Humko Tumse Ho Gaya Hai Pyaar 17th June 2016 Written Episode Update


Humko Tumse Ho Gaya Hai Pyaar 17th June 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Pulkit says Dadu how will I manage Jassi n luv both in such less salary, Dadu say su can manage cut down ur expenses, Tushar says Pulkit bhaiya u take my salary plz,Jassi says no Tushar, dadi says give it to me,Jassi is saying no means no,I will keep it to myself n u Dadu why are u behind Anokhi, let her work stop targeting her,Dadu says we will see I’m not targeting her n Tushar go ask her if today’s work is done n Kunal did u check ur salary slip I have cut down ur rent.

Nikita very upset abt salary cut, parikshit says nikita calm down, nikita says no I won’t this Anokhi is a pain, nikitas pun rings, Anokhi says hello mam it’s me, u have any work which i shd do, nikita says are u mad, bcoz of u we have new problems everyday, I can’t believe it

anyways I will see what u can do, meet me tomorrow in office n in time bye, Anokhi says she is so rude,Tushar sir is she weet but this lady, Anokhi sees Tushar staring at her n says what are u listening to, Tushar with headphones on call, Anokhi says oh, tushars ays Anokhi tomorrow Dadu wants to see u, Anokhi says u as a manger shd check every employ shd work properly n u shd help me in that case,n anyways also Tushar sir is marrying so work will be more, cmon help me now.

Tushar starts helping Anokhi, Anokhi says we will get bonus now since Jr Malik is getting married,but I’m not happy with it, Tushar says u aren’t happy Tushar sir isn’t marrying,Anokhi says no I mean Tushar sir n his standards n that stupid girl, Tushar says did u know the girl,Anokhi says no no n keeps on talking n talking, Anokhi says even u won’t take that girl she is so Stupid n mean I tell u, poor Tushar sir,Tushar says no Parul isn’t this way,Anokhi says oh hello where are I lost, Tushar says come on time tomorrow bye now n leaves,Anokhi says this Kunal is so hopeless.

Jassi stops Tushar, tushar says nothing n leaves,Jassi goes to Anokhi, Anokhi sees her tea cup n says wow this is so classy, u remember we use to imagine same when we were kids, Jassi says yes n all my dreams are true,Anokhi says soon mine will too n anyways Jassi,can I get married in This house too,Jassi says but Tushars wedding is fixed, Anokhi says yes yes I know I was just asking, Jassi drops her phone, Anokhi picks it up for her, Jassi drops it again n tries to pick it up by herself n abt to stumble, Anokhi helps her, Jassi says what are u looking at, remember ur mom always use to point at us, n like u people I don’t like using shortcuts,anokhi says I have lot of work,Jassi says ok have this tea n go home safe bye now.

Nikita asks Kalpana to clean all curtains properly, Kalpana says bhabhi aren’t we rushing in case of Tushar,nikita says so sorry we didn’t take ur advice right,don’t forget ur limits, remember u are just a servant here,dadi calls nikita no ays I have pain in my waist plz get me a spray, Kalpana says dadi I will help u with a massage.

Nikita asks watchmen is Anokhi still in office, he says yes, nikita says don’t shut office I have work u may go now. In office someone leaves lots of mice, Anokhi has fallen asleep again, she wakes up n lights go, Anokhi says oh no n she leaves.

Kunal n Tushar together in car, Kunal says Tushar say something, Tushar says put this music off,Kunal says ok n outs a silent song, Kunal says what’s with u why are u so upset,Tushar says Kunal I see Anokhi every where, Kunal says me too,Tushar says its late lets give her lift, Kunal says ok,kunal stops car na ays Anokhi going home come I will drop u, Anokhi thinks such small car, n says no I will manage, Kunal says no no come let me drop, Anokhi says ok n sits in car, Kunal asks where shd I drop u, Anokhi says where are u going, Kunal says we are partying.

Tushar says Anokhi are u comfortable, Anokhi says yes I am, Kunal at a signal flirts with a girl near by, anokhi says this is not good, ur getting married n flirting with other girls, Kunal says I’m look for him not me, Anokhi says stop stop this is my house, Anokhi says to Tushar, don’t worry all will be fine, ur time will arrive too bye, Tushar says I never understand what she says, Kunal says yes I find her little psycho. Anokhi looks at Tushar n says poor him he is so sad, Tushar says she always brings smile on my face.

Precap: Dadu scolds Tushar n says look mice destroyed all files how dare u keep the window open, Jassi says Anokhi kept it open not Tushar,Pulkit says Dadu income tax officer are here, Dadu says Tushar call that girl right away.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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