Humko Tumse Ho Gaya Hai Pyaar 4th August 2016 Written Episode Update


Humko Tumse Ho Gaya Hai Pyaar 4th August 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Sashi says Anokhi see those threads n ur dress door are similar. Parikshit n nikita near tank, parikshit sees Dadu walking to tank. Kunal guiding Tushar to get into the thread compound, parikshit rushes to Dadu n says papa it’s very imp come with me and involves him in business talk, Tushar with Kunala help gets into the ring of threads, everyone applauds for Tushar, Anokhi looks at her Mehndi n smiles,Anokhi calls Sashi n shares a plan with him.vrinda asks Anu what did u tell him, anokhis ays just wait n watch, Sashi shares the plan with Kunal, Kunal hands Tushar a thread and other end Sashi gives to Anokhi, dadi asks what is this I didn’t mention it.

Nikita says god no key works, Anokhi slides tushars engagement ring from the thread n it reaches tushars finger,

everyone applied anokhis idea, Tushar opens his blindfold n looks at the ring, Anokhi says sorry n abt to catch her ears, Tushar signs stop u got Mehndi n smiles n wears the ring, Tushar winds the thread, Anokhi says gosh atleast Tushar smiled.

Nikita says parikshit we made a huge mistake, these are fake keys now not anymore I will not let her marry Tushar never and walks to the ,a dap thinking abt the whole past scene from when Anokhi agreed being tushars girlfriend and her plans n confession to Priyanka that she doesn’t love Tushar and thinks I have to find the reason behind wedding Tushar n nikita asks parikshit to make some calls.

Nikita announces the third challenge will be held now n If Anokhi completes it wedding will be held tomorrow or else never, Vrinda says but she has Mehndi in her hands, nikita says no issues she just have to talk, Tushar asks ma what’s the challenge, nikita says its lie detector test, which will make everything clear.

The lie detector test machine is arranged,Jassi very happy, Anokhi nervous n tensed,dadi says niki but why now, nikita says Amma we can have wedding tomorrow and I thought this bcoz this will be helpful for anokhis parents as well, right Anokhi.anokhi thinks oh no if she asks something weird n I get caught, nikita says yo parikshit now she will be caught, I will never let this wedding take place.

Anokhi is made sit on a chair Pulkit reads instructions n nikita makes arrangements, Priyanka n Gautam join the function and ask what is all this, Vrinda says anokhis third challenge lie detector test, nikita wispers to Anokhi, u cheated me n in return u will be insulted in front of whole audience, Tushar messages Anokhi, I trust u n know that u will never cheat, Anokhi thinks I always have lied but never hurt anyone but looks like today I will.

Nikita makes an announcement an says my dearest would be daughter in law will be tested on her 3 red challenge n so till we have dinner lets have some fun.kalpna n dadi already start making haldi arrangements, nikita says Amma what’s this, Dadi says u get ready with ru challenge n me with haldi ceremony, nikita says n if she fails, dadi says no ways she will win.

Dadi starts grinding haldi traditional way n says Jassi n nikita u got to join too, nikita says sure n Anokhi let’s begin, n so u got to answer three questions n in either yes or no, simple right, Anokhi scared says yes,the detector beeps lying,nikita says oh poor u started with a lie means u find it difficult, anyways it will capture minute of ur lies so beware but let me make it a little easy if u even answer 2 like best of 3 u win the challenge, and see I made some band arrangements to cheer when u give honest answer but however if u loose u got to remove this Mehndi in front of guests bcoz no use if no wedding.

Did u come here with a plan to marry Tushar n fool us all, Anokhi says no, the red light flashes, Tushar confused.

Precap : nikita says question no 3, do u love Tushar, Anokhi says no I don’t.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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  1. What’s this now,lie detector… I will also have one ..

  2. Sheer nonsense. Private Lie detector test is illegal. Police and doctors presence is necessary. To whom you are fooling directors. Dont you have commonsense. Also, the results are analysed by doctors to determine, it is true or false, not by green or red bulbs. I think the fools have seen sach ka samna and showing to the people.

  3. This Is Sooo Interesting!!!

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