Humko Tumse Ho Gaya Hai Pyaar 28th June 2016 Written Episode Update

Humko Tumse Ho Gaya Hai Pyaar 28th June 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

( Anokhi is under misunderstanding that Tushar is manager n takes him as Kunal and Kunal says mailk n sons younger son I.e Tushar.)

Dadu says see Tushar if this marriage n deal is broken I swear I will kill u, dadi says enough of it,parikshit says Tushar tell us what were u doing with Anokhi, Tushar says I was just helping Anokhi n don’t know how door locked, u going to ruin my business,Arora walks in n says Parul has to say something.

Anokhi goes to Vrinda, Vrinda hugs her n starts crying n says these are calling me thief, manager says see we need to check her bag the alarm rang, Anokhi says look mister, she is my mother, here take check it n if nothing is found then u see, come see n throws all things n says she will rob shampoo n grocery, u people just good at

judging, manager says sorry mam,anokhi say shut up u called my mother thief, u are good at just being nice to rich people, u stupid person,come ma lets leave, alarm rings again, Anokhi says get this repaired first.

Anokhi sees tushars comment in book n says u manager I work here now u see what I do to u, u are finished. Tushar thinking abt his n Paruls meet n her promise to reject Tushar, Parul says she hasn’t misunderstood Tushar n accepts Tushar, Dadu says this is why we have chosen Parul how understanding, Kunal says to Tushar how is this possible she agreed to deny now why this, Tushar looks at Parul.

Vrinda says Anokhi don’t tell Gautam n papa abt it, anokhi says ok. Anokhi looks at Priyanka n says what’s wrong with u,Priyanka tells her abt the incident. Tushar says Parul why this, parikshit interrupts n says now u two have ur chit chats later we need to start with Pooja,Tushar thinks what all is this happening why did Parul say yes, on other hand Anokhi.

Vrinda says Priyanka go check tea n removes watch from detergent packet n says I did this bcoz I had no money, Priyanka walks in n says what happened why are u so tensed,Vrinda says u keep all grocery, n keeps detergent packet in cupboard, Priyanka says washing powder in cupboard, Vrinda says oh no by mistake u go wash clothes, Anokhi walks in n says I’m hungry, Vrinda says Anokhi see look what I found in detergent packet.

Nikita says Parul very good u didn’t deny, n plz keep this as a secret n not Tushar specially, bless u n leaves.
( past scene : nikita says Parul ur phone left on table n I read n message that flashed that I love u Parul,Parul says aunty he is just behind me,nikita says I understand but ur family I don’t think so that they will understand,n tricks Parul into saying yes to tushars proposal. )

Priyanka says but watch in washing powder how, Vrinda says must be scheme like the marketing once, Priyanka says but it doesn’t state,Vrinda says u always behind me, Anokhi says ok ok, Priyanka u keep it I didn’t give u any wedding gift here’s ur,Vrinda says no no Anokhi this u use n once Tushar n u get married u will be so pampered n go jagran u showing video, Anokhi says yes yes.

Gautam gifts Anokhi a phone, she gets very excited n says give me old phone I will transfers video, Gautam says I sold old one to Sharma aunty,Anokhi says oh no, Vrinda says oh no, Anokhi leaves, Vrinda says oh god save her phone plz.

Anokhi on her way her footwear breaks, Tushar says Kunal I don’t know what’s happening, nikita says Dadu don’t worry Tushar won’t denying i says he never has, Anokhi says I will never let that Parul marry Tushar sir, Anokhi sees a dog near her mobile at Sharma house n shouts oh no.

everyone getting ready for jagran and Anokhi sits in auto with that dog, Vrinda calls n says Anokhi be careful, Anokhi says yes yes ok bye, Anokhi reaches Malik house, she sees the whole family together n says oh no how will I reach Jr Malik,Anokhi sneaks in shadow of Tushar, Tushar hears dog bark n turns around.

Pre cap : everyone singing jagran a sings n Anokhi sings in between by mistake, n then hides, Dadu walks slowly to find out who it was.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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  1. bohut hogaya yaar yeh misunderstanding drama ka, jab maine 2nd episode dekha main bohut excited hui iss serial keliye.
    although they r showing a new concept where the girl wants to marry the guy for his riches but some where it reminds me of rashi & urmila of SNS. and all the people in the family are always plotting.
    guys, main toh jaarahi hooon ISHQBAAZ dekhne,woh serial naya hai aur rocking h

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