Humko Tumse Ho Gaya Hai Pyaar 29th August 2016 Written Episode Update


Humko Tumse Ho Gaya Hai Pyaar 29th August 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Vrinda writes a letter, and says Tushar here’s sweets n distracts him n exchanges letter with anokhis letter n thinks I’m sorry Anokhi I did this to save ur marriage,Anokhi n Tushar take elders blessings,Vrinda and family get emotional seeing Anokhi go,mataji says Anokhi stop crying, u will like ur new house, let’s go now,Tushar goes to get back n remembers Anokhi mentioning letter n removes it from bag n reads it n leaves with his bag and looks at Anokhi.

Anokhi in car asks Tushar did u read letter, Tushar says yes I did, Anokhi says u read it , I’m sorry. Tushar says it’s fine,Anokhi says so did u forgive me,Tushar says yes I did, we are married now n that is what matters most n not anything else, Anokhi gets very happy,dadi says Tushar Anokhi

get down soon,Anokhi gets of the car, Tushar removes the letter again n thinks why is Anokhi sorry for the Kunal n me confusion.

Vrinda with anokhis original letter, n prays to God to keep Anokhi safe n happy, n says she knows she is right bcoz if Tushar gets to know abt contract he would hate Anokhi n Anokhi will never leave Tushar she will somehow get rid of the contract.anokhis grahapravesh ceremony taking place, Jassi says Anokhi now step in this kumkum water n step in,Kalpana gets the water in thali,n keeps in front of Anokhi, Anokhi abt to step in it, mataji stops her,everyone are surprised, mataji picks the thali , Jassi wispers to Pulkit did she smell the chemical,mataji walks to Jassi n says did u make this, Jassi says yes I did,mataji says very wrong,u are elder daughter in law and so its first ur right to make marks of ur hand on the wall and then Anokhi will follow u.

Mataji says Jassi quickly do it, Jassi gets scared,Pulkit says Jassi do one thing I will hold the thali u put ur hand,Pulkit holds the thali and signs Jassi,Jassi abt to insert her hand purposely pushes the thali but mataji catches it n take sit from pulkits hand n says u let it be, Jassi cmon quickly we still have anokhis grahapravesh to be done,Jassi has the chemical going in her mind n very scared puts her hand in the kumkum water n looks at her hand,Pulkit says nothing happened to ur hand, mataji says what do u mean,nikita says don’t waste time Jassi cmon be quick, Jassi makes marks of her hands on wall.

Kalpana says Anokhi ur turn,Anokhi makes marks on wall too,dadi says Anokhi now step in the water n walk in, Anokhi does so,Jassi is still in confusion n surprise,Anokhi n Tushar take elders bel sings, Dadu abt to walk away, mataji says dharam wait bless the new weds,Dadu stops, Anokhi n Tushar walk to him n take blessings,Dadu blesses them n walks away in anger,dadi hugs Tushar n Anokhi,nikita looks at Kalpana n says go cook lunch don’t waste time here, Kalpana thinks today I’m happy my Tushar is happy today. Mataji says today evening we will have muhdikhai.

Jassi n Pulkit in their room, Pulkit says how are u hands all ok, nikita walks in with chemical thali and says have used two lost it, do u want to kill Anokhi,Jassi says mummy actually,Pulkit says ma I told her not to but she never listens to me,Jassi says mummy I don’t like Anokhi, nikita says I know that n don’t care abt it,u two n ur foolishness, I’m just quite bcoz of ur wheel chair n Jassi this shdnt repeat,if mataji would get to know abt it,I’m sure she had a doubt on u n so she asked u to join Anokhi, good I heard u talking n changed the plate,Pulkit go dispose this water n don’t repeat this foolishness.

Pre cap : Anokhi says Tushar, u know thanku so much for understanding my letter matter. Nikita with some papers, mataji reads them.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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  1. Pls CVS don’t make it another saas bahu serial, let the contract thing gets clear infont of everybody soon….
    Pls make it a different story,will love to see romance and let them grow faith in each other…

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