Humko Tumse Ho Gaya Hai Pyaar 3rd October 2016 Written Episode Update

Humko Tumse Ho Gaya Hai Pyaar 3rd October 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Dadu scolds dadi n says I don’t know where is Kalpana,mataji walks in n closes door and says dharam tell me where is Kalpana,Dadu says why don’t u two understand,mataji says bcoz I know Kalpana has no one in her family n we all know that tell us the truth now,Dadu says she is a maid anyway as so forget it we will get a new maid,mataji says oh really so if u go somewhere shall we get a new husband for gaumti,Dadu says how can u compare Kalpana n me,mataji says u very well know Kalpana is not a maid but daughter in law of this house,u may lie to children n not me,she is tushars mother,Dadu says u be quite now I remember everything,mataji says speak up now.

Dadu says I heard her talk last night on call n said Anokhi saw me with u n she has recognised u as kidnapped

n now I don’t know what she will do,

( Dadu says Kalpana why did u do that,Kalpana says I’m his mother how can I,Dadu says get lost of my house,Kalpana says plz don’t throw we out I beg of u,n Dadu pushes her out)

Dadi says why did u do this to Kalpana,Kalpana had already told me abt it n she asked me to call mataji,mataji says u liars,dharam what all is this,enough if ur lies n controls now I will take over this n first I will get Kalpana,dharam says no u will not,mataji says I’m head here n so u will go n get Kalpana n not a word against it.

Anokhi walks in office,she says Parul that Dadu sent her here,Parul says shutup n get back to work, Anokhi says Kaplan isn’t home n so,I’m late,Parul says don’t give excuses n go work,Anokhi says I need some money,Parul says why money,Anokhi says I didn’t get salary,Parul laughs n says say again, Pulkit says Parul don’t u know Anu wasn’t on work n so she didn’t get salary n so give her some money,Parul says Pulkit don’t order me,Pulkit says I’m just requesting,Parul asks why u want money,Anokhi says I need for personal work, Parul says no tell me Clearly,Pulkit says cmon Parul give her money,Parul says shutup u,Pulkit says Parul plz.

Tushar walks in n asks what’s going on, Parul says Tushar look these peel insulting me,Pulkit n anokhi says no she is lying,Tushar says Bhai plz,Pulkit says tushars why u telling me n both get into argument n Tushar abt to hit Pulkit,Anokhi says Tushar sir he is ur brother,Pulkit says Anu it’s ok come to my room I will give u money but don’t ask this Parul n leaves, anokhis ays Tushar sir what’s wrong with u for this Parul u did this, u are so changed n Pulkit n Anokhi leave,Parul say Tushar look I’m so sorry for what happened,see Pulkit I’m so sorry n hurt for u and even Anokhi looks like she doesn’t care abt u,how sad.

Anokhi on call with Priyanka says this Parul big liar n Tushar sir takes her side always,Priyanka starts laughing n says u are insecure of Parul n u are forgetting something n that is u don’t like Parul n Tushar together n this means u have fallen in love with Tushar, anokhi says no listen,Priyanka says forget everything n concentrate on expressing ur feelings to Tushar.

Anokhi walking to lunch,n thinking abt date n also Kalpana, n prays God to help her, Parul purposely takes anokhis seat,Jassi says Parul its anokhis seat, Tushar says it’s fine,Anokhi says sure be seated n sits beside nikita, Parul drops spoon purposely n takes tushars spoon,dadi says I will get u another spoon,Parul says we are childhood friends n have shared before as well so why not today,Jassi sees Anokhi upset n insecure. Parul says Tushar come have this bite,Jassi says Tushar see Anokhi is Using her hand n so u use her spoon u don’t worry Parul.

Jassi n Anokhi in kitchen n Jassi asks what u wearing,Anokhi says date is in house so no worries, Jassi says I’m sorry I didn’t help u much,Anokhi says no worries I will find a way,mataji walks in n says Anokhi why do u always compare emotions n money,doesn’t emotions matter u,Anokhi says mataji I wanted money for Tushar sirs gift, mataji says do something that the gift weighs more in emotions then money, can u manage this,Anokhi says yes I will,but she is Kalpana,mataji says dharam said she is to her house,now get back to work n Jassi after this work get on treadmill n leaves.

Anokhi says sure she isn’t home bcoz Pulkit jiju didn’t find any belongings if Kalpana let me check in store room,Anokhi goes to store room n starts looking for stuff related to Kalpana,Anokhi checks a dabba n finds some photographs of Kalpana with a baby n thinks who this kid is n reads a note behind as tishus naamkaran n says why is Tushar sir with Kalpana n not nikita n checks other photo n reads note me nikita bhabhi Pulkit n Tushar n thinks why is Kalpana n Tushar in all photos,Parul walks in n says go back to work quickly,anokhi says u go I will be back soon.

Pre cap : Anokhi asks too many questions to nikita abt Kalpana and Tushar,nikita looses her calm and says bcoz Tushar is not my son,he is nikitas son.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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  1. Proves this show is ending, all secrets being exposed now, maybe nikita’ secret about the letter and recording will also come out.

    1. Hope so Tuffy…
      Can’t bear rude behavior of Tushar..
      And please kick out that Parul fast…

  2. I want old tushar back.
    Plz don’t end the show.

  3. Lagta hai ki tushar anokhi k beech sab kuch last day hi clear hoga.its good to see that pulkit and jassi are supporting anokhi now.even mataji likes anoKhi

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