Humko Tumse Ho Gaya Hai Pyaar 30th September 2016 Written Episode Update


Humko Tumse Ho Gaya Hai Pyaar 30th September 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Jassi goes to nikita n says sorry ma I know I did very wrong n mataji punished me too but what I did to u is beyond forgiveness,nikita says I trusted u but u,u made fun of me,I took so much care of u,Pulkit walks in with bags n says yes ma,mom what we did is very wrong n so not to hurt u anymore we have decided to leave this house,nikita says what,Jassi says yes mom,Pulkit says we are very guilty n so to kill this guilt we have decided to leave,Jassi says we deserve this, let’s go Pulkit,nikita says stop,no Pulkit my son u aren’t going anywhere n hugs him, n Jassi even u , u two aren’t going anywhere it’s my order,Jassi so u forgiven us, nikita says yes n hugs Jassi n Pulkit,Pulkit signs good work.

Tushar walks in bedroom n sees Anokhi n remembers

her saying atleast one try n understand me n mataji asking him to not be so rude n angry on Anokhi,Anokhi looks at him n says so what now, what wrong did I do that u want to yell at em,Tushar says no just that u have an off from office tomorrow,Anokhi says no I don’t want any u will cut my salary,Tushar says actually I want to take u on date bcoz we didn’t get a chance to go honeymoon,Anokhi says wow lets go to some good five star hotel,Tushar says Is date imp or five star hotel,Anokhi says I can see how much u love me but anyways I didn’t mean it,Tushar says just tell me one thing do u really love me or not,look in my eyes an answer me,Anokhi looks at Tushar n says I married to u,Tushar says but u never said u love me so tomorrow show me how much u love me at our date,Anokhi says she that why u taking me on date,Tushar says yes,Anokhi says where are we going,Tushar says behind in our garden n I will are all that arrangements,u just express ur feelings good night .

Tushar goes to bed,Anokhi says God if it was some time earlier I would manage some how but now all my thoughts are in Kalpana how will I express my feelings now. Nikita Jassi n Pulkit walk in pulkits room,Parul walks in n says wow Jassi bhabhi smart player,nikita says Parul abt today how dare u do that to Anokhi,Parul says I did for revenge with anokhis slap,nikita says that is bcoz u n ur cheap tricks,Parul says so u want to act me Iike this player Jassi,nikita says shutup not now n leaves.

Parul says Jassi why did u do that,Jassi says shutup I’m not on ur side anymore,Parul says anymore I will take Tushar away from her n that is final.anokhi gives Pulkit Prasad n asks why now treadmill again pulkits ays mataji hot to know abt me n Jassi leaving house so,mataji n Jassi walk in,mataji says get on treadmill Jassi as punishment for yesterday’s house leaving act,Jassi says ok mataji n steps on it,mataji asks where is Kalpana,Anokhi says I will get u hot water,nikita walks in n asks where is Kalpana no breakfast,mataji says may be she is gone market,dadi says no she has left this house, all her belongings are missing,nikita says what,Anokhi remembers last night scene n thinks may be she ran away.

Jassi says lets call her,dadi says remember her phone isn’t working, Tushar n Pulkit go lodge a complain,nikita says who will do all household work,irresponsible,Tushar says mom plz hope she is fine don’t u acre abt her,nikita says why shd I,Dadu says I know where she is, she told me,mataji asks what she said,Dadu says her father is unwell n so she went to see him,Anokhi thinks this is lie I’m sure she ran away,Tushar says where is her father admitted so that we can help her,dadu says why u will pay,Tushar says yes,mataji smiles at Tushar,nikita gets surprised,Tushar says Kalpana works all day all night here n so I will finance if she needs,Dadu says go then why ask me n leaves.

Everyone gets back to their work, anokhi says Jassi something is fishy,Jassi says u worry abt date n not her,Tushar is cooking for u n what are u doing,atleast buy him a gift,Anokhi leaves. Tushar in his room thinking,n says why am I so tensed for Kalpana God,Anokhi says abt today’s date,Tushar says what u worrying abt date,Anokhi says no actually I was here to say let’s cancel the date,Tushar says no it’s fine we will continue with date anyways Kalpana is at her fathers place,Anokhi tries helping Tushar but Tushar hyper scolds at her n jacket gets torn,n Tushar leaves,Anokhi looks in her wallet the money she has n remembers Jassi asking her to gift Tushar n thinks jacket this isn’t enough money, how will I manage now.

Pre cap : Dadu says Kalpana was a maid if she isn’t here appoint another one,mataji says don’t forget she isn’t maid here but daughter in law n tushars mother.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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  1. I know frm vry begining tht kalpana is tushar’s mother

  2. ya me too…i think tushaar anokhi ki date spoli ho jayegi kalpana wale drama se…tushaar anokhi ka union better way m bhi kiya jaa skta tha..anyways waiting for the episode

  3. Ya waiting for tushar and anokhi to unite…..why this show is ending vry quickly it’s good serial

  4. I agree with u sudha ….i love this jodi..but its ending very soon…nowadays epiaodes look like they are in hurry to reveal all the things at the same time..anokhi tushaar scenes are less..waiting for todays episodes…i hope they have a nice romantic date

  5. waiting for next episode on monday….hope anokhi is able to explain tushaar about the contract…nd our cute tishu forgive her and start loving her as he was used to before…but i guess kalpana ‘s story will be revealed first before anokhi tushar union..oh i miss them how can they end it in just 4-5 month

  6. this show s near its end..very sad..anokhi tushaar cute scenes will be missed..

  7. Please don’t end this serial so soon…in present days Tushar and anokhi is one of the most romantic couple of the Indian television drama…

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