Humko Tumse Ho Gaya Hai Pyaar 29th September 2016 Written Episode Update


Humko Tumse Ho Gaya Hai Pyaar 29th September 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Jassi on treadmill, Pulkit standing beside her gives her water n says u are mad why did u save Anokhi,Jassi says even I don’t know why I did that, it was like a flashback n then abt luv n without my notice I ran to her,Anokhi finding her ring sees Jassi n says take rest close the door,Jassi says no I won’t cheat,Pulkit says wow u changed,u are so sweet my love,Anokhi smiles seeing them n says Jassi actually thanku for saving my life,jassi says u are my sister why won’t I save u,n anyways I always not wanted this secret to come out n didn’t want u to marry Tushar bcoz u will some day open my secret n see it happened,Anokhi says not my fault u saved me,jassi says u saved my luv,Anokhi says I wish even Tushar acts normal again,Pulkit asks what’s the matter,Anokhi

says don’t know n also since I lost ring he is more upset.

Anokhi asks since when is Kalpana working here,Pulkit asks what do u mean. Kalpana sleeping , Pulkit slowly walks to her n tries to take something down her pillow but fails to get n see Kalpana waking up goes hide,Kalpana checks around n goes back to sleep, Pulkit takes the bag near her pillow n checks it n finds a wallet n checks it too.jassi still on treadmill,Anokhi gets her milk,Pulkit walks in n says she had just 100 Rs nothing else,mataji walks in n asks what u all doing here,Anokhi says I got some milk for her,n says Jassi good u didn’t cheat n stops her treadmill n says Pulkit take care of her n Anokhi come with me.

Mataji in her room asks Anokhi to press her legs, n says u n Tushar now a days fight a lot,husband wife do fight but if at this extend its difficult to end them,Anokhi thinking abt Kalpana but,mataji says Anokhi stop pressing my leg so hard n hear what I say, Anokhi says mataji sorry, I’m so tensed n even my ring is misplaced n sees mataji is asleep n puts blanket over her n while leaving hear footsteps n sees Kalpana.

Anokhi walks out n says stop show me ur face, Kalpana walks to her,Anokhi asks where are u roaming so Late,Kalpana says some kitchen stuff I need to buy,Anokhi says at midnight,Kalpana says oh I will get it tomorrow n leaves. Pulkit says Jassi all is fine now chill now,Jassi says no Pulkit it’s not fine,mummy is upset we need to talk to her, Pulkit making drinks says u are right it’s difficult but we will fall in her feet n say sorry,Jassi removes two suitcases n packs clothes in it,Pulkit says we are going vacation , what are u doing,Jassi says Pulkit unjust come with me.

Anokhi walks to Kalpana in kitchen n says I know u are lying, u were going out for something else,Kalpana says I have a private life too n so plz don’t interfere in it n plz leave,Anokhi says all this u doing is related to my family n so I need to know,Kalpana says I’m not getting u anyways I’m nuts doing my work,Anokhi says just answer me where were u going n what took u so long today morning,Kalpana says I told it took time to find some vegetables n now I was to meet some one,anokhi says meet same man whom u mate in morning gifting him new blanket, tell me why u meet that kidnapper,Kalpana says no Anokhi u are mistaken,anokhi says don’t lie I saw u with that man, tell me how u know him wait I will call everyone.

Kalpana says I will do everything u want me to n falls in anokhis feet n says plz don’t tell anyone,Anokhi says Kalpana don’t do this I just want to know the truth,Tushar sees Kalpana in anokhis feet n says what hell is going here n says Kalpana plz get up n Anokhi u have no humanity,all u want is money right,Anokhi says how can u judge me without knowing the truth.

Tushar says why were u here what u wanted to ask,n don’t u have common sense whole day she works let her rest now but why will u bother abt it,Kalpana says oil fell from my hand n she was helping me n I wasn’t allowing her,Tushar says by falling in her feet,Kalpana says its too late u two shd go to sleep,anokhis ays atleast ones before judging me listen to what is the reason behind it,Kalpana says go talk to her she really isn’t at fault we will talk abt this later, Tushar leaves, Kalpana says I’m sorry Anokhi.

Pre cap : Tushar says anyways we were to go honeymoon but so how abt a date today,Anokhi says wow exciting how abt five star hotel, Tushar says date is imp or place,u love me or not tell the truth.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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  1. I know tushar heard the recording but FGS why is he shown doubting anokhi all the time? At least find out the truth before doubting and why doesn’t he just ask her straight out about the recording? Another 1 week and then it ends.

  2. Feeling very bad…why they are ending it .

  3. Tushar just clear ur doubts


    Nothing but confusing show creating more and more confusions…
    If it is ending, how will all truth come out within a week?? And what happened to anokhi mayeka people, they just vanished like this only???
    Confusion confusion and confusion only

  5. Why are they ending the show??????????

  6. I love ❤ this show I will miss

  7. Please do not stop this show, as it’s a good family oriented serial

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