Humko Tumse Ho Gaya Hai Pyaar 18th July 2016 Written Episode Update


Humko Tumse Ho Gaya Hai Pyaar 18th July 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Jassi gives Anokhi challenge to manage whole leg on one foot, Anokhi starts her day, Dadu says she will loose, dadi says bet she will win, n if I win u will not look at my sweet n chat, Dadu says ok. Anokhi working on a foot n Jassi keeping an eye on her, Anokhi In great pain,Jassi says Anokhi plz give me that book on the table, Anokhi gives her the book, Kalpana feeling and for Anokhi, Jassi says Anokhi I know u are in pain but this is how I start my day this way, Anokhi gets a call from Vrinda,Anokhi says ma I’m busy I will call u later, Vrinda says ok n says Priyanka I hope Anokhi is fine n does her task well, Jassi says Anokhi I will get other books n Kalpana keep an eye on her.

Tushar to Kunal, Anokhi loves me a lot n so she will win this task for me n in return I

will gift her this ring she liked it a lot,Kunal says but it’s costly how will u manage, Tushar says don’t know but this will be her engagement ring, Kunal says right or else Dadu will manage again with that khandani ring but the question is how will u.

Anokhi gets a call, n says video call oh no n picks it, Mehras cheering Anokhi n Gautam says this is the dance we will be doing on sangeet, anokhi says wow very nice, promise I will win this task bye now,Anokhi sees here n there n abt to keep her leg down, Kalpana says what are u doing, Anokhi says nothing just tying the rope tightly.

Dadu asks Anokhi to get him hot water, dadi says look at her how can u give her this work it’s so difficult, Anokhi says no worries dadi I will manage, dadi says that’s like my girl. Anokhi in kitchen, Jassi purposely spills water in floor, nikita sees that n wipes it with mat unaware of Anokhi, Jassi sees nikita doing so n says mummy why are u doing it, nikita says Jassi no cheating n if anyone finds it we will be in trouble n leaves, Jassi says this is fishy mummy n on anokhis side.

Nikita says to parikshit,I need those keys, parikshit says n so u shd help Anokhi win these challenges, nikita sees old clothes suitcase , Anokhi slowly getting hot water in a vessel, nikita scolds Kalpana on not keeping the suitcase n sees Anokhi struggling n shows Anokhi the suitcase n asks her to use it, Anokhi thanks her n takes the suitcase n keeps water on it n drags it to Dadu, dadi Kunal Tushar see nikita help Anokhi n get happy except Jassi. Tushar says Anokhi is very sweet look how poor thing is managing n not giving up, dadi says how smart of Anokhi wow.

Dadi winks at Tushar,nikita says Anokhi give suitcase to Kalpana without fail. Anokhi completes her task, dadi says very good,n says to Dadu she will win all of challenges. Tushar says I will sell my medals, Kunal says are u crazy,we will manage something, these medal are priceless, Anokhi is marrying u bcoz u are a nice person, Tushar says but I want to gift her ring, Kunal says use my savings n some from Dadu, Tushar says I want to gift her from my hard work, Kunal says what abt ring size,Tushar says u are going on so much negative track, I am worried abt Anokhi has she eaten anything.

Kalpana comes to office n says dadi didn’t call me Anokhi, are u cheating, Anokhi says look at me do I look I am cheating, I was just doing some push-ups n eats some Channas. Tushar walks in n says Anokhi u must be hungry, Anokhi eating chapati roll made by Tushar, Kunal says Anokhi keep ur leg down no one is he n Kalpana is on our side, keep it down,Anokhi says no cheating, Tushar says I knew it u will never cheat, n here are some crispy fries for u, Kunal says yes n he made it for u n teases Anokhi, Tushar says Kunal stop it, Anokhi eat it no issues if u increase ur weight, Kunal says common have it no issues.

Tushar says Anokhi give me ur hand n put the fries as ring on her hand On every finger, Anokhi eats the fries, Tushar stops her from eating the fry on her ring finger n keeps it with himself to have her ring size saying its a little dusty don’t eat it,n thinks yes I got the ring size.

Dadu on call asks jeweller to make an engagement ring n says this engagement will take place with the girl I want Tushar to marry to.

Precap : Jassi says Anokhi see her two suits, this one if u win I will wear in sangeet n the black one when u loose the task.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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  1. Luv u My innocent tishu ,ur dedication towards anu is really superb..I luv u.not for ur acting in this show.i luv u,bcz,u my first crush

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