Humko Tumse Ho Gaya Hai Pyaar 24th August 2016 Written Episode Update

Humko Tumse Ho Gaya Hai Pyaar 24th August 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Everyone arrange beds in hall, Vrinda says what must Tushar be thinking abt us, Tushar says plz I’m one of u plz don’t embarrass me n starts helping everyone. Dadi n Kalpana in kitchen, dadi says make ajwain puri for breakfast n we need to buy fresh ghee, dadi sees Kalpana shivering n asks what’s the matter,Kalpana says I know mataji will make everything right but, dadi says it’s 25 yrs for what happened all will be fine,Kalpana says but the wounds, dadi says don’t worry abt that now and now don’t tell abt mataji to anyone, let her come then we will see.

Anokhi looks at Tushar, Tushar thinks I hope u dint feel cheated, Anokhi thinking I have to tell Tushar sir the truth, Vrinda says Anokhi ur first night I’m sorry, anokhi says it’s

ok. Parikshit wakes up n smells desi ghee n all arrangements mataji needs n tells nikita that I guess mataji is gonna come back, nikita gets scared n says are u kidding,what will we do, parikshit says yes she is only one u scared of, nikita says don’t forget even papa can’t speak a word against her.

Anokhi n Tushar see all are asleep, Tushar says u can tell me Anokhi all are asleep, Sashi starts snoring,Anokhi says pull his nose he will stop snoring, Tushar does so n Sashi stops snoring. Anokhi says so Tushar sir, Priyanka starts coughing n Gautam wakes up to get her water.

Tushar disturbed due to leakage water falling on his faces Anokhi sees him getting disturbed n puts her hand so that he can fall asleep, Tushar opens eyes n sees Anokhi n says what are u doing, Anokhi says u listen to me, u know nikita mam made me sign a contract n tells whole details,Anokhi says Tushar sir say something, Tushar smiles n says u look so good, I mean u always look good but now u saying something I don’t know what bcoz my ears are blocked but u sounded good.anokhi says oh no n goes to sleep.

Jassi skipping, Pulkit counting n says what’s wrong today why are u so hyper,Jassi says do u know whose coming, mataji.pulkit says what how, Jassi says driver told me abt it last night, I guess even Dadu doesn’t know abt it, she already has a doubt on me, I’m so scared, I don’t want her to come.dadau checking accounts,Jassi goes to him n says Dadu look at these suits n ur old kurtas, Dadu asks why but, Jassi says I heard she doesn’t like shinny clothes, Dadu asks who she, Jassi says mataji.dadu says what mataji,Jassi says yes she is coming Tomorrow.

Dadu says to dadi why is she coming, I’m not staying here, call mataji n tell her to to come, Jassi slowly sneaks away n says now Dadu will ban mataji. Dadi says I will not stop mataji from coming, I know u dint want any her to come but I have asked her to so I won’t stop her, she is ur elder sister,Dadu packs his clothes n says if she is staying here I’m not.

Vrinda says to tilka, dharamveerji God knows when will he accept Anokhi.tushar walks in n says wow ajwain puri can I help, Vrinda says no u let it be I will manage. Jassi says God Dadu is walking away instead of mataji,nikita walks to her n says lets go away, mataji u know how she is, I hate her n leaves.

Tushar walks in hall n sees only Anokhi asleep n says Priyanka she is still asleep, Priyanka says u can even play loudest drum n she will not Wakeup. Mataji walks to Malik house,nikita sees her walking to the house. Dadu says to dadi I’m leaving now u deal with her n tell her I left for work, from behind mataji starring at Dadu, holds his hand.

Precap : mataji slaps Dadu n says how dare u take such big step, without my notice u decided Tushars wedding.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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  1. Where can I watch the episode right now?

    1. Go on the Google and write the name of serial and the 24th august 2016 ,,, it will give you many side where you can see it !!!

    2. You can watch on hotstar…just download the app from playstore..or u can also browse if u r using pc or laptop

  2. Himakshi Pathak

    One issue I don’t understand is if Anokhi and Jassi are cousins then how come she was mistaken about the identity of Tushar and the manager.A few episodes back she thought Tushar to be the manager….that’s really strange.

    1. Anokhi ki family and jassiki family k beeech hmeshàaa disputes rhe Hain unko toh ye bhi nhi pataaa tha ki jassiki shadi mallick walo ke ghar hui hai toh obvious si baat h anokhi toh nhi pataaa hogaa Kuch bhhi

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