Humko Tumse Ho Gaya Hai Pyaar 28th July 2016 Written Episode Update

Humko Tumse Ho Gaya Hai Pyaar 28th July 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Anokhi gives Priyanka medicines n says take rest. Parikshit says to nikita thank god Dadu agreed for Anokhi again or else tank keys u know. Anokhi upset it starts raining,Tushar upset too n thinking abt Anokhi. Tushar looks at his rings n is in tears n has their fight going on in his mind. Tushar looks at anokhis picture in his mobile, Anokhi has her parents insult going on in her mind.

Nikita wakes up to some noise n sees parikshit isn’t in room n sees Dadu walking hurriedly with tank keys n slowly follows him. Dadu goes to the tank n opens it,nikita thinks which keys Anokhi has in that case,Dadu finds tanks keys aren’t in the bunch n he got the wrong bunch, parikshit behind the tank also having same question abt which keys Anokhi is having.

Nikita n parikshit

meet, nikita says Anokhi surely has keys did u see papa couldn’t open the tank, tomorrow is next challenge n so we need to think a plan to get the keys, parikshit says yes come lets go.

Vrinda goes out in rains, Anokhi here’s some noise n follows it n sees Vrinda talking to someone in rain n finds its Tushar n think what are they doing so late. Vrinda says Tushar thanks for coming n plz forgive me for all that happened,Anokhi sees n says may be ma is saying sorry for all that happened she shdnt n walks to them n hears the truth I.e Vrinda saying sorry is shdnt have taken the Ring, Tushar says I know aunty u didn’t do it on purpose, I bought Thai ring bcoz Anokhi liked it a lot so plz give it to her it belongs to her n not even me, Vrinda says u tell her n give it on ur own,Tushar says she is angry n upset so u give, bye good night.

Anokhi thinks abt the whole scene n realises her mistake. Next day in Malik House, Anokhi is looking for Tushar to say sorry, dadi says Anokhi where are u lost get ready for the next challenge n so it is, see the dart board every person from family will come n dart their own face n behind the pictures their fav dish is written n u have to cook it, Anokhi says everyone, dadi says only if they dart their own picture n u have to cook before 1 pm n no tasting.

Jassi darts her face, Anokhi thinking no food, n sees Kalpana n walks to her. Parikshit misses his picture, Anokhi says Kalpana help me I will give u new saree, dadi comes n says Kalpana see u go try too u are part of our family too. Anokhi sees Tushar but he ignores her. Dadi says Tushar come here play the game, anokhi stands near dart board, Anokhi in her mind says sir look at me plz, Tushar misses it n then leaves.

Anokhi sees the list n says oh no it’s like a hotel menu Anu ur dead. Kalpana n dadi wispers something, Anokhi thinks what may be they doing, dadi walks to Anokhi n says there’s a problem. In Mehra house , Vrinda crying, Sashi asks ma what happened, papa says Sashi get me more pop, papa n Gautam fixing ceiling, papa cheers Vrinda , Vrinda says sorry I didn’t mean what I said last night n I realised I was wrong, papa says its fine go make Mehndi arrangements, Priyanka clicks a picture of papa n ma hugging.

Dadi says Anokhi u will have to cook something to go along with these dishes, anokhi says means rice roti n what else , dadi says no no, I mean these food are the different people heart n so to make way to their Hearts cook the best This will make a full proof relationship with them n so cook one food item that all will love n also go with it n don’t forget I trust u, Anokhi sneezes, n says dadi this is so tough dadi says miss accountant chill n now keep eye on the watch n all the best. Nikita says Kalpana get me a painkiller I have headache.

Anokhi looks at tushars picture n smiles, Jassi says Anokhi what will u cook for Dadu, anokhi says right I will go ask dadi n leaves. Jassi goes to kitchen. Dadi says Anokhi whatever u cook Dadu will have it don’t worry, anokhi says this is so tough how will I do it god.

Jassi In kitchen cuts gas cylinder pipe.

Precap : Dadu gives Arora Shagun n says whatever happens Parul will only be wedded to Tushar.

Anokhi abt light the matchstick in kitchen.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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  1. In the beginning, Anokhi was shown to be very smart. How she could not catch Jassi’s fake illness till now. I was expecting she will discover on test day or mangni day. Now also, how she should detect gas leakage, otherwise, her role is becoming typical crying heroine and the evil wins- typical star plus story.

    1. Agree with u nb,they r not showing anything different…
      Hope it doesn’t becomes like other saas bahu serial…

  2. Anokhi is known to be smart. She was expected to catch Jassi’s fake illness by now. Today she should at least detect gas leakage and Jassi’s misdeeds. Otherwise, the show is going to be typical Star plus way- showing a crying heroine and evil wins.

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