Humko Tumse Ho Gaya Hai Pyaar 18th June 2016 Written Episode Update

Humko Tumse Ho Gaya Hai Pyaar 18th June 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Kunal says Tushar bcoz of u always my live story is in danger, enough of it we are telling Anokhi the truth, Tushar says no not yet,Kunal says ok yaar, Tushar says cheer up come lets go have some ice cream, parikshit says nikita cheer up forget abt the salary, nikita says bcoz of that girl, parikshit says cmon now, nikita says I will do all my half done works through Anokhi now, nikita sees so w shadow but checks n finds no one.

Anokhi having dream,Priyanka says enough how much will u drink,Anokhi says he is marrying now, now no chance,and this is apple juice not alcohol,Priyanka says drama queen go to sleep now or else u will be late, anokhis ays I’m quitting job I don’t like that place,Priyanka says are u really in love with Tushar anyways that family is big doesn’t

mean ur he is kind hearted, Vrinda says Priyanka keep ur advices with u, no one asks for it,be thankful that Gautam married u, I was kidding now go wash utensils,anokhi says ma let her sit na,Vrinda says did u talk to nikita, Anokhi says no ma,I asked her but her attitude Gosh, Vrinda says Anokhi dare u back out that house is prefect for u go to sleep now, Priyanka go do the utensils.

Jassi calls Pulkit n sees while office in mess n shouts. Vrinda goes to anokhis room n sees no one in there. Everyone gather in office, parikshit says papa this is someone from outside, Dadu scolds Tushar n says u left the window open n so the mice came in n see they destroyed everything, Jassi says Dadu Anokhi left it open, Dadu says call her right away, Tushar starts calling Anokhi,dadi says calm down or else ur blood pressure, Dadu says this was income tax file,parikshit says Dadu u relax first Anokhi will come, Pulkit says Dadu income tax officer is here.

Nikita says Tushar call Anokhi fast, Dadu lets go handle the officers, Kunal says Tushar u keep trying Anokhi I will check if I can manage in other files. Anokhi in temple n says God plz find me a good rich husband like Tushar sir.

Dadu asks Kalpana to get tea for officers, Kunal says tushars all field have been destroyed nothing left. Jassi says Pulkit I didn’t want to do this but Anokhi if she would find all these files n get the details all our true colours would be out.pulkit says relax Jassi don’t show tension on ur face.tushar says Anokhi Sint answering any call, Tushar sees her laptop n says last hope, Kunal says lets check, Kunal checks the laptop, the laptop has password.

Anokhi serving food in temple,n says this gives me so much peace.anokhi sees some people quarrelling, n asks aunty what happened, aunty says this man saying minister sir is here for worship n so not allowing us, Anokhi says this is temple not his office let them in, he says look sir is here, Anokhi falls in his feet no ays minister sir.

Dadu says officer why didn’t u call us, I would have kept all files ready, officer says I did some lady picked it, Jassi says Kalpana did u, Kalpana says no, Dadu says this accountant, Pulkit says Dadu no file left, officer asks what does he mean, now we have to inspect everything in detail now. Anokhi says sir just cleaning ru shoes as in Gurudwara n I have an request plz let aunty in she is waiting since morning n if u allow her in, ur votes will go up n up wosh n if u serve that old aunty this publicity will help u a lot.

The Minster washes the old lady’s feet as the Gurudwara ritual all praise the minister. Kunal n Tushar trying to get password, Tushar says I’m going n getting her. Priyanka getting ready, Gautam says stop n both get romantic, Gautam says Priyanka these bangles they trouble u right remove them, Priyanka says mummy won’t like it, Gautam says don’t worry I will talk to her,u chill n get ready in evening we will go watch movie,Anokhi comes home,anokhi says ma I’m not going office, let me inform them.

Anokhi checks her phone n sees 28miss calls n says oh what must be wrong n calls back Tushar,Tushar on his way to get Anokhi, Anokhi calls Tushar, n says Kunal u where is Tushar, Tushar says forget that n tells her whole scene,n says get ready I’m picking u up. Anokhi says oh god that house he left me yesterday wasn’t mine.

Pre cap : dadi scold Anokhi n says how careless are u.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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  1. Thanxx tanaya for the updates….. I just luv this serial n tushaar the most….

  2. Amrita

    Tushar is such a nice guy. And love this serial and Anokhi too.

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