Humko Tumse Ho Gaya Hai Pyaar 2nd August 2016 Written Episode Update


Humko Tumse Ho Gaya Hai Pyaar 2nd August 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Tushar picks Anokhi in his arms, dadi says take her to my room, I will get Kadha, Anokhi says I’m really sorry sir, Tushar says plz be quite n rest, dadi says Anokhi have this kadha, Anokhi says it’s very bitter, Jassi says ur food was worst, dadi shouts enough she has win the challenge she cooked very well and so today we will have Mehndi function.

Anokhi smiles n looks at Tushar but he doesn’t look at her,dadi says Anokhi u stay here Mehndi will be held he so u get ready here itself n rest meanwhile, Jassi says yes n no more drama like the one in ring ceremony, dadi looks at Jassi in anger, Jassi says I was kidding, dadi says niki call her parents n tell she will get ready her but don’t tell abt Scorpio bite, n Tushar u n Anokhi haven’t eaten


Vrinda gets very happy hearing anokhis win news n starts dancing, Sashi asks where is Anu but. Dadi asks Tushar to sit beside Anokhi n calls Kalpna n gets lunch for them n says here’s jeera aloo n dosa, Anokhi tastes it n says dadi it’s very spicy n Tushar sir doesn’t like spicy, Tushar tastes it n says dadi it’s fine it’s not that spicy, Anokhi blushes, dadi says wow Anokhi next time try little less spicy items.

Dadu gives Tushar sherwani n kuna, n Tushar stare at it, Dadu asks tell me how it is, dadi helps Anokhi get ready,Jassi says u look so ugly, dadi ignores her n helps Anokhi, dadi says niki apply this tika to Anokhi it’s part of our rituals, nikita doesn’t apply properly n leaves, Kalpana says I will correct it n corrects it. Dadi says very nice.

Tushar wears the sherwani, Dadu says wow very handsome,Kunal clicks pictures, Tushar says Dadu thanku, nikita sees Tushar dressed, Tushar asks ma Dadu gifted me,nikita says really wow but it’s look a little over but never mind, luv says to nikita dadi no ones playing with me plz come, nikita says sure come lets go, Pulkit says Dadu u gifted him sherwani n that to Tushar, Tushar says thanku Dadu, Dadu hugs him n says no issues, n says I may always scold u but u are my grandson, all are surprised with dadus gesture.

Dadu calls Arora later n says I gave Tushar the sherwani u sent n he looks very handsome n all is as per plan n so relax, luv n nikita playing using Walkie talkie, luv leaves it on, n rushes to Jassi, nikita also keeps it aside while working.

Anokhi tells Priyanka that Tushar is still upset, Kalpana praises Tushar n says u look very handsome, nikita upset over arrangements, Tushar walks to her, Anokhi what Walkie talkie, says Priyanka says I made a mistake, Priyanka says u anyways don’t love him so let it be, Anokhi says yes I agree I don’t love him, nikita picks up the Walkie n hears Anokhi n Priyanka talk, Anokhi says for sake of humanity n not love I want him to be happy n not sad, bye now u take care.

Nikita very angry n says this cheap girl is so fraud n fooled us saying she is tushars girlfriend gosh if I had any proof I would have revealed her true face, everyone here is happy for Tushar n Anokhi n made for each other but this girl she made everyone believe she loves Tushar n may be she is fooling abt the keys too they may be fake too.

Vrinda tells dadi Priyanka is unwell, Anokhi n Jassi walk in function,dadi says I made Anokhi ready in my Bihari style isn’t she looking pretty, papa says she is n says Anokhi u grew up so fast, I know it’s filmy but, Vrinda says my daughters looking so beautiful.

Nikita very upset with Anokhi n is angry n doesn’t greet anokhis parents week. Tushar takes Vrindas blessings n looks at Anokhi, Vrinda says God bless u but Tushar is busy looking at Anokhi, Anokhi looks at Tushar n smiles.

Precap : everyone dancing at Mehndi function, nikita says to parikshit in a minute I will show this over smart girl her true face, I can’t take her fakeness anymore.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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  1. Awsome ep?✌?️?

  2. ANokhi should come out honest before Tushar now. She shld also realise that Jugad and love cant be mixed.


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