Humko Tumse Ho Gaya Hai Pyaar 30th August 2016 Written Episode Update


Humko Tumse Ho Gaya Hai Pyaar 30th August 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Tushar empties an cupboard for Anokhi n then welcomes her in his bedroom, Anokhi looks around n is awkward,Tushar says this cupboard for u, u can utilise it,n miss Anokhi,oh now I can’t call u miss Anokhi, now u are Mrs atm, Anokhi Tushar Malik, Anokhi opens her bag n keeps her clothes in cupboard n says sir there is something in cupboard, it’s tushars underwear,Tushar says I’m sorry,Tushar says are u ok with right side of bed,Anokhi says I’m ok with any, Tushar says u look so happy n good to see u,Anokhi says I was so tensed n worried n was so tensed abt letter too,Tushar says it’s ok Anokhi, Anokhi says thanku for understanding me, I was so scared,I feel so relieved now, Tushar says sshhh enough,n goes close to Anokhi,tushar says u speak a lot Mrs ATM.


looks at contract papers n smiles,wind blows n she drops this papers,nikita picking them up,mataji walks in,nikita gets tensed,mataji asks what papers are these,nikita says office papers n pick them up, mataji picks one paper, it’s the heading paper written Anokhi n Tushar wedding contract,mataji turns the paper around n looks at nikita,mataji walks in n then asks what is written on it in English,nikita says nothing office paper, it’s new deals contract,mataji says anyways my room isn’t arranged yet,how can u forget it, nikita says I told Kalpana,mataji says no crossing my words, get the arrangements done quickly.

Kinars go to Vrindas house for blessings,Sashi says the couple went to their house,kinar says we are here for the new pregnant lady and points at Priyanka n Gautam n says look she is glowing,Vrinda says Priyanka, Gautam says Thai is wrong news the good news here is anokhi got married,they says we are not mistaken she is pregnant n leaves. Vrinda says who gives them wrong news, Priyanka says Gautam how did they get to know,Gautam says God knows.

Parikshit asks nikita why is she upset,nikita says mataji,parikshit asks what phone is this, nikita says this has anokhis voice recorded during contract sign as a proof,parikshit says good girl,nikita says just I again if mataji knows abt this contract she will kill us,anyways go tell Kalpana to make arrangements in mataji room.

Nikita tells Dadu I don’t want ,Dadu says even I don’t want , this is Anokhi n her bad steps,bcoz of this girl Arora n my deal my respect all have gone in waste,I hate that Girl, I know this Anokhi is here to make us big loss keep that in mind, Dadu says who were u talking abt,nikita thinks I’m talking abt mataji but he, and says nothing, dadi walks in n says lunch is ready,nikita leaves.

At lunch table mataji walks n takes her sit,everyone does too,mataji says Kalpana where are silver plates,I have always told when we all are having lunch together I want those plates get it, Kalpana says I wa avert busy n so haven’t washed them I will get it soon, mataji says wait u shd have asked for help, nikita go help Kalpana,nikita says ok n goes with Kalpana, Jassi says even Anokhi,mataji says sshhh, I take decisions n not u, keep that in mind.

Nikita n Kalpana get silver plates,mataji says everyone has their plates inscribed with their names,Anokhi walks to Kalpana n says this is my plate how exciting n quick,mataji stops her n reads name on plate looks at Dadu n says this plate is not needed.jassi asks why is that so, mataji says I don’t need to give explanations,Anokhi takes her seat,mataji says Tushar and Anokhi u share the plate,Tushar gets very happy,mataji says Tushar calm down don’t get so excited.

Tushar abt to eat a bite, Anokhi says sir this is very spicy don’t eat it, Tushar says ok n gives the bite to Anokhi,Anokhi blushes,mataji sees them n says I said share plate not to serve n have romantic time.

Pre cap : mataji says muhdikhai function will be sharp at 6 n I want proper arrangements n no spoilers n adds lot of spice to Jassi plate.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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