Humko Tumse Ho Gaya Hai Pyaar 4th July 2016 Written Episode Update


Humko Tumse Ho Gaya Hai Pyaar 4th July 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Kunal helps Tushar get up, Anokhi staring at them,Tushar asks Anokhi u alright, she nods yes n leaves. Kunal says Tushar I don’t understand, Anokhi saved u but u asked her to leave,Tushar says Dadu is so upset with her he may have hurt her a lot more,Anokhi returns to get her mobile, Tushar says u know I love her right,Anokhi hears that n says love n that to me, did I heard right.

Parikshit n nikita scold Tushar n ask him how did she arrive here,nikita says n what is this girlfriend thing, who called Paruls parents,do u really have any girlfriend,Arora says yes he does,n so parul is being cheated, parul says Tushar why did u do This to me n why did u ask me deny, dadi says this may be a fake call too, Jassi says even I thought so then when I saw Anokhi then, Dadu throws

n tushars face.

Dadu says ok if Tushar has no girlfriend, Tushar n Parul will get engaged right away, nikita go get the rings,Anokhi sits aside with bullet n says Tushar sir did so much for me n I took him as manager,Dadu says when everyone knows u have no girlfriend,Arora says listen Malik, Dadu says look at tushars face he is, nikita says I mean so innocent his face is he never must have looked into any such matter.

Arora says looks like Tushar isn’t ready for marriage, Dadu says no he is just nervous,Dadu forces Tushar to take ring, Anokhi looking at them from window, Tushar says I don’t want to marry bcoz I love someone else,everyone are surprised, Anokhi says gosh so much twist n turn, does Tushar sir really love me or a reason to say no to Parul.

Dadu asks who is this girl, Jassi says Dadu he is lying he has no girl in his life I know u carry in with his engagement, Arora says enough Malik, I can’t ruin Paruls life, her happiness is all matters to me n now this relation will go ahead only when Tushar will clarify all things with proper reasons,Dadu says speak up,nikita says tell us the name who the girl is, Anokhi walks in says its me.

Anokhi takes ring n says I love Tushar sir,n u how come u marry Parul, Jassi says Anokhi this isn’t a joke, nikita says she isn’t lying she is taking advantage if situation,anokhi says Tushar sir tell everyone I’m the girl,Jassi says enough Anokhi,Parul says she isn’t lying she had met me before n warned abt it, I shd have taken it n not now, Arora says lets leave Parul n Malik this isn’t done, u played with Paruls life, Dadu says no listen,Arora says this is the truth n won’t change, Parul says to Anokhi I won’t leave u keep in mind.

Everyone goes behind Arora n Parul,except Anokhi n Tushar n both stare into each other, Tushar says I never thought u will, n then both rug out listening dadus voice, Arora says Malik see these deal papers burnt, it’s gods sign n that is all wrong n not done,Malik says Arora stop, Arora tears the papers n throws them at Dadu, n walks away with Parul.

Nikita walks to Tushar n now atleast speak up that u are lying, this Anokhi look at her she has no class style n u want us to believe u love her, Tushar says enough ma , I love her,nikita says have u list ur mind,Anokhi n Tushar look at each other.
Nikita says Dadu say something, Dadu angry abt Arora n his gesture, dadi says enough nikita, it’s of no use extending this topic, everyone go to ur rooms now,everyone leave except Dadu dadi Tushar n Anokhi.

Dadi walks to tushar n Anokhi, n says this isn’t fair, all lies n insults this isn’t right time to talk so it’s better u go home too,Anokhi looks at dadi n leaves,dadi looks at Dadu n walks to him n holds his hand n a tells him along with her, Tushar says dadi listen plz, but both walk away.

Pre cap : Tushar says dadi I never understood,when I fell in love with her n today I know she loves me too. Tushar says Anokhi I hate liars, u shdnt have done this.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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  1. Nice episode .. Bt I thk anokhi only love money.. She was ready to love kunal when she thought he was tushar.. So she will change her stand when a new man rich than tushar arrives

  2. ohh tusshar u r so cute and this anokhi is so very selfish……….

  3. finally cute tushar and selfish anoki
    anyway both are super

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