Humko Tumse Ho Gaya Hai Pyaar 22nd August 2016 Written Episode Update


Humko Tumse Ho Gaya Hai Pyaar 22nd August 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Dadu says I don’t accept this marriage, Tilak says u have made fun out of marriage n relationship, Dadu says ur daughter came here as accountant then broke tushars wedding, trapped Tushar, her mother robbed ring n father sends goons on wedding day so that they don’t loose rich guy, see Tushar u married in this house, Tushar says yes,I did, till date I never said a word against u, always was quite but not today bcoz today u are talking abt my wife,so plz no one will insult Anokhi anymore now,and if no one respects my wife here, Tilak says Anokhi won’t stay here n holds anokhis hand, dadi says I’m sorry on behalf of him plz don’t do this, nikita says yes plz don’t rush to any decision,Tilak says for my daughters good I’m taking her Home,dadi

says I know u are hurt but Anokhi is our daughter in law now, n I’m sorry for everything, Tilak says plz don’t u always have stood for Anokhi n thanku for that,but dharamveeerji till he accosts Anokhi I can’t let her stay here.

Tushar says Anokhi, Anokhi walks with Tilak, Tilak says to Dadu, Tushar n Anokhi are husband n wife if u agree to it or don’t that’s ur issue, n Anokhi won’t enter this house till u accept her,Jassi says to Pulkit good they are going, Pulkit says we need to do some thing, Dadu says look this Anokhi already started creating differences, Gautam says enough lets go, Tilak abt to fall, Tushar holds him,Anokhi looks at Tushar,Dadu walks away to his room n locks himself,dadi rushes to door n says stop them plz, parikshit says to nikita now how will we get keys,nikita says what will we do now,Tushar n Anokhi helping Tilak walk, Jassi says n my problem walks away n smiles.

Dadi begs Dadu to stop Anokhi. Kalpana sees Anokhi walk away with her parents, dadi says look Kalpana my daughter In law is walking away, Tilak says plz dadi, dadi says no give me a minute, I take it Dadu has done wrong but my Tushar, tushar was to say that even he won’t stay where Anokhi is t accepted n holds tushars hand n I request u to plz accept Tushar at ur house take him along with u plz, atleast they can stay together,nikita says Amma is right, Anokhi n Tushar love each other so they should stay together. Jassi says pulkits we what mess n both laugh. Tushar says ok I will go.tilka says lets go, Kalpana says Anokhi u are going to ur house but as a new start here is Ganeshji idol he will look after u n always stay together n happy.

Vrinda opening her door neighbours ask when is reception, then start gossiping seeing tushar n Anokhi, Vrinda says I will talk to u later, Anokhi is upset abt the fact that Tushar knew abt Parul, Vrinda says Anokhi walk in,everyone goes in. Anokhi looks at Tushar, Vrinda says Tushar come let me dress ur wounds, nikita calls Anokhi n says I sent that goon so that u can marry Tushar, I came to know abt dadus plan n so I did this so Anokhi don’t forget this favour of mine n since Tushar is with u, don’t think u can get rid of me n don’t even dare to go against me n the contract. Anokhi gets very angry, nikita says now I will show u ur true standard cheap girl n cuts the call. Parikshit says u sent that man, nikita says no just taking advantage of the situation.

Tushar helps Tilak, Priyanka calls Gautam n Sashi, Anokhi very upset n says now I will never lie n tell Tushar sir,Tushar thinks I have to tell Anokhi abt Parul misunderstanding, Priyanka says we need to make this special for Anokhi n Tushar, Anokhi walks in n asks where is Tushar. Tushar says sorry to Vrinda n Tilak, Vrinda says we are sorry, Tilak says we trust u,Vrinda says my poor daughter n starts crying, Anokhi walks to their room,Tushar says to Vrinda u shd have thought abt it before hand, Anokhi thinks what is he talking abt.

Precap : Tushar says Anokhi I want to tell something,anokhis ays plz let me first, the day papa met with accident.

Kalpana on call says plz go hide somewhere these people have sent police for u, Jassi hears her.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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  1. Ye anohki nai LAFANGI hi, etna sar dard hora hi es serial. Ke vaje sey, time waste hi esko dekhna, kindly stop This nonsense as soon as possible.


    I hope Tussar and Anokhi keep trust on each others while knowing each other truth …. as these truths can make their life hell… and now days show is getting interesting..

  3. Maha gandu serial

  4. Don’t know why the haters even stop by here, if u don’t like it then don’t follow and don’t comment…
    It is at least far better than SNS

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