Humko Tumse Ho Gaya Hai Pyaar 20th June 2016 Written Episode Update

Humko Tumse Ho Gaya Hai Pyaar 20th June 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Dadu says everyone go do ur work, parikshit says but let’s see the turnover, dadu says later go now,everyone leaves except Dadu Anokhi n officers, Anokhi thinks oh gosh this is such huge income, officer says ok ur records are clear we shall take leave.

Anokhi thinks Parul is so lucky to get married here. Kunal says tushars here is bouquet, Tushar says why n I can’t do this, I’m gonna marry Parul n Anokhi n me no,Kunal says u have to express ur feelings to Anokhi,Anokhi sees Kunal n Tushar fighting over bouquet n says are these two in relation gosh always together,Tushar n Kunal stop fighting seeing Anokhi.

Tushar gives Anokhi flowers, n says from company, from all of us, good work,Kunal says yes very good take it,Kunal says to Tushar come lets go I have

some work, both leave,Anokhi says these two are so weird. Anokhi abt to leave nikita comes to office,Anokhi thinks why is she here now,nikita says well done u are very smart n intelligent u are perfect for my job, Anokhi say su knew it I can work very efficiently, nikita says I’m talking abt the job I spoke to u during interview so are u ready, Anokhi asks what is it, nikita says shut up n follow me.

Nikita shows Anokhi a pillar n says I want keys of this pillar it’s got lock, Anokhi says ok I will get a key maker,nikita says listen properly, u shd impress Dadu n get keys of these, Anokhi asks what is in it, nikita says that shdnt bother u, get the keys, Anokhi says but why will Dadu give me keys,nikita says u are smart n I trust u, n very sure u will do it, Anokhi says if I don’t do, nikita says I can fire u then n so if u do this work u will be in profits,Anokhi thinks of profit n leaves, nikita follows her.

Anokhi opens her laptop,nikita say why did u walk away, Anokhi thinks if I help nikita I will be in her favour n then Tushar will be mine n Parul out, Anokhi says mam done deal I will work for u,nikita says now I shall talk to u when u have those keys n leaves.

Pulkit says Jassi see what have u done, Jassi says Pulkit how dare u, Pulkit says baby this is what Dadu is gonna do he is gonna throw us out bcoz all ur plans are failing, Jassi says don’t worry u know Dadu is in my favour,Pulkit says how did Anokhi flop ur plans n u did nothing, Jassi says this Anokhi always wins over me but not anymore, she is a mess for us, now u see I will throw her out of this house, Pulkit says just be careful,Jassi says Pulkit u don’t worry.

Anokhi whistling n hears someone respond n follows the whistling sound n sees Tushar whistling n says u manager what is this shameless, Tushar say su are misunderstood, I wasn’t whistling to girls, Anokhi says then are u fond of boys, Tushar says no I was just,Anokhi says u, Tushar says I was calling that cat, anokhi says cat where cat n touches Tushar n both feel shock again.

Tushar says cat so, Anokhi says ok ok but why did u come home,Tushar says if I didn’t come we wouldn’t be standing in office,the cat runs away,Tushar says bcoz of tigress like u that cat won’t return,Anokhi says meow,Kunal says are u both playing Tom n Jerry shd I call luv anyways Anokhi do u like romantic songs, Anokhi blushes n says yes I like them, Kunal says good good, this pen drive has romantic songs, this Kunal n points at Tushar n says Kunal gave me,Anokhi says no thanku,Tushar says Anokhi roses dry a way but songs do stay, anokhis ays u manager tell me , he thinks u say. Tushar says we know each other very well so, Kunal asks can U dance,my wedding so u shd perform.

Anokhi sees Tushar n Kunal again busy murmuring each other, anokhi says ok bye now n leaves. Kunal says this is love my friend n starts dancing with Tushar,Tushar says what, Kunal says nothing.

Pre cap : Kunal says tushar u love Anokhi n so u go tell Dadu that u don’t wanna marry Parul. Tushar tells Dadu he doesn’t wanna marry Parul.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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  1. I like Anokhi…..superb actng….i startd watchng this serial coz of anokhi..

    1. Anokhi & thushar both of them are nice.superb cool serial

      1. yes, u r correct

        anokhi and tushar ‘s shock effect is super

      2. ur real name is rose ?

      3. Yeah …

      4. cute name

      5. Thnx yaar

  2. nice serial

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