Humko Tumse Ho Gaya Hai Pyaar 19th July 2016 Written Episode Update


Humko Tumse Ho Gaya Hai Pyaar 19th July 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Tushar says Kunal thanks for the idea, Kunal says what abt money,Dadu scolding workers n says go away I don’t want ur help,Tushar says Dadu I will help u, u pay the half amount but I will work, Dadu says first get on with ur accounts then help me,n why u want to do it, Tushar says I need some money n u always taught u shd earn for ur own expenses so,Dadu says ok ok, since u are saving me money why will I stop u,n leaves.

Jassi says Pulkit say something, mummy is helping Anokhi twice I saw, say something Pulkit, Pulkit says I have two plans n Anokhi will surely loose, n tells her his plans. Jassi says are u sure abt it, will it be safe, Pulkit says forget all that just concentrate on the fact that she will loose. Tushar doing dadus work, he is doing 4 people work, all alone.

Anokhi abt to sit down, nikita says Anokhi don’t if u cheat n someone sees u, u will loose so keep standing n leaves.

Anokhi says this house everyone is keeping an eye on me, Tushar sees Anokhi n starts working in full swing, Anokhi goes to tushars n slips n falls on Tushar n all die water falls on them, Jassi sees them n says Anokhi u kept ur leg down, oh no,n sees that anokhis leg is on tushars leg n not down n gets upset,Anokhi smiles, Tushar helps Anokhi get up,Anokhi looks at tushar n says thanku, Tushar says are u alright, Kunal comes there, Tushar says lets shift this all in basement,Kunal says ok but look at ur shirt all colourful,Jassi says if u all are done with wasting time, Anokhi go get luv n don’t forget .

Priyanka feeling giddy, Vrinda saying yes all arrangements are on, Vrinda says what’s wrong Priyanka,Priyanka says just worried abt Anokhi, Sashi checks a notice n gives Gautam to read it, Gautam says owner wants us to vacant the house. Dadu asks dadi is Anokhi playing challenge loyally, dadi says stop being negative she will win honestly, u help me choose which saree I shd wear on sangeet.

Anokhi says Jassi plz help my legs paining a lot,Jassi says but u accepted it, Anokhi says yes but my leg u know, Kalpana says let me help u, Jassi says enough if u can’t let me call Dadu, Anokhi says no no I will work,Jassi says see these lengths one if U win n the other black one if u lose. Anokhi says good to know that u thought in will win,Jassi says I have other option too, to morn ur loss.

Dadi says Anokhi will never loose,dadi says ok but do remember our wedding,dadi says yes I do, n u promise me if u lose u will have to dance with me in tushars sangeet, Dadu says done. Jassi gives some more work to Anokhi to make it difficult. Anokhi putting wet clothes on rope, Pulkit hiding near column with live electric wire, Jassi looking at both of them n waiting for their plan to execute successfully.

Papa at Priyankas parents house for policy work, papa says I just hoping that Anokhi passes her tests, Anokhi struggling but trying to complete her work, papa calls Vrinda n says I’m worried abt Anokhi, did u talk to her,Vrinda says she is fine n she will pass the tests, u come home soon n there’s an emergency so come home quickly.

Anokhi abt to keep her leg down but sees Dadu n doesn’t, jassi sees Dadu n so does Pulkit, Pulkit says oh no why is Dadu here, Anokhi says god no one leaves me alone her I’m in so much pain,Dadu sees Anokhi working n leaves, Pulkit says Anokhi now u will have a nice shock. Papa prays to God to help Anokhi pass her tests. Anokhi abt to touch the rope.

Precap : Pulkit waiting for the right time to connect the live wire, papa calling on Anokhis cell.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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  1. Most cutest moment:43000 thousand’s half 20000,and the rest’s half is………..!!!!!…… Most crucial moment:tishu’s 2nd time shirtless moment. Most romantic moment:anu fell on tishu. This serial track is superb.otherwise,the rest are same,like,hero is so much rich as well as arrogant,on the other hand heroin is so much poor.they used to hate each other,and eventually fall in luv(rubbish)…. But here is something different though a lill bit looks alike but they upholding it differently,what’s I lyk most. Again luv to my tishu(Varun)

  2. This is the weirdest serial I have ever watched. Why does Anokhi, an intelligent woman, go through this mindless humiliation of one-legged house duty when it was the bulldog Daddu who came to Amokhi’s house with the marriage ptoposal, not the other way around. Daddu’s ‘conditions” do not make any sense. Rather, Anokhi should have given that gorilla Daddu some conditions of her own, like apologise on bended knees to her father, or, forget about Tushar’s marriage to Anokhi. Honestly, Tushar’s character seems retarded, at best completely spineless. He speaks so softly and so fearfully that it is hard to know if he is a man or a woman. A totally unlikely hero.

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