Humko Tumse Ho Gaya Hai Pyaar 16th June 2016 Written Episode Update


Humko Tumse Ho Gaya Hai Pyaar 16th June 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Everybody walks down the restaurant, Anokhi stops Parul n say su are so duffer, I told u all abt Tushar sir n u said yes to Tushar sir, Parul says instead u thanked me for making tushars life better n u are just his employ don’t act as if u are his girl friend,Anokhi says oh plz don’t tell anyone actually me n Tushar love each other from childhood n bcoz of Dadu we hide our love, Parul says this is an outdated story, I agree Tushar is silly but not as silly I mean look at ur face in mirror n takes Anokhi along with her n says Tushar do u know this girl.

Tushar says she is waitress Parul, Parul turns around n sees waitress, Parul says oh no ur PA was here, nikita says Tushar has no PA, waitress says sir u forgot ur card here,Dadu looks at Tushar in anger,Arora says

Parul we getting late n they leave, Anokhi says oh I have to reach office before everyone does.

Dadi enjoying kachoris, Kunal n Tushar standing by her, Kunal says dadi Tushar doesn’t want to marry, dadi asks what, Kunal says I mean not so early I mean look at him he is so young,dadi says oh come here Tushar sir n have this, ur 25 n Dadu married me when he was 22, Kunal says dadi u know Dadu his style is different,dadi says don’t say a word against my husband, Dadu walks in n says he is right,very correct, dadi says we all were just kidding.

Kunal says I’m so mad I forgot where I kept my file n leaves, Dadu says Tushar I want to say something, Tushar says Dadu actually I can’t marry for business deal,Dadu says I know what to do for this house n my business n no one can interfere on it,n not a word against it , ur marriage but its budget u will make n go make it quickly, take these rough papers n use it n use pencil too so that we can make corrections n go get my specks from Gulati, Dadu leaves, dadi calls Tushar near her, Tushar says dadi its wedding, dadi says ur Dadu does love u n will think for ur betterment.

Anokhi reaches office, I have to save Tushar sir form the witch, Vrinda calls Anokhi n says so my plan worked, Anokhi says no it backfired, Vrinda says do u remember nikita what she said when ur Job was fixed, anokhi say she’s abt some other imp works, Vrinda says start impressing her, this is our last chance,Anokhi says ok.

Tushar upset sitting at ice cream corner, Kunal gets him ice cream n says cheer up, if she is in ur life u will find a way, Tushar says it’s easy to say but u have no idea what I’m going through,Kunal says don’t be tensed all will Be fine, Tushar says it’s not that Parul is good but marriage,I have to do something or else whole life I will regret.

Dadu calls Tushar n asks to get him his specks quickly.anokhi looking for laptop mouse. Jassi taking her treatments for her leg, doc using mouse for her treatment n says u need to be patient, Anokhi goes off to sleep in office, one of the mouse reaches anokhis desk, Anokhi wakes up n starts shouting seeing a mouse, the mouse goes away.

Dadu making everyone’s salary cheques,n says I’m so happy today, firstly Tushars wedding n then Aroras new business venture n so everyone will have one Gulab jamun,Kalpana make Gulab jamuns one for everyone n half for u, dadi says savings even in happiness,Dadu says here are u salary slips,Nikita says but salary is less, Dadu says thanks to Tushar, for appointing new accountant n her laptop expenses, nikita gets angry n leaves.

Pre cap : nikita asks is Anokhi still in office to watchmen, he says yes, nikita says don’t lock the office.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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