Humko Tumse Ho Gaya Hai Pyaar 2nd September 2016 Written Episode Update


Humko Tumse Ho Gaya Hai Pyaar 2nd September 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Anokhi calls Tushar, but he walks away,Anokhi thinks what’s wrong with him he didn’t even see me,anyways n leaves. Luv runs to Tushar n says Chachu lets go get wet, I think it’s gonna rain n we will have ice cream too n takes Tushar to selfie Chowk,it starts raining,Tushar remembers his first meet with Anokhi, n their engagement n marriage. Luv gets busy playing in rains,Tushar imagines Anokhi standing near him in rains n having fun,without noticing he is hurt. Tushar looks at the recorder n throws it, n breaks down,he has anokhis voice saying she doesn’t love him going around n shouts in pain.

Anokhi tells Vrinda that she is very happy n Tushar is very understanding, Anokhi says my muhdikhai was so awesome, mataji gave me my name inscribed plates,Vrinda

says u n Tushar always be happy,Anokhi says Tushar sir is little irritated n mataji wants us to make pots n I think he saw clay in my hand n so may be upset,Vrinda says no worries I will call u later. Luv says Tushar Chachu I’m going to play on swing.tushar gets call from Anokhi, she says Tushar sir I’m waiting for u,Tushar gets very angry n throws his phone away.anokhi says my phone cut,let him come back I will ask him how dare he cut my phone.

A man tells the kidnapper that abt mataji n gold Basuri n says this is its replica,n with a remote he blasts the replica,kidnapper says good work n tomorrow will be last day of those two. Tushar comes back hom, Dadu shouts u fool where were u, I was looking for u for work,where’s ur phone,tuhsar say is lost it n leaves,Dadu says this boy, gaumti look at him, she says calm down if mataji hears,Dadu says rubbish n leaves.

Jassi trying to make pot,Pulkit walks in n says so done, Jassi says I want that Basuri n this pot is so difficult,Pulkit says look I got u one pot,n throws it,Jassi says why did u break it,Pulkit says see it didn’t break bcoz its of iron,n looks like made of clay,Jassi says good work, now no one can stop me from winning the give this mess to Anokhi.

Vrinda says Priyanka I have cut some fruits do eat it,Sashi says Priyanka pregnant women shdnt eat papaya,Vrinda stares at them n says u two keep wasting time, Priyanka u eat fruits,Sashi says I will have it,Vrinda says u dint like it but,Gautam says I’m so hungry n eats it all.vrinda says u ate it all, what will Priyanka eat now,I’m here with mad people n leaves,Priyanka says thanku Gautam,n Sashi thanku too.

Anokhi trying making pots,she sees Tushar walking n calls him,Tushar stops but is very angry,Anokhi says sir u angry bcoz of this clay,see I’m making pots, Tushar looks at her in anger,Anokhi says this is so difficult I made one with great difficulty,Tushar spoils the shape,Anokhi says why did u do this,Tushar says u dont have to do all this,Anokhi says why,mataji asked me too n look u broke it,Tushar says I did,anyways u can’t do it let it go,Anokhi says what I can’t do it,ok u come make one n I will break it on Janmashtami,Tushar says yes u like breaking things n leaves,n thinks u broke my trust Anokhi.

Anokhi says Tushar sir what happend, mataji walks in n says u broke the pot, Anokhi says I will make new one,mataji says here’s keep this pot it has gold Basuri keep it safe,it’s ur responsibility now,Anokhi take sit n mataji leaves. Anokhi looks at the Basuri. Anokhi carting the pot, nikita takes away from her,Anokhi says mataji gave me,nikita says I know it but did u forget abt the contract,n takes it to her room n closes the door n looks at Basuri n says wow I won’t the price without even any hard work,nikita sees a shadow near window but ignores it n changes the gold Basuri with its replica n keeps gold one with her.

Anokhi says I will tell mataji tomorrow that it’s with nikita n also Tushar sir knows abt contact n so no one can scare me on that note now.

Pre cap :Anokhi n Tushar sleeping, Anokhi thinks marrying u is the best decision of my life, Tushar thinks for first time I did what my heart said n married u but u broke my trust Anokhi.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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  1. Please end this. Show jassi walking in front of family and tushar knowing the truth about nikita, why and how anokhi signed the contract.

  2. Yes let all the truth come out fast abt jassi,Dadu,Nikita and vrinda…

    Vrinda should feel she was so very wrong for running after money and did a mistake by hiding the letter…

    I think Tushar is the son of Kalpana and the mysterious man who help marring Tushar and Anu

    Anu show ur love to ur Naspati…

  3. Poor guy his acting skills are awesome and his actions speak louder than words ..anokhi is a gold digger but if she doesn’t love nashpati then why did the red light turn on?

  4. Vrinda, dadu, nikita and jassi are dirty. But so is Anokhi. She was marrying tushar only for his money. So is not meant for tushar unless she changes her gold digging attitude. She acts over smart.

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