Humko Tumse Ho Gaya Hai Pyaar 21st July 2016 Written Episode Update


Humko Tumse Ho Gaya Hai Pyaar 21st July 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Dadu on phone says nothing happened n sees Tushar n cuts phone,Tushar says Dadu money,Dadu says what money the clothes are dirty, Dadu gets call n he gives Tushar money.

Vrinda n papa again fighting, Sashi says look Anokhi n switches on decoration lights, Vrinda hugs her n says oh my Anokhi win the challenge n all celebrate here in, Anokhi stumbles due to pain in her leg, Gautam helps her sit, papa asks what happened, Anokhi says challenge actually.

Pulkit says Jassi sorry, plz forgive me, give me one more chance,I didn’t know luv would do this,Jassi kicks pulkits ass, Pulkit turns around, Jassi gets up of her wheel chair, n looks at Pulkit in anger, Jassi walks to Pulkit pushes her wheel chair away n says u will never get a chance, bcoz of u I had to let Anokhi

win, Pulkit says ur leg must be in so much pain acting like a handicapped but ur sister she did it.jassi says now I have to work.

Vrinda massages anokhis leg, all are in tears, Anokhi says ma but I won see I managed, now start working on decorations,Tushar on call with jeweller, dadi sees the picture of ring n says very pretty, thanku for this ring for me,Tushar says dadi actually, dadi says I know it’s for Anokhi, n this must be anokhis choice or ur, Tushar says dadi I want to gift her this ring, dadi says this is love u know good gift her.

Nikita n dadi arranging Things, dadi says lets get done with engagement, Dadu says lets see later n leaves, dadi says niki call Vrinda n talk abt engagement, nikita says ok I shall do the calling, Tushar hears this n says I have to get ring soon,nikita thinks before Anokhi wins all challenges I need to get keys.

Gautam says engagement with sangeet how strange, Anokhi says ma I have no clothes,I have an idea I will use priyanaks clothes, Vrinda says Anokhi u win or loose the challenges but this wedding will take place, my princess will marry Tushar Malik,Anokhi u are my life n I couldn’t save for ur wedding sorry,but ur in
Laws they will never let u see these problems, anokhis ays ma forget all that this jewellery is priceless bcoz u gave me,n nothing can overcome this jewellery, dadi sees Anokhi n Vrinda n get very happy seeing their relation.

Anokhi says dadi u here plz come in, dadi says I shdnt be here, Vrinda says plz plz come in,dadi says actually I’m here for,Vrinda says u come in have some juice,Sashi says ma I’m going to jeweller to push the ring,dadi says I’m here to give Anokhi this lehenga,this is our ritual so, Anokhi says thanku dadi. Dadi looks around the house n sees lot of repairing needed, Vrinda says sorry our house isn’t as big as urs.

Priyanka says Gautam no job n Anokhi wedding, new job how are we gonna manage n hear a loud noise n both rush out. The ceiling in the halls fall down,Vrinda says oh on how will we manage the functions now.

Dadi at Maliks tell Dadu n nikita that she has arranged sangeet n engage,net at their place due to the problem,Dadu says oh no more expense, dadi says see they are in lot of problem anyways u don’t increase some more so let things go as I planned, Dadu says ok as u wish, dadi says oh my god u got convinced so soon, nikita says I will go look after arrangements,dadi says Tushar has arranged for img n so u don’t need to spend on it, Dadu says ok I told u do as u wish.

Malik n house all ready for function, papa says decoration money was on us n this is beyond our expenses,Vrinda says we will discuss on it later. Dadi asks Kalpana where is Tushar. Priyanka n Vrinda get Anokhi, Anokhi is nervous,Vrinda says don’t worry all will be fine, dadi looks at Anokhi n smiles, n says u looking very pretty today, Anokhi sees Jassi n walks to her n says Jassi I need to talk come with me n says Jassi yesterday u know luv, what exactly happened how did he reach terrace.

Precap : Dadu in front of guests says tushar isn’t here yet, like always he must have ran away but this time the girl is of his choice still he didn’t arrive.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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