Humko Tumse Ho Gaya Hai Pyaar 26th July 2016 Written Episode Update

Humko Tumse Ho Gaya Hai Pyaar 26th July 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Anokhi sees Tushar talking to Parul n Arora n says what’s going on here, Arora calls Anokhi n says u at last stole Tushar from Parul,Tushar says uncle plz, Kunal says Arora uncle n Parul Dadu is calling u, Anokhi says Tushar sir come lets go out, Tushar says yes come,Kalpana makes a call.

Anokhi says Tushar sir this is so weird, Tushar says yes it’s a little awkward but I’m very happy, Anokhi says are u happy to see Parul why is she here I know I shdnt feel bad but n Anokhi stumbles n Tushar holds her,Tushar says Anokhi trust me plz don’t get upset abt Parul, I like u n I have no feelings for Parul, Anokhi says by the way nashpatti today u are in a filmy mood, Tushar says n u are so jealous abt Parul typical Hindi movie scene, Kalpana slowly clicks picture

of Anokhi n Tushar together.

Kalpana says Tushar n Anokhi all are waiting for u downstairs. Gautam says Priyanka have this medicine u will feel better, Priyanka says how do u know what I need n what time,Gautam says u forgot I guess we are married n this relation makes us responsible,Priyanka says look their Tushar n Anokhi, Gautam says Tushar takes care of Anokhi but I hope Anokhi also finds true Love in Tushar as Tushar found, Priyanka says she will.

The rings gets cooked in samosas. Priyanka says Anokhi Tushar loves u a lot,Anokhi says yes I know at times I feel guilty bcoz I don’t love him yet but he loves me a lot n very cute n always stands for me n tells times when he always fought for her, Priyanka says this means he is quite down to earth n enjoys everything he does.

Vrinda looking after arrangements, Priyanka says mummy here is ring, Vrinda says go get some more sarees n says I wish we had a new nice ring too n says to papa look bcoz of this old ring, we will again be let down, papa says happiness matters n not rings.

The samosa with ring is little burnt, Vrinda picks that samosa n says I’m so hungry n eats it. Dadu says ring ceremony shd take place within 15 min so quickly come here. Dadu says tushars ring, Tushar says yes n says Anokhi I have surprise for u but finds no ring in his pocket, dadi says Tushar get the ring, Dadu says yes where it is,Vrinda finds ring in samosa n says oh god thanku n now Anokhi will give this ring to Tushar, Jassi sees Vrinda n says now I will sue this chance n now the true fun begins.

Dadu n dadi scold Tushar n ask where is ring,tushar gets tempered,dadi says Tushar what’s wrong with u why are u shouting, tushar says sorry Kalpana I just got stressed, dadi says find it must be here somewhere,everyone starts looking for ring. Jassi sees Vrinda put ring in the box.

Dadi says for now use my ring, anokhis ays but it doesn’t fit me, Parul says use my ring,anokhi says no ring shd be of family members, dadi says niki u give ur ring, nikita says she was already behind my ring,n my ring is tight,Anokhi says Kalpana get a thread quickly, n with its help removes nikitas ring.

Dadu says fast fast the Muhrath may go, Vrinda gets ring,lights go off, Dadu says what kind of arrangements are these, dadi wispers u plz be quite,Sashi n Kunal go to check. Dadu says put ring quickly, Tushar puts ring n says Dadu it’s tight ring n lights come n Tushar sees Paruls hand in his hand.

Anokhi says Parul how dare u this was all ur plan,Parul says no Tushar took my hand I did nothing, Anokhi says here Tushar sir take ring, Tushar says Parul but why didn’t u say anything,Anokhi says but us he understand it’s not my hand,Tushar says are u doubting on me,parikshit says calm down u two n Parul u step aside plz n Anokhi dear u come here n both exchange rings.

Jassi says Chachi where’s anokhis ring, Vrinda opens ring,Kunal says oh look the ring.

Precap: dadi asks Vrinda , Tushar bought same ring for Anokhi how did u get it. Jassi says n this ring looks like one for girls how did u find it Chachi.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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