Humko Tumse Ho Gaya Hai Pyaar 21st June 2016 Written Episode Update


Humko Tumse Ho Gaya Hai Pyaar 21st June 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode begins with anokhi telling her mom that today I have been working a lot today so i don’t want to go anywhere her mom says that u should go and hang out. Kunal and Tushar are playing football and Kunal asks him that which type whistle u used and also he says that she is falling in his love. Kunal also says that which romantic songs pendrive u never allow me to use u gave it to anokhi easily. Tushar says that it is not a big deal anokhi getting ready to go for movie and Priyanka suggesting anokhi not to care about Tushar and Kunal. Anokhis mom listens it and warns Priyanka not to teach anokhi anything. Kunal is telling Tushar to go and and tell daddu that he don’t want to get married to Parul. Tushar asks him that whether he is to do it now but Kunal says that

no no do it after your marriage or honeymoon. There in theatre Gautam buys popcorn for anokhi and also gives her some money. Then anokhi goes and drinks the cola after taking it she gives its 75 percent of it to the canteen man and when asks for money she tells him that of 100 rs u have drunk so I will pay only50 of it. Luv is massaging daddus forehead seeing this daddi asks luv to move so that she may do it but daddu says that no u use more oil and increase the wastage and she immediately stops him by saying that it’s time for your 15 mins no talking mode period so he stops talking till then everybody gets in the room and nikita says that tushars farther is planning for Jagran and increase the expenses he tells by action that there is no need of it then Tushar enters and seeing this daddi tells luv to massage tushars head and while Tushar tells daddu that he don’t want to get married to daddu hearing this nikita gets angry and asks him that what rubbish was he talking and daddu says by action to call Arora. So Tushar thinks that he said yes and gets happy but nikita and Jussy tells him that it will be a great loss to us. When his father calls tell then it’s 9 and 15 mins are over so he tells Arora that to bring Parul the day after at jagran and the same day they will decide the date for engagement hearing this Tushar gets upset and goes in her room and starts crying Kunal comes and tries to make him comfortable and tells him that he has a plan. On the other hand anokhi and all others come back from movie while anokhis father are talking about something but suddenly her mother arrives and they stop talking and Anokhi tries to handle that situation.

anokhi goes near the drum where nikita had told about her personal work and tries to break the lock by throwing stone but it falls on someone

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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  1. Anokhi rockzz….& i like tushar too…..who is the “some1” in precap??

  2. Both anokhi an thushar’s acting is good, but why thushar crying like a small baby.thushar enthinamu dadu ithra pedikkunath.after all, thushar is dadu’s grandson.pinne oru doubt koodiyundu , ee nikitha thusharinte step mom aano??? …anyways interesting.

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