Humko Tumse Ho Gaya Hai Pyaar 19th September 2016 Written Episode Update


Humko Tumse Ho Gaya Hai Pyaar 19th September 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Anokhi walks to office n says u are just half hour late n looks at office n says oh no office makeover too n walks in tushars cabin,Tushar busy in call,Anokhi says wow new cabin, tushars ays u are late,Anokhi says cut my salary then,Tushar gives her cold look n says ur stuff is out plz go n begin ur work.anokhi says my laptop sir,Tushar says u will get it only when u earn for it,Anokhi disappointed walks out n says rude. Two workers walk to Anokhi n says bhabhi dye problem, dye is over n shukla is early for delivery and if we ask Dadu abt it he will scold us,Anokhi asks do u have Hanky,he gives Anokhi hanky,she dyes it n says do one thing dye in this one,red is less this less colour will give pink n we will tell Shukla That we are trying new colour.

Tushar gets call from

Tushar n praises him,Tushar walks to Anokhi n says good job Kunal n thanks him n says Shukla loved pink n I know u did this idea, Kunal starts laughing n says I didn’t bhabhi did it,Workers told me abt it,good idea bhabhi,Tushar looks at Anokhi n says do what I are asked too n don’t interfere in others job,finish ur work,mataji walks in office n wishes Tushar a very happy bday,n says I wish u learn ur true value n Anokhi u learn to speak truth to urself,mataji leaves. Anokhi says enough I have to talk to Tushar sir I can’t handle this anymore.

Anokhi in her desk,says idea I will organise a theme party for him n call all his friends n then he will bet very happy.mataji says Anokhi this time do something without any shortcut,I know u are thinking abt party n using his own money, how abt u earn ur own money n then give him a treat n leaves. Anokhi says how will I manage this money for party. Anokhi bored in office, sees Tushar still working,hears nikita talk to girl saying feel completely at home,Dadu says Tushar will be happy to see u today n it’s his bday too, nikita says u will love working here,Anokhi trying to see how it is falls, Tushar walks out no ays what are u doing Anokhi n sees Dadu nikita and Parul walk in ,Parul all dressed up in western outfit.

Dadu says this is Parul Arora,she is the new senior accountant in our company,Anokhi she is ur boss now,Nikita says so Anokhi u will report to Parul now, Parul says oh this is the new daughter in law n old accountant,nikita says sadly yes,anyways darling it’s good to have u now,Anokhi says Tushar sir all this,Tushar is surprised n confused too,Anokhi thinks to hurt me u appointed Parul,Dadu says Parul I’m sorry abt what happened in tushars wedding, I know Arora is upset n is in ashram now but u don’t worry,I’m here if he isn’t and I promised Arora that u are my responsibility now,Tushar says Parul off course u are not alone we are all here for u,Parul says thanks Tushar n a very happy bday, Anokhi burning in jealousy,Tushar shooks hands with Parul n thanks her.

Tushar says mom blessings,nikiat says why,Tushar says my bday,nikita says oh happy bday,Jassi says mummy Paruls luggage is here,nikita says come Parul let me show ur room,Parul says Tushar I hope u fine with me staying here,Tushar says oh no it’s cool,feel home,Anokhi tries to hurt Parul.parul falls n Tushar holds her,Parul says thanku n u looking so good in this new look n leaves.

Anokhi says Tushar sir is this a school that all here to punish me,Tushar says she isn’t here for all this her grandpa,anokhi says this ,Tushar says plz Anokhi stop being child dish,anokhi says she will break us plz ask to go away,u always made me comfortable but now,Tushar says didn’t u hear Dadu,n yes paru doesn’t lie unlike u n leaves,Anokhi thinks what all is this.

Dadi tells mataji abt Parul on tushars wedding,mataji says this means she is here to take anokhis place,Dadu walks in n says mataji n Parul n nikita walk in,Dadu says Parul did this bcoz I asked to she didn’t do on her wish,mataji says I know it and Parul ur grandpa is close to our family n u can stay here till he is unbelievable n I want nothing more than it,Parul says yes yes I will not create any trouble when,mataji n dadi leave,nikita closes door n says good mataji allowed her,Dadu says u know Parul me n ur Dadaji wanted u to Marry Tushar and what I know is Tushar n Anokhi aren’t doing well n u have to take those situations advantage,nikita says n u have to prove mataji that u are the one for Tushar n not Anokhi,Parul says I will do as u wish n that Anokhi I won’t leave her.

Anokhi walking to Paruls room n says I won’t leave her n dashes to her,Parul says don’t u have eyes,Anokhi says this is my house,Parul asks till when.

Pre cap : Tushar helps aid Anokhi her wound,Anokhi says this atleast proves u still care for me,Tushar says off course I do u are an employ here after all.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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  1. What would be the future of the story?? I know it will end like ano will realise her love for tushar. But when will it happen? It’s not mistake on the part of ano.. she wrote letter to tushar And thought he has read it na. It’s her mother who changed it. Bring some anotush moments in the serial. Soon bring those 2 together!

  2. Glad the Parul is come back to keep Anokhi on her toes. After all Anokhi is the one who was trying to break Parul and Tushar marriage. Anokhi was kind of the other women. No matter if the truth is that Nikita forced Anokhi into the contract marriage but the truth is also that Anokhi was marrying Tushar for his money. Her mother has taught her to be a gold digger. Hope tushar also learns the truth that Anokhi was eyeing Kunal first thinking he is rich Malik son.

    1. This parul adds to the stink of garbage of this show.impractical cartoon like show of this kind will surely end very soon.all the morons who like this show- I feel bad for them, there are other things to watch in tv

  3. It should not go off air

  4. Sonia william

    Wow what a movie

  5. Paris will make Ano realise her love for Tushar. I hope the serial does not go off air soon.

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