Anokhi asks why does ur family picture never has Tushar sir in it, how can u make a deal of ur sons life, tell me why is Tushar sir with Kalpana n not u,nikita asks where did u get this picture from,Anokhi says u tell me why do u act so bad with Tushar sir,he

is ur son so why does he has a right in this house, u never support Tushar sir as u do to Pulkit jiju,nikita says pulkits deserves this bcoz that Tushar is Kalpana son n not mine n so Pulkit will be director n not Tushar.

Nikita leaves the room,Anokhi says what Tushar is kalapanas son,Parul calls Anokhi n says lets leave for meeting. Parul n Anokhi in car n says u stay here in car,I will call u if I need u in meeting n leaves n locks the car,Anokhi looks at Kalpana n Tushar picture n thinks of all that nikita said, n says this is why Kalpana is so emotional abt Tushar sir, poor Tushar sir he knows nothing abt all this,he has gone through a lot, he was never loved by his own people,I wish I could do something abt it,n remembers Priyanka say that Anokhi is love with Tushar.

Anokhi tries to get off the car n while doing so she finds her engagement ring too n gets very happy, Tushar gets dressed for date,n practises how he will be talking to Anokhi,while Parul walks in n says hi Tushar continue, u reverse with me,Tushar says I will manage how was meeting,Parul says I finished it on calls n is Anokhi back from her ride. Anokhi in car in tears n remembers how Tushar worked hard for her ring n says Priyanka u are right I’m in love with Tushar sir.

Anokhi remembers how the lie detector,biped red when anokhis aid she doesn’t love Tushar n says today I will express my feeling on date with Tushar sir n will also tell him abt Kalpana,Anokhi sees Parul isn’t here yet n tries to get off the car n sees its locked n she is unable to go out and shouts for help.anokhi checks her wallet for phone n doesn’t find.

Tushar says Anokhi on ride,Parul says she hasn’t done a single work in office n she is out to shop n don’t worry she will be home bye,n says now Anokhi how will u reach here on date,Tushar will get very angry on u now,Tushar calls Anokhi,Parul sees her phone n smiles n cuts the call.

Anokhi starts panicking in car,she shouts for help but no one comes for help,Anokhi starts feeling giddy,she starts remembering how Tushar use to always be there for her,n says I will tell Tushar sir I love him n can do anything for him n also abt Kalpana.

Anokhi tries breaking the window,she breaks the window n gets out, Anokhi messages Tushar sir,I will be late n have food on my way, bye I forgot abt date bye,Tushar reads the message n gets very angry,Dadu walks to him n says he’s candle use it, very romantic Tushar gets very angry n says to hell with date,no ays Dadi she doesn’t care abt me, I’m waiting for her n she is shopping, see her message how selfish of her,dadi says calm down may be she has some surprise so made a excuse,Tushar says liar Anokhi n walks away.

Anokhi says I have a special gift for Tushar sir his mother but I have to find her n make nikita reveal the truth,Anokhi checks the place where she and seen Kalpana with that man, n sees Kalpana sitting on a bench near by n walks to her n says I’m sorry, Kalpana surprised to see her, Anokhi says I’m so ashamed for what I did,plz forgive me ma,Kalpana in tears, anokhi says wouldn’t u bless ur daughter in law,n keeps her hand on her head.

Pre cap : Anokhi reaches home n Tushar pushes her out of house with her belongings n says just get lost of this house.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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  1. Again tushar not even listening to anokhi and listening to others and thinking they are saying truth.

  2. tushar anger is at peak! Poor anokhi…lets see how things clear between them..and that will be the end of this show..


    Agr issi tarha show chalta raha toh i doubt show ki ending proper hogi.. as only 3 episodes are left..
    I have a feeling that its tym may change.. as seeing speed of show and non beleiving behaviour of tushar on anokhi i do not think show will end..

    but team can show anything as i rember how ending mohi team showed us in one episode so its team can also do… but i hope for tym chnge

    1. r u sure the show is ending ? or tym slot would b changed?

  4. Parul is d worst character I hav seen till now…. Tushar don’t he have sense…. I guess tomo kalpana issues will b solved… Thursday abt anokhi and tushar… Friday jus bye bye episode….

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