Humko Tumse Ho Gaya Hai Pyaar 27th September 2016 Written Episode Update


Humko Tumse Ho Gaya Hai Pyaar 27th September 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Anokhi in car having fun n says it’s so amazing I got to have a selfie n says bhaiya plz stop aside n while taking selfie sees Kalpana talking to the man that kidnapped her,Anokhi gets down her car n is surprised to see Kalpana, n says how does Kalpana know this man,what must be behind this,n walks to them but steps in coward n in mean time Kalpana leaves,n so does the kidnapper,Anokhi tries to look for them but finds know one n decides to find the reason behind it.

Parul lose nine fan nuts, n says Anokhi u slapped me n now I will teach u a lesson,Tushar walks down n sees Parul little worried n says are u here with some plan or it’s really hot here,Parul says u don’t need to always talk abt that ur Dadu made me do it,Tushar ignores her goes to his cabin,Anokhi

walks down in office thinking abt kidnapper n Kalpana,Parul acts as I’d she hurt her leg n shouts in pain,Tushar goes n helps her n takes her in his arms,Anokhi sees that n gets very upset, Tushar says I hope ur fine,Parul says I guess I sprained my leg,tushars says let me check,Anokhi taps ointment on table n says let me help u mam,ur pain will go away in seconds,Tushar leaves,Anokhi gets down n applies ointment in Paruls leg n purposely presses her leg n leaves.

Mataji n dadi in kitchen,dadi says God knows why is Kalpana taking so long,Anokhi rushes in n asks dadi did Kalpana reach,mataji says why what happened,dadi says look Kalpana is here,Kalpana says here’s the grocery,anokhi says but u bought it long back,dadi says do all this later,anokhis ays wait Kalpana tell me why did u take so long,I want to tell is dadi,Parul say su stop wasting time we need to get back to work quickly,Tushar will be upset or else,dadi says go now we will talk later,Anokhi walk out with Parul n says wow ur leg is all good my ointment worked or ur Tushar helped u n leaves,Parul gets very angry.

Tushar working n sneezing,he increases the AC temperature,Anokhi walks in n feeling very hot,Parul says Anokhi put off the AC,Anokhi says actually ur so hot what to do,Parul says Tushar will feel cold, Anokhi says he sits in cabin n so this AC won’t bother him right Tushar sir,Tushar gives her cold look,Anokhi says Ok I will put it of n says why u get so upset all time, us re behaving like Dadu,we are so rich so why all this saving n all, u know Dadu saves become of money but u bcoz of cold, Tushar says u complaining abt my Dadu in front of me,anokhi says we are Maliks n have no money issue,so why put off AC,Parul says I’m ur boss so the AC won’t start,Anokhi looks at her in anger,Parul says what will u do slap me again,Anokhi turns to Tushar in hope to stand for her but he ignores her n leaves. Anokhi puts on the fan,Parul thinks good now when fan will fall Tushar won’t be here.

Tushar tells mataji that all anokhi wants is money,she finishes everything for the fact of money,I don’t think she loves me,mataji says this is not the matter,Anokhi is little distracted she has to learn the importance of relation n if she didn’t love u she wouldn’t save u from bomb n get on thing u aren’t doing right with Anokhi, what u doing will kill ur relation, I know u still love her but u need to mould things,Tushar says but,mataji says stop it ur eyes tell everything to me now enough lets go down I need to look for clothes for ashram.

Anokhi working n is feeling very hot n the fan sound irritates her,Anokhi says God this is so irritating,n gets off her seat n puts if the fan n starts looking for AC remote,n finds that may be Parul has locked it in her drawer, Tushar walks in office, Anokhi gets back to work, Tushar says mataji this section u can use, Dadu asked me to tell u that,Parul walks in office n says mataji let me help u, n takes them away from fan, Tushar says Parul u show mataji I will,Parul says shd I show these,Tushar says no n gets busy telling her.

Jassi waiting near staircase,n thinks Anokhi will just be hurt nothing else so don’t worry Jassi n while leaving remembers how Anokhi saved luv twice, n says no this shd not happen n looks at Anokhi n the loose fan, Parul Worthing for fan to gall on Anokhi,Jassi shouts Anokhi move aside,Anokhi asks what happened,Jassi says I said move away,Anokhi asks but why,Parul looks Anokhi not move n gets very happy.

Pre cap : Jassi gets off her wheel chair n rushes to Anokhi n saves her,Parul gets very angry.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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  1. Now its clear ki show is ending becoz jassi is turned positive…cant they just change the timing rather than ending it…there are other shows on star plus that need to be end now like sns..

  2. Tushar was spot on correct when he said that Anokhi wouldn’t have married him if he wasn’t Malik son. She definitely would have not married him. In her father house they did not have ac that time is wasn’t a problem now she’s acting like she’s used to ac 24/7

  3. Anokhi will realise that jassi can walk and maybe tushar and mata Ji too.

  4. Plz change its timings on 10:30pm else ending the show to telecast chandre nandini plz plz……………
    plz all the veiwers want to see the love story of tushar and anokhi. How they two will known each other and how anokhi fall in with tushar .

    1. starplus is a thirdclass channel bakwas show chala rha like mere angne me or achhe show band kr rha h .. stupid channel

  5. starplus is a thirdclass channel bakwas show chala rha like mere angne me or achhe show band kr rha h .. stupid channel

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