Humko Tumse Ho Gaya Hai Pyaar 31st August 2016 Written Episode Update


Humko Tumse Ho Gaya Hai Pyaar 31st August 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Dadi n Kunal laugh at Tushar n Anokhi,mataji says Kunal what’s so funny now it, anyways muhdikhai ceremony will be at 6, all be prepared with their gifts n no one dare create some problem or else n walks go Jassi plate n adds lot of spice to her dal, mataji says keep this in mind n leaves.

Sashi walks to Gautam n Priyanka, n says this is not done how can u two hide this news from us,why tell me,I had an doubt but, Gautam says wait n closes door,Gautam says no ways mummy shd know abt it, Priyanka is pregnant,Sashi says really I was just guessing,Priyanka says Sashi look our financial condition is very bad n so we thought when we will shift In new house we will tell abt it,tell then keep it secret,Sashi says ok congratulations n leaves.

Sashi says yes mummy Priyanka

is pregnant, Priyanka n Gautam run out, Sashi starts laughing n says I was just joking mummy n papa went hospital, anyways Priyanka in so happy I will be uncle. At Malik house guests arrive for muhdikhai function,Tushar walks to Dadu n says are u ok with us now,Dadu says never n leaves, Kunal says chill one day Dadu will agree for now look at Anokhi, Anokhi walks with Jassi looking gorgeous,Kunal says stop starring at Anokhi now.

Mataji says stop, what all this, who will cover her face with dupatta,nikita n Jassi don’t u have Brains,mataji covers anokhis face with dupatta n says God look at her neck so empty nikita go get a chain, nikita gets chain n gives to Anokhi to wear it.anokhi says wow jewellery that to so many I wish mummy was here to see me in it. Parikshit walks to nikita n asks have u thought of any gift,nikita says in our room so rejected cheap gifts are kept go get any.kunal says this mataji is so scary n what is that dabba she keeps carrying, something is fishy in it,Tushar says enough now.

Mataji says this is weighing balance as per our ritual the newly wed daughter In law has to sit on it and the other side gifts are kept and family members have to give gifts so that the weighing machine is balanced.Pulkit says to Jassi this mataji is so suspicious,be careful, n look at out gift we have an envelope, do one thing u go n sit on other side, Jassi says shutup.

Parikshit packing gift , by mistake packs the mobile which has anokhis contract recorded.anokhi abt to sit slips, Tushar cat he’s her n says careful miss Anokhi,n helps her sit properly. Guest start keeping gifts on weighing balance,mataji says now family members, will start with luv,luv gifts Anokhi a racing car, Pulkit keeps an envelop,mataji says what’s the amount,Jassi says I thought,mataji says give her one of ur kadas too, Anokhi says no it’s fine,mataji says no one asked u,Jassi gives one of her kada, half heartedly.

Mataji calls Kalpana, Kalpana gives a gift too and blesses Anokhi,mataji calls Parikshit, parikshit says here’s gift,mataji says it looks so light, parikshit says she will love the gift, mataji says really but it’s so light n so to make it a little heavy, there’s only one way.

Pre cap : while opening gifts,Tushar gets the mobile n hears anokhis voice recorded saying I’m ready for the 6 months contract marriage.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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  2. 🙁 🙁 Tushar pls support Anu and Anu do trust Tushar…

  3. U can watch the video on desi tashan on the same day they r aired.anyway I like this show but heard it’s going off air n parades mein hai mera dil will replace it…so sad

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