Humko Tumse Ho Gaya Hai Pyaar 26th August 2016 Written Episode Update


Humko Tumse Ho Gaya Hai Pyaar 26th August 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Mataji takes Anokhi as thief n scolds her, Anokhi says I’m not robber,look he is the thief, I was behind him n I did this bcoz in our Chandani Chowk no thief are allowed , u rich people always take us poor as thief or terror but u,here is ur bag n leaves. Pulkit goes to Jassi n close door,Jassi gets up of her wheel chair n says keep this down, it’s Kumkum water, Jassi adds acid in it. Pulkit says what are u upto,Jassi says its chemical,Pulkit says u are getting evil, Kalpana knocks door n walks in, n says can I take this water,Jassi says Kalpana u are maid behave like one n don’t over react go take it away, Kalpana leaves will thal.

Priyanka clicks pictures of Anokhi tying Rakhee to Sashi n Gautam,Anokhi says where’s my gift, Gautam says here u go,anokhi

takes it n gets excited,Priyanka spills tea by mistake, Tushar says let me help u,Vrinda says Priyanka he is working, mataji walks in n asks Tushar what are u doing,Tilak asks u are, dadi says she is mataji,Tushar walks to her n takes her blessings, Anokhi walks out n says u here, did u loose ur bag or u still think I stole ur bag n dadi u, dadi says Anokhi she is tushars aunty,dadi says n she is Anokhi tushars wife,mataji says she speaks a lot, Anokhi says sorry.

Mataji says Anokhi come here, Anokhi walks to her, mataji gives her curd,n says now we start our relation on a good note,now u must be thinking why I call Tushar lali, look at his cheeks, always red,Tushar n Anokhi take matajis blessings,Tilak says sorry we couldn’t see u at wedding, mataji says what to do dharma didn’t call me but now I know why, Tushar says dadi look what u have message me, Lataji so I got confused, mataji says dharma wants to talk to u all he wants to say sorry to all of u.

Tilak says mataji this is not needed, mataji says it is necessary, u all got Tushar here n showed love but it’s our time,dharam cmon, Dadu walks ahead n says sorry,Anokhi says Dadu u are elder plz don’t say sorry,mataji says Anokhi n Tushar pack ur clothes we are going home now,n Malik is ur house now go quickly. Vrinda n Anokhi walk away. Anokhi packs her clothes but she has nikitas contract on her mind, Anokhi writes a letter to Tushar n tells abt contract in it, n keeps in tushars bag,Vrinda asks Anokhi why u look so tensed, Anokhi says nothing n leaves.vridna sees her letter pad.

Priyanka serves mataji ajwain puri,dadi says to mataji Anokhi is very sweet, she once saved luv n loves Tushar a lot, Vrinda tries to find what Anokhi has written. Mataji says Tushar saying nothing abt his wife, Anokhi says Tushar sir I have kept a letter in ur bag n leaves, Tushar says dadi bua, Anokhi makes me happy, dadi says Tushar loves Anokhi a lot.

Vrinda scribbles on letter pad n reads whole letter n gets to know abt the marriage contract, n Anokhi saying she doesn’t love Tushar as he does but she respects him n can’t cheat him, n she tried destroying contract a papers but failed n so the letter n to forgive her.vrinda says if Tushar reads this he will never forgive Anokhi n break marriage today itself.

Pre cap : Jassi says Anokhi step in this kumkum water n walk in, mataji says stop first Jassi u put ur hands on it n make marks on wall.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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  1. Wao Mataji Love u….
    Jassi jaisi karni waisi bharni…

  2. Heard that the shoe is going off air… & Pardes will take its place starring Shaleen & Drashti…… I m surely gonna miss Varun toorkey alot…… Hope to see him soon in any other Better show?

    1. Pardes!!!
      Had nt seen the promos, really will be missing Varun…
      Abhi to serial start hua tha,l don’t think it will go offair that soon…

      1. Shooting for Pardes serial has begun…. HTHGHPKK will go off air around Diwali. And it’s confirmed news.?

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