Humko Tumse Ho Gaya Hai Pyaar 23rd August 2016 Written Episode Update


Humko Tumse Ho Gaya Hai Pyaar 23rd August 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Tushar says u shd have thought abt it before,Anokhi says what was he talking abt, Tushar says she is Anokhi, unique, her wedding has to be unique too,Vrinda smiles n says u are right,Tushar says I will come later n leaves n sees Anokhi at door n says I actually want to talk to u, Anokhi says yes me too.

Dadu very upset n anger, Pulkit informs police n asks to look for the kidnapper,Kalpana hears this. Anokhi says Tushar sir on the day papa met with accident,Tushar says actually even I wanted to say, Priyanka Gautam n Sashi walk to them n says u two are married now n to cheer u up, Anokhi says look I need to, Priyanka says Anu later now come with us n take them along with them.

Dadi walks to Dadu n says I’m very angry with u, Dadu says how dare tilka Mehra talk

to me in this tone,n ur Tushar look what he did, left us here in shame n walked away, shameless boy,dadi says he did wrong, did u ever consider Tushar, u always made him repay fro things, u made mistake n not tushar n remember one thing he is human not a asset that u make a deal out of him n walks away.

Priyanka pushes Anokhi n Tushar in a room n lock them n leave, Anokhi switches on the lights, n sees her too, fully decorated, Tushar says Anokhi I actually really wanted to talk to u n slips n both fall on bed n it breaks, Tushar says oh no I broke ur bed,Sashi shouts we didn’t break the bed,u did, Vrinda says are u three mad now leave them alone.

Tushar says Anokhi see listen carefully,first of all, what happened today just forget it we done with bad things now n see we are together now,n no one can separate us , Anokhi remembers the contract n Tushar abt Parul n Dadu. Kalpana makes a call n says plz go hide somewhere these people have sent police to look for u, Kalpana turns n sees Jassi, Jassi says who was on phone, Kalpana says nothing, just an relative, Jassi says ok show me ur phone which relative, Kalpana says Jassi never interfere in elders talk, n last time u asked me not to use landline n so using my own phone n that shdnt matter u I guess n leaves, Jassi says gosh even she is messing with me.

Parikshit says police is trying to find that man, what u think Dadu,Dadu says I will kill him when I get him, door bell rings, Dadu checks it’s the kidnapper, Dadu says u, dadi says oh the kidnapper, everyone gather,the man shouts how dare u throw Tushar out of house,Dadu says who the hell are u, he removes his blanket of his face, everyone gets shocked to see his face, Dadu removes gun n gets I’m argument with the man, the bullet hits Dadu n Kalpana wakes up of her dream n says I have to tell dadi abt it n rushes to dadi n tells whole truth, dadi says why didn’t u tell before hand,Kalpana says I was scared of Dadu so,I did this for my Tushar, dadi says I understand ur pain, Kalpana says I think we need to call him back, dadi says u mean mataji, Kalpana says yes, she is only one who can handle all this.

Tushar says Anokhi abt Parul, Anokhi says even I have to say something I know this is not right time but, lights go off. Dadi calls mataji n tells everything to her. Dadi says now mataji is coming n hopefully no one I’ll will be done in this house.

Precap : Jassi tell Pulkit mataji is gonna come. Parikshit says nikita even u are scared of mataji. Dadu says to dadi if mataji comes here I will go away.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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    Na tussar bta raha hai or na anokhi…. i hope big blast ke sath sach bahar naa aaye jiska fayda dadu uttaye…. vaise nice to know dadu is scared of someone… its good who is oming to control daddu….

  2. Palang tod romance…………….just luv it……

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