Humko Tumse Ho Gaya Hai Pyaar 20th September 2016 Written Episode Update


Humko Tumse Ho Gaya Hai Pyaar 20th September 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Parul says till when will this be ur house,Anokhi says what,Parul smiles n leaves,dadi says Anokhi come here taste this tell me how it is,Anokhi says wow dadi very tasty,dadi says I knew u will like it,Anokhi sees the dining table with all special food n calls Sashi n says I need to wear something rich u design something,Sashi not at short notice,Anokhi says give me some idea atleast, Parul snatches her phone n says u are in office n no calls in office hours,Anokhi says how dare u,Parul says shutup I’m ur senior show me ur file n says Tushar isn’t here n so I’m I charge here n look at ur work so untidy can’t u use balance sheet,Anokhi says I’m working n when will be done with it I will give u,Parul tears the pages n throws them,n says start again

n I want tidiness.

anokhi says it was almost done,Parul u messing with wrong person,Parul hears footsteps n purposely acts as if Anokhi tore the pages,Tushar n Dadu walk to them,Parul says I know u dint like me but work is work,Dadu asks what did she do,anokhis ays Dadu she,Tushar says Anokhi Dadu asked Parul,Parul says see she tore file n threw tea on it,anokhi says no she did it,Dadu says shutup Anokhi,Parul says I shdnt have come here n runs away crying ,Dadu follows her trying to convince her n so does Tushar, Anokhi starts crying.

Tushar walks to anokhi n gets a first aid box n says show me ur hand,Anokhi says I will do it on my own,Tushar says how will u it’s ur right hand,anokhi says I will,Tushar says stop being so stubborn n applies ointment on her burnt hand.anokhi smiles n looks at Tushar,n says thanku good to know unatkeats care for me,Tushar says yes u are an employ in this company n with ur injured hand my accounts will be a mess n so my loss, get that n leaves. Vrinda on call with Sashi says Anokhi isn’t reachable n then tells Priyanka I’m so worried for Anokhi, a man snatches priyanaks mangalsutra n runs away while following him,Priyanka gets cramp in her stomach,Vrinda catches the thief n gets mangalsutra n says Priyanka look at me I’m so fit but u look at u, u need to be strong, Priyanka says no I’m fine u are right I shd be fit,Vrinda say start doing yoga n get fit.

Parul says mataji look at this I think Tushar will like it, actually I couldn’t spend much n it’s so simple n tushars style is changed too,mataji say so firstly I shdnt be allowing u to gift Tushar bcoz of ur differences but as u took my permission I allow u,gaumti nice colour right,dadi says yes Tushar will love it.parul says thanku n ine more Anokhi doesn’t like me at all n so will u gift this to Tushar on my behalf,mataji says u are right, give me I will give it to Tushar n leaves.

Nikita n Parul together,nikita says good job mataji is impressed,Jassi says Tushar will wear kurta gifted by u,wonderful,Parul says poor Anokhi. Anokhi goes to her bedroom to look for a dress for evening function,n selects one ,Tushar is in bathroom,Anokhi gets a suit for him but sees the red kurta n wonders who must have gifted it n says he doesn’t wear kurta anymore n keeps it in cupboard n says today I will make Tushar sir very happy.

Parul says mataji let me help u,mataji says ok,dadi not liking paruls interference,Kunal says dadi cake let me hide it hear,Tushar walks to dadi in suit n takes her blessings,dadi says wow looking so handsome,Parul says mataji looks like Tushar didn’t like my kurta,mataji asks where’s the kurta I kept on bed,anokhi says I kept this suit instead of kurta,mataji says I kept it there n no one does against my wish,anokhi says sorry I didn’t know abt it,Tushar says no mataji I will go n change I’m very sorry n leaves. Parul says see mataji , Anokhi will do it n she did so n gives Anokhi wicked smile.

Tushar changing kurta,he gets stuck with hand,Anokhi walks in,Tushar says can’t u knock,anokhi says why get angry isn’t this my room too,I’m ur wife, n u really gonna wear this,Tushar says says yes bcoz mataji gifted it,Anokhi helps him,Tushar says I will do it,Anokhi says quite don’t act stubborn n gets very close to Tushar, Anokhi helps him n says u helped n so I’m returning it back, Tushar holds her hand n says giving back Huh,n leaves.

Pre cap: dadi in tears says to Anokhi,that Dadu never remembers tushars bday n so party nothing,anokhi says this year Dadu will wish him dadi.
Parul to Jassi n nikita says today Anokhi is busy impressing Tushar but what I will do is picture things this way that all will think Anokhi loves Kunal n not Tushar.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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  1. Hi guys im a recent fan of hthghpkk……the plot Is really very nice……nice cast ….nd very good acting. ………but im sad that its gonna be replaced by sumthin else nd I dont like this exchange offer often taking place in the so called STAR PLUS…….the channel is not doing any justice to the serials with a nice track such as NAUC, EHT, Manmarziyan, SWC….ETC…ETC……this ain’t no good. …….plse cut the bullshit nd show daily soaps with positive plots such as the above ones including HTHGHPKK……..nd especially put a fullstop gor ekta kapoot’s shows lik YHM nd the upcoming nonsenses……

    1. Agree with you

  2. Another serial where there’s plotting and backstabbing. No serial is different. Just as well its finishing next month. When will leads realise they are being used for others own interests and gain?

  3. This is totally horse crap

  4. its getting another time slot
    not going off air

    1. It go off the air soon because it is serving nothing but rotten fruit

  5. Hope u r right Mika
    Agree with newcomernewcomer 🙂

    Wish u see them together and more of that romantic music…

    Tushar be good to Anu pls as u have also hidden the Dadu’s Promise from her…q

    If he is doing for bringing Anu to the real world then it’s OK…

    CVS pls don’t drag this Parul story….

  6. Kunal is good character and needs more to be shown on D show but creating misunderstanding with Anu 🙁 🙁 🙁

    Hate u so much Parul

  7. Tanaya whatever u type plz type clearly and correctly

  8. What all these misunderstandings…., why don’t they sit and talk.Tushar can ask anokhi directly …….it’s so sad to watch anokhi suffering

  9. Richa agarwal

    I am a fan of Anokhi..I just watch this serial bcoz of Anokhi..I hardly get time to see tv serials but i manage not to miss dis 1…shez amazing..and Anokhi and tushaar luk amazing together…I feel sad seeing tushaar fighting wid Anokhi..but Anokhi rocks ! ?

  10. Tushar did not know what dadu will ask him in return for the money. Anokhi clearly knew what she was asked in return for the money. And Anokhi wanted to be married to Tushar to have a luxury life and not work.

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