Humko Tumse Ho Gaya Hai Pyaar 25th August 2016 Written Episode Update


Humko Tumse Ho Gaya Hai Pyaar 25th August 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Dadu sees mataji, nikita drops her phone in panic, mataji says dharam walk in I need to talk to u n gaumti urgently n takes them inside. Jassi says to nikita mataji was to come yesterday she came today what now. Mataji slaps Dadu, n says what all is happening in this house, how dare u decide tushars marriage without my notice, dadi says mataji, mataji says enough no one will give me explanations n this is bcoz of u gaumti, what’s tushars wife’s name, dadi says Anokhi.

Tushar looks at Anokhi sleeping and smiles n puts blanket over her, Vrinda sees them n says how lovely they look together. Mataji says I want every single details abt Tushar n anokhis wedding, n no lies mind u. Anokhi wakes up, Sashi walks to her n says u awake, sleep some more, Anokhi says shut

up where is Tushar sir. Mataji after knowing all details says he is human n not ur puppet,gaumti make arrangements. Jassi asks to nikita what all is this, Pulkit says just be quite n listen.mataji says we are getting them back come with me, Dadu says never, with ill not allow that girl enter my house, I don’t believe in this wedding.

Mataji says to Dadu,don’t forget u are younger to me n I’m the one responsible here, n my decision is final n I u know I don’t take anyone’s interference, if u all have finished hiding n listening to us, go make arrangements, n since I’m he I will bring u all in proper lines. Kalpana comes n takes mataji blessings, mataji says Kalpana I want no leaf left unturned for anokhis grahapravesh n gaumti go get Aarti thali.

Vrinda says god this Anokhi hasn’t got Rakhee yet,poor Tushar is bathing, Sashi says ma no water, Vrinda says oh god. Mataji ties Rakhee to Dadu, mataji asks where’s my gift,Dadu gives her 10 Rs, mataji says this wow, u will never change,give me ur wallet n takes 500 n says now get ready we are going to receive Anokhi n Tushar.

Dadi says let me call Tushar n inform,Tushar in bathroom, his phone starts ringing, he is all in soap,Anokhi puts in pipe from ventilator, n with help of cycle n motor creates pressure n make water arrangements for Tushar.vrinda Priyanka n Sashi see her n start laughing,Anokhi shouts Tushar sir all ok, Tushar says yes yes.

Tushar bathing, Anokhi knocks but the door opens, Tushar says Anokhi oh I’m sorry, Anokhi closes her eyes n walks in n abt to slip, Tushar holds her, Anokhi says plz fill buckets, Tushar says ok, Anokhi runs out of bathroom.

Dadi, Dadu n mataji come in Chandani Chowk, mataji says stay here I will get sweets, dadi sends Tushar message mataji has arrived but due to spell check it goes as Lataji, Tushar gets confused, Anokhi in market to get Rakhee, a thief steals matajis purse, Anokhi gets him but mataji takes Anokhi as the thief n says I won’t leave u wait, Anokhi tries to tell her but mataji abt to hit her.

Pre cap : Anokhi says to mataji, u rich people take us poor as either thief or terrorists.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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  1. This serial seems to filled with negative characters, pls make mataji a positive and good character and bring both love birds closer.
    Also keep Tushar and Anu understand each other after knowing abt the contract thing…

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